Symbiosis Gathering –  A 4 or 5 Days Festival, a Celebration of Art, Music, and Sustainability

Symbiosis Gathering is the music festival that brings us all together in the name of eco-friendly fun!

Getting Started at the Gathering

symbiosis gathering

Each year in Oakdale, California, enthusiasts and veteran attendees make their annual journey to the Symbiosis Gathering Festival.

Each year in Oakdale, California, enthusiasts and veteran attendees make their annual journey to the  Symbiosis Gathering . This festival is a celebration, spiritual gathering, and a time to bring the community together through healthy and sustainable living. This festival was born out of a desire to have a music festival that inspires sustainability and focuses on environmental change.

California is the place to be if you are intent on going on a transformational journey of any sort. The beautiful coast along with the lush greenery and hidden forests creates the perfect atmosphere for ultimate meditation.

Symbiosis is a Place for Music

The Symbiosis Gathering exists over four days of camping, soul searching and communal festival every September.  The festival exists as a place for people to experience and revel in their deep love of the spirit and life. While the Festival is indeed a transformational experience, it is also a music festival with some of the most transcendental sounds you will ever hear. This event pulls its musical talent from all over the world by showcasing many artists from different cultures and backgrounds.

If you’re interested in checking out the line up, Symbiosis Gathering annually books some of the world’s most inspiring musicians. Check out the festival website close to the start of the event to get the most accurate lineup.

Intellectual Lectures at the Gathering
Throughout all the goings on at Symbiosis Gathering, be sure to check out all the lectures and talks. Symbiosis Gathering brings in leaders, speakers, and wise teachers from all over the world to speak to attendees about life, worship, and spirituality. Workshops at Symbiosis Gathering are led by international leaders and teachers.

Check out the Symbiosis Gathering website for a lineup on the subjects and specific sessions. In past Symbiosis Gathering festivals, attendees were treated to seminars about Health and Well-Being, Yoga sessions, the Healing Powers of Plants and much more. Yoga teachers from around the world are called into Symbiosis Gathering to lead attendees in meditative sessions.

Connection with the Community at Symbiosis
As much as the Symbiosis Gathering is about working on knowing and loving yourself, the festival also encourages everyone to be more aware and more loving towards all people and living things. Festival goers, staff, and performers all believe that every person is a reflection of the earth and the universe.

In order to foster a stronger sense of community, Symbiosis Gathering attendees are invited to participate in specific activities to encourage intimacy and understanding. Some of these tips and tricks include connecting with anyone that seems alone, contact people you may have been avoiding, always make eye contact in conversations as well as inviting others to eat or talk with you.

While many music festivals claim to be sustainable or environmentally friendly, Symbiosis Gathering understands that and festival with attendees camping for four days is going to inevitable leave its mark on the environment. To combat this truth, Symbiosis Gathering does its best to make intentional environmentally friendly choices. Instead of using port-a-potties, Symbiosis Gathering has opted for toilets that decompose human waste into usable fertilizer for the earth.

For electricity, Symbiosis Gathering harnesses biodiesel and solar energy to try and keep the damage to the environment low. When you come to stay at the lake for the weekend, do your part to take care of the environment as well. Try your best to monitor what you throw away and try to keep as much of your waste and recyclable items with you so you can dispose of them after your leave the festival.

Music and Togetherness at  Symbiosis Gathering

symbiosis gathering

Each year in Oakdale, California, enthusiasts and veteran attendees make their annual journey to the Symbiosis Gathering Festival.

As a way to create a stronger sense of transformation at Symbiosis Gathering, producers limit tickets so that only a few attendees can come to the festival. Most often, you will see a crowd of no more than several hundred people at Symbiosis Gathering as the attendees usually top out with relatively smaller crowds. This means more intimacy, greater community, and a greater chance at a truly meditative experience.

With a chance to focus directly on one musician at a time without large crowds, Symbiosis Gathering attendees have a unique opportunity to truly be in the moment for the duration of the entire festival. Being present and being intentional in are some of the festival’s main goals and ones that they execute very clearly throughout the entire experience.

Festival Dress at the Gathering
When you ask anyone, “What do I wear to Symbiosis Gathering”, the answer will always be WEAR IT ALL. When it comes to fashion sense, the fashion of the festival is to be as wild and wacky as possible. The best way for you to choose your outfit or costume is to look at photos from Gatherings of the past. When it comes to camping, you can stay anywhere, so many people choose to dress for their district.

When it comes to regular clothes in general, keep in mind that you will be in California during the spring. This means heat, rain, and dropping temperatures at night. Try to pack a sun hat, shorts, flowy skirts, tank tops and t-shirts. When it comes to footwear, just think about how much walking you’re going to be doing in the next four days. Try your best to wear hiking boots or sneakers so you can avoid having your toes stepped on.

Bringing and wearing your bathing suit at the festival should be no problem. Just be sure to have a change of clothes by night fall to keep you warm.

Preparing for Symbiosis Gathering
When it comes to getting ready for Symbiosis Gathering, there isn’t THAT much that you need to prepare for. The key to having an all around uplifting, life changing, and spiritually awakening trip is to pack light.

Check the weather to see how cold California gets during its April nights to help you determine what to take for clothing and warmth. Remember that you will be outside the majority of the time so wear light, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Remember that all attendees are there to get to know themselves and each other better so don’t focus that much on your outward appearance.

When it comes to camping gear, you’ll want to pack anything you would normally take with you for a weekend at the lake. Bring high qualitycamping gear, extra beddings, shade for the sun, a cooler with non perishable food items, and a water vessel so you can ensure that you stay hydrated.

Camping at Symbiosis Gathering
Many people choose to stay on site for the entire four days at Symbiosis Gathering. If you are interested in attending this festival, camping is really the best way to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Campers get the full range of the transformative experience with the ability to get involved with dawn to dusk singing, praying and dancing sessions, as well as having the opportunity to reflect with the rest of the community at any given moment.

Camping is included in all weekend passes. Arrive at 12:00 p.m. on Monday of the festival to get a head start on the weekend. In addition to regular walk-in camping, Symbiosis Gathering offers car camping, and oversized vehicle camping. It is recommended for you to have some sort of vehicle throughout the weekend s consider carpooling when you drive up, or renting a vehicle after you fly in.

Getting to Symbiosis Gathering
Check out the main site to find out all the important details! Here’s the general idea to help you through: Many attendees first fly into the San Francisco Airport and shuttle from there to the Symbiosis Gathering festival Grounds. Others may take a bus or street car to downtown Santa Barbara to check out the area before boarding a shuttle to Symbiosis Gathering. Check out Symbiosis Gathering Travel if you would like to make other travel plans and especially if you are traveling with a large group of people.

Tickets and Pricing
As Symbiosis Gathering grows bigger each year, so do the crowds at this annual event. Carefully read all the information on the festival website as the ticket information can be a bit confusing. The prices differ with VIP and tier level, so try to square your tickets away as soon as possible. To avoid going way over budget, be careful and know what package you are getting before you buy anything.

While the festival does not offer one day passes, the festival does work scholarships to either bring down the cost of the tickets or cover admission completely. Check out the festival’s website to find out more information.

So whether this is your first time in California or you’re a veteran attendee, do your best to make it out to Symbiosis Gathering this year!

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