Kite Festival – Sneak Preview Of This Unique Festival Around The World!

If you want to see a large kites festival, there are quite a number to choose from. At any time of the year it’s not long before a major kite flying festival gets underway somewhere on the planet. In this short article we will introduce you to 5 big kite festivals that are held every year.


The Bristol Kite Festival

This English event is officially known as The Bristol International Festival of Kites and Air Creations. It’s been running since the mid eighties, and it’s probably the largest and most well known such festival in the Western world.

The following list is a general summary of what the kites festival at Bristol is all about.

  • 2 days of non-stop wind-driven flying, art and culture, both air-based and ground-based
  • a partnership between the festival and the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity
  • a forum for international goodwill and showcasing the world’s best in kiting
  • a platform for breaking world kiting records, such as ‘the largest kite to fly’
  • an excuse for any member of the public to go out and fly their favorite kite as part of the festival

Keen to know some specifics? Here’s some things that were planned for the 2007 festival…

  • Wallace & Gromit drawing attention to a hospital charity in a special angel kite show
  • large, spectacular sea-themed kites, including a 30 meter long multicolored manta ray
  • kite surfers demonstrating their extreme sport in the sea
  • traditional Japanese fighting kites engaged in aerial combat
  • more extreme sports – traction kites pulling buggies and land boards
  • kite-making workshops for children
  • flying the world’s biggest kite, the size of an Olympic swimming pool!


The Niagara Kite Festival

Besides being big, this kites festival is really quite unique. This has a lot to do with its geographical location. Not only does the festival overlook an enormous waterfall system, but it actually spans 2 countries, the U.S. and Canada!

This next list tries to summarize most of what took place over the 4 days that the 2007 Niagara Kite Festival ran…

  • the flying of a very wide range of kites by hundreds of people
  • a kite arch tethered to the U.S. on one end, and to Canada on the other
  • a historical re-enactment of the first kite to cross the gorge
  • large wind-driven works of art that were anchored to the ground
  • international guests brought their kiting expertise
  • demonstrations of kite-powered sports
  • exhibitions of other kite-related activities
  • a great variety of street entertainment, not all kite-related
  • thousands of spectators, both locals and from around the world

The hundreds of fliers during the festival included many who registered themselves for the chance to fly their own kites off the Niagara escarpment. Not an opportunity that comes up every day! The allocated area was from the Rainbow Bridge to Terrapin Point on the US side and Table Rock on the Canadian side.

The range of kites flown, apart from the usual assortment of deltas and flow-form designs, included the following…

  • works of art
  • stunters, dual and quad-line
  • indoor fliers
  • fighters
  • inflatables
  • miniatures
  • the simply huge!

A range of exhibitions were held. Topics included…

  • kite history
  • kite aerial photography
  • miniature kites
  • kite stamps


Tresure Island Kite Festival

Each year kite enthusiasts from all over come to Treasure Island to take part in the Treasure Island Kite Festival. The festival features a weekend full of colorful arial displays set to music, competition, and more. With the area’s stunning winter sunsets, it’s a hit among vacationers and locals, year after year.

Typically held in mid-January, when the cool Gulf breeze is certainly at its best, the event is the largest kite festival in the state of Florida. Sanctioned by the Eastern League Sport Kite Association, the event also serves as the host of the Treasure Island Sport Kite Championship, featuring kite flyers from all across the U.S. Winners of the competition earn a bid to compete in the Grand Nationals.

Even if you don’t compete in the competition or are a novice kite-flyer, you can still bring your kite and participate in the kite flying. Admission is free too, so it’s something the whole family can enjoy together. It’s also something kite enthusiasts can savor. There’s a certain amount of camaraderie when kite flyers meet one another and can share their passion for it with one another. Many of the kite flyers talk about returning years later to maintain some of the lasting friendships they made at their initial trip.

It really is one giant, colorful spectacle. You’ll see everything from octopus kites to one-eyed scary monster kites to bird and centipede kites. Young children, in particular, love it when the kites are “in character.” With a breathtaking sunset as a backdrop, it really is beautiful to witness, especially for those looking to escape blizzard weather and come to sunny Florida, where temperatures average around 65 degrees for the event.

The Treasure Island Kite Festival is held outside the Thunderbird Beach Resort, directly on the beach, although many of the kite flyers opt to stay in Treasure Island Rentals and St. Pete Beach Condo Rentals just down the street. Often times it’s because staying in a condo versus a hotel is more economical, there are no hidden fees, and they feature fully-furnished kitchens, which seem to work best for families traveling to the area. Whether you choose to stay in the Thunderbird, the official hotel of the event, or instead opt for a rental is totally up to you. Just make sure you get yourself out to the beach, and be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses for all those hours spent staring up at the sun!


Jakarta International Kite Festival

Jakarta hosts numerous year round festivals and exciting events. Jakarta International Kites Festival is one of the most popular Indonesian festivals holding in Jakarta. It’s an annual festival holding in the month of July every year for duration of two days. Anyone who is interested in an authentic cultural experience may take flights to Jakarta and join this fair. The history of kites is interesting and can be traced long back into time. It was started in China and has become a traditional sport in many Asian countries including; India, Pakistan, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan. Each country has its own way of conducting this activity in accordance with that country’s cultural values, customs and religious beliefs. In some of the countries it is considered as sacred activity while for some others it’s just a sport. In Jakarta Kite Festival has been greatly contributing to Jakarta flights since last many years.

In Asian countries people of all ages especially children and youngsters are seen flying kites mostly made out of dried symmetrical leaves on sewing thread and sled style kites which are made out of sheets of folded paper. In these countries a day is dedicated to this activity that is called Basant Festival. People from different countries take flights to Jakarta to join this festival. Jakarta is the venue where tradition of kite flying is celebrated with its full glory. Other countries as well as other Indonesian cities greatly participate in this festival. This year’s participant countries include; Malaysia, China, Japan, and Netherlands. This fair provides a podium for kite lovers to exhibit their skills as well as display the various kites which with their shapes and colors have reached artistic proportions. The Kite Festival invites enthusiastic kite fliers from all parts of the world and is adding to cheap Jakarta flights at an ever increasing rate.

Kites of different colors and sizes can be seen flying all over the sky in celebration of one of Indonesia’s oldest pastimes. A giant size dragon kite may also be seen in the sky. It gives a perfect occasion to capture in your camera. The Jakarta Kite Festival is the most popular form of entertainment for the Jakarta people and is even attended by oversea contestants for example every year a great number of foreigners take cheap flights to Jakarta from UK and many other countries to join this colorful festival. It is a worth attending and capturing festival.


Sunshine Coast Kite Festival

As you no doubt already know, the sun is already out in time for the Queensland Spring Vacation, and the truth is; there is simply no better place to spend the school holidays than the Sunshine Coast. Not only are there plenty of things to do and many places to see, but there is also ample Sunshine Coast accommodation available. However, with the famous Coolum Kite Festival scheduled to take place on the 3rd and 4th of October, visitors should make sure they book their Sunshine Coast accommodation well in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

Essentially, the Coolum Kite Festival showcases some of the most magnificent and most unusual kites you could ever imagine, and of course this year won’t be any different, in that there is just so much happening during the festival weekend. Also, this year will see some of Australia’s top kite surfers competing with each other for a position on the podium. Whatever you do; make sure you find your spot on the beach to witness this spectacular event.

If you’ve ever been under the impression that kites are small toys which young kids play with, you’re sadly mistaken. Instead, you’ll get to see small kites, giant kites, weird kites and funny kites. In fact, you’ll see some which are quite literally a marvel in their own rights. Of course, over and above the kite festival, there is also so much else happening on the 3rd and 4th of October, which is why you should make a point of visiting the Sunshine Coast at this time. The great thing is that the kite festival is a perfect event which the whole family can enjoy. Let’s face it; who wouldn’t want to relax on the beach to watch the kite surfing competition in full swing. If kite surfing doesn’t quite rock your boat, you could of course choose to chill out and listen to some great talented musicians instead.

Even though the kites will dominate the air for some period of time, that’s not all you’ll see in the heavens above. Instead, you should also make sure that you’re there to see the Ramblers Skydivers in action. This crazy bunch of daredevils will perform a number of death defying stunts and displays during the course of the weekend. In fact, if you think you have what it takes, you can even book a tandem skydive with one of the Ramblers. Who could blame you if you feel you’ve had an amazing day, but be warned, because the night event is just as thrilling. In fact the night event is more often than not the most intense event of the weekend, and if rumors are anything to go by, this year’s event will be like nothing before. All things considered, you need to book your Sunshine Coast accommodation now or else you may end up missing out.

If you’d rather not take part in a tandem sky dive, but instead, you’d like to try your hand at flying a kite, then you should consider booking a place for you and your family at the kite making workshop which is at the Kenilworth Community College on the 27th of September. For a fee of just $6, you can have an opportunity to build your very own kite which of course you can end up flying yourself. If you’d rather not build a kite, you can simply stand back and watch Tony rice, a master kite builder, at work.

It’s not without reason that the Sunshine Coast has become so immensely popular between people looking for an ideal Spring vacation. Considering you’ll be in the heart of a world famous kite festival, kite surfing championships, and even a spectacular skydiving event, there are not many other places apart from the Sunshine Coast which you need to be considering. The sun is shining, the ocean is shimmering, and some of the very best Sunshine Coast accommodation is awaiting you.


See how kites can appeal to all personalities, from extreme sports dudes to the quieter types you might find checking out those exhibitions!

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