Henley Royal Regatta – The British Elite’s Summer Sporting Calendar and Social Festival!

The Henley Royal Regatta takes place each year in England on the Henley-on-Thames river. This prestigious boating event is recognized internationally for being one of the most prominent boating events in the world!

The Henley Royal Regatta’s Beginnings

Henley Royal Regatta !

The Henley Royal Regatta began as a way to showcase and feature the best boating races and competitions in England.

The Henley Royal Regatta began as a way to showcase and feature the best boating races and competitions in England. The first legitimate Regatta was held in 1839 and became the Royal Regatta in 1851 when Prince Albert became the event’s first royal patron.

Boating on the Thames River
The Henley Royal Regatta’s last for five days at the end of June and the beginning of July. This summer boating excursion features incredibly diverse activities and caters specifically to the wealthy and famous, so it’s pretty exclusive. From classic royalty like the royal family, to socialites and famous celebrities, the Henley Royal Regatta is a lovely time for all that may find themselves there.

The Henley Royal Regatta showcase of the rich and famous boating really allows the country to have that classic moment where you see a celebrity or member of the royal family that they never thought they’d get to see in person. Don’t miss out on your moment! Keep your eyes open and arrive early so you don’t miss anything or anyone.

The Fashion of the Regatta
The Henley Royal Regatta is one of those events that all dress to impress! Many spend a lot of money and time finding just the right outfits for these few days. If you end up going to the Regatta, take a look through photos from past attendees to get a feel for what to wear. Though it can be difficult to pack so many outfit ideas into one bag, try your best to bring quality outfits. Do wear your BEST clothing though as you are going to be at one of the most star-studded gatherings in all of England!

While the tickets to the Regatta are reasonably priced, the right clothing won’t always be! Keep in mind that for several parts of the Regatta, dress code is strictly enforced. Do your best to read up on what is allowed and what shouldn’t be worn on the Royal Regatta website.

Throughout the five days of the Henley Royal Regatta, your outfit plans should prepare you for all kinds of weather. Summer in England can be pretty blissful, but it also can mean sun, rain, mud, hail and the freezing cold so you would do best to bring several different types of clothes! For starters, have at least one waterproof warm coat with you to protect you from the rain and cold nights. Take a sweater as well as extra layers and mittens for when the temperature continues to fall.

During the days when the sun is out and about, wear shorts, short dresses and tight pants. Try to avoid in loose pants, skirts, or dresses in case of a sudden down pour or an onslaught of mud. Wear rain boots, normal boots, sneakers or any waterproof closed toed shoe you can find. Keep in mind that you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so make sure your shoes are broken in before the Henley Royal Regatta.

Blue Bloods and the Upper Class
Like many events that do offer general admission, but have exclusive areas for the socialites and upperclass, the Henley Royal Regatta is one of those events that by just getting into certain areas, you will be believed to be someone of notable standing.

To enjoy the Regatta to it’s full extent, try your best to find your way into one of the enclosures. The Stewards’ Enclosure and the Regatta Enclosure are like the VIP clubs of the Royal Regatta. In these enclosures, attendees are invited to lounge, eat, and drink specialty items in a very private area. To get into one of these you must be a member and wearing the dress code to the T.

Keeping Up Appearances

Henley Royal Regatta

So if you are neither of blue blood, significantly wealthy, or a socialite, you may have some prep work ahead of you before attending the Royal Regatta.

So if you are neither of blue blood, significantly wealthy, or a socialite, you may have some prep work ahead of you before attending the Royal Regatta. Try your best to research what to wear, say, and do if you are going this year. Due to its highly publicized nature, you’re going to want to be on your “A” game during this event.

Don’t be afraid to take a few etiquette classes, it never hurts to get better! Be sure to know the right length, cut, and color of clothing to wear as well as the best way to do your hair and makeup. This event is an amazing opportunity to network and chat up the rich and famous, so fitting in is a must!

What to Bring to the Regatta
The Henley Royal Regatta is an incredible experience that is only improved when you are well prepared. This festival is the kind that you should really spend some time laying out everything that you need before hand. DO have preparations for any kind of weather, but make sure you look classy. Bring sunblock, sun hats, sunglasses, and anything you might need for the next five days.

Try to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast nearby so you can change your outfits quite regularly. Take extra water bottles and reusable vessels so that you and your friends stay hydrated through the weekend.

The Henley Royal Regatta returning attendees year after year say that it is one of the most beautiful and relaxing times of the year. Despite its exclusive nature, the Regatta still manages to keep a friendly, warm environment its number one priority.

If you’ve never been to a prestigious sporting event before, consider trying out the Henley Royal Regatta. Though you may spend a fortune before you can get in, the experience of rubbing elbows with the upper class may be just what you’re looking for.

Off to the Races
The majority of Royal Henley Regatta attendees come to watch the world’s most renown regatta! With over 200 competing against each other, this event really fills in all of its five days. Anyone can really compete in the races as you will see professional boaters, seasoned athletes, and amateur drivers out on the water.

Crews from all around the world enlist to compete every year. You will see the best of the best out of countries like Australia, France, USA, the Netherlands, Denmark and so many more. Universities and colleges with prominent rowing teams come to compete as well.

Attendees that have come to watch usually do so from across the river, from an enclosure, or lounging in a decorated boat of their own. The Regatta is an entirely different experienced when watched side by side in your own boat along the Thames, so try to make arrangements to do that!

Getting to the Henley-on-Thames
The Henley Royal Regatta is not very hard to get to if you are coming from out of town. Just grab a plane into the nearest airport and hop on a trolley, street car, or rental to get to the event. Most people have drivers and chauffeurs to take them to the Regatta, so keep that in mind when planning your arrival.

Check out the Henley Royal Regatta website for travel packages if you are looking for the best local accommodations and lodging. While many of the people that attend this event likely live nearby or somewhere in England, if you are coming from across the pond or another country, consider contacting a travel agent that knows the ins and outs of the Regatta. They may be able to put you in contact with the best deals and prices.

Tickets and Pricing
For a five day event of prominence like the Henley Royal Regatta, tickets are pretty inexpensive. While tickets prices depend on the days, they generally range from £20 and £35. If you would like to attend one of the enclosures, you will have to shell out quite a bit more for membership.

Most of your expenses to the Regatta will be spent on tickets for cars, ferries, shuttles, food and all the other amenities that come along with traveling for an event like this. When you are checking out what kind of ticket to purchase, look through all the options on the festival website.

The Henley Royal Regatta partners with certain companies to offer complete festival packages that include the cost of traveling to and from the festival as well as admission and entrance. If you really want to attend try your best to purchase tickets early, as tickets stop selling online around mid June.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, don’t wait any longer! The Henley Royal Regatta, and the best time of your life, are waiting for you!

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