Pukkelpop – The Biggest Alternative Open-Air Festival in Belgium Attracting Tons of Hoards Who Come to Party Every Year!

Pukkelpop is for serious partiers and die hard lovers of alternative music!

Pukkelpop Your Party!


Pukkelpop has quickly turned into the go to of the young and energetic partiers from nearby european countries.

Pukkelpop translates to “pimple popping”. While an an odd description for a festival, you are guaranteed to have a popping time! With a celebration dedicated to avant garde performances all over the place, you will definitely see how Pukkelpop is quite a unique festival!

Annually, the Pukkelpop Festival a few hundred artists each year from many countries across the globe as well as their die hard fans. This festival sure knows how to connect the world through literature! The great thing about the Pukkelpop Festival is the desire of the festival to play an active role in changing the world through the lost art of reading and gaining knowledge. Through each festival, attendees are encouraged to pick up a book, buy several books, and maybe even try their hand at alternative music.

More About the Festival
Each year the Pukkelpop Festival draws in reading aficionados and knowledge seekers from all over the Netherlands and across the world. In modern times where most people and companies don’t care about reading, writing, or any pursuit of knowledge, the Pukkelpop Festival proudly stands alone and offers eleven days dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

The Pukkelpop Festival very much volunteer run—each year volunteers amount to thousands of readers and writers. This fest’s well organized planning and exceptional execution is due to the countless hours volunteers spend on marketing, communication, coordinating with attendees, authors, special guests, and setting up amongst all the many things that go in festival preparation.

How to Experience the Pukkelpop Festival
Each summer, thousands of people will flock to Kiewit, Belgium to experience the best the World’s literature has to offer. If you plan to be one of them this year, it’s best to get started on planning your trip to the Pukkelpop Festival!

Start by picking which days of the festival you want to attend. Check the Pukkelpop Festival website for any scheduling information that may be specific to certain days. In my theatre fair experience, I have found that it is best to arrive as early as possible so you can get in as many performances before you burn out. Most people do stay all three days, so you should too!

Another helpful reminder for enjoying your Pukkelpop Festival experience is to be open to hearing the stories of the live authors or guest speakers. While you wander from area to area, stop to listen to live talks, art seminars and unique performances. Don’t be afraid to interact with the musicians or speakers and ask questions about their work.

With so much alt music and so many talented artists being featured at the Pukkelpop Festival, it does make sense to attend more than one day. While you’re attending throughout the week, do your best to eat as many meals inside the festival as you can. This blend of some of the best local food from all over Belgium is something that is almost magical to experience. It’s like you are traveling the country’s best restaurants without ever leaving the city.
Tickets and Pricing
Buy your tickets early if you’re planning on attending the Pukkelpop Festival this year. Many people the world over are interested in this unique experience. It may actually help you to dig in a little further and speak with former attendees about the best way to experience this festival. It also always helps to contact a travel agent that knows a little more about Wales to introduce you to the best deals, accommodations, and prices.

To get as much time inside the festival as possible, considering arriving a few days before it begins. Having the extra time before the festival will allow you to rest and get up your energy to read the week away!

Getting to the Pukkelpop Festival


To help attendees get to the Pukkelpop Festival as conveniently as possible, the festival offers various forms of transportation options to get guests to the event.

To help attendees get to the Pukkelpop Festival as conveniently as possible, the festival offers various forms of transportation options to get guests to the event. For those of you that are flying in, be sure to contact a shuttle or bus service before hand so you can have your tickets and seats already booked.

If you plan to rent a car, parking might be limited. Visitors can park remotely and bike, bus, or take the train as well as a street car to get to the festival. Check out the Pukkelpop Festival’s website for more information regarding bus and shuttle schedules as well as the best places to park if you choose to drive.

Tips for PukkelPop
While you’re in the city, take some time to visit other place outside of the Pukkelpop Festival. Grab a bus or rental car and take a trip into the neighboring town where the Pukkelpop Festival is hels. Throughout all of this alternative fun, you’ll find a great selection of other entertainment like hands-on classes, music writing demonstrations and a lot more! My tip to you is to do your best to attend at least one of everything, especially if you are staying the whole three days!

Be sure to take breaks throughout the day as you don’t want to tire your body out. Summer festivals are notorious for dehydration so be sure to avoid that at all costs!

While having fun at Pukkelpop, it is always necessary to stay on top of your surroundings. Have a buddy system wherever you go and have a plan in case someone gets injured, lost, or has an emergency. Determine a meeting place and meeting time with your group of friends in order for everyone to be able to find each other in case cell phones die or lose signal. Always keep identification, money, and a phone charger with you, in case of an emergency.

In addition to staying safe at this festival, it is important to keep track of the scheduling changes at the festival. Pukkelpop has a phone app that updates immediately with any new information. Having the phone app will keep you aware if any bands drop out, shows get cancelled, and the other unforeseen circumstances. Festival apps also have a handy map with all the amenities and band information enclosed.

Pukkelpop Necessities
When packing for the Pukkelpop Festival the first and foremost thing to consider is being comfortable! Do bring your reading glasses and your contacts! People that attend this event mostly come to dive into their books, so don’t stress too much over what you will wear.

Additionally, when dressing for this Pukkelpop Fest consider the weather. It will undoubtedly be hot—this Belgian city in the summer is pretty much very bright and sunny. Dress wearing light clothing, but beware of the sun. Bring sunblock and enough coverage to protect your self like a sunhat, visor, bandana or other headwear. Carry a poncho or an umbrella as well as wellies as it may rain.

When thinking about what to carry in your suitcase, plan accordingly for your stay. If you’re staying the entire eleven days of the Pukkelpop Festival bring comfortable walking shoes—you’re going to need them! Take bug repellant, medicine, antacids for that festival food, and lots of water. Due to the fact that this festival is mainly outdoors, it is very likely that you may get dehydrated quickly- try to keep a water bottle on hand with you at all times. Make sure you take your family and your sense of adventure and love for all things western with you!

Preparing for Pukkelpop
Having the best time at a festival usually starts with being well prepared. When packing your bags for Pukkelpop, here are a few things to remember to bring. Be sure to bring reusable water bottles, medicine, a photo ID, cell phone charger, and blankets or towels for you to sit on during sets.

Keep in mind that you will be at this festival for at most two days so packing will be relatively light. While there isn’t an overwhelmingly large mass of people at Pukkelpop, it is a good idea to have a way to reach your friends in the event of emergency or dead phones. Try to bring colored bandanas, flags, or totems if you are traveling with a large group of people. Pick a spot in the park and specific times to meet with all your friends to check on each other.

When it comes to preparing for the music at Pukkelpop, be sure to check out everyone that is listed on the lineup. If you haven’t listened to or heard of any particular musicians, you may find it useful to look up their music before you go. Some of the best experiences at Pukkelpop include dancing to your new favorite song that you discovered just a week ago.

Whether or not you’ve attended something like this before, you are going to definitely love it at the Pukkelpop Festival!

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