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For a team to make it to the soccer world cup means that they have proved to be a part of the best that play in their sport. This award is only given out every four years for the championship and it takes three years just to try and qualify for the honor. Of course after fighting for the opportunity to make it to the big game each team will more or less fight for the right to be called the champion and they will give it everything that they have to be deemed the winner.

During the three year soccer games battle for the honor, teams will compete to show that they are the best so that they can make it to the final game. The soccer world cup finals is when 32 teams compete over the period of around a month’s time to be the chosen one in the soccer world cup game. For three years before this time better known as the qualification phase, is the period that teams battle it out to be a part of the qualification phase and then move on the next round. It is a big event over this time period.

Although the soccer world cup started out with only a few teams, it grew to 24 in a small amount of time and then eventually was expanded to 32 teams. This of course made it possible for more countries to be able to compete to win the trophy. The soccer world cup is not only sought after by men but by women as well. They enjoy the competition just as much and can play just as fierce as the men although it is more popular on the men’s side of the game than on the ladies.

The teams that win the soccer world cup trophy get to keep the original one until the next tournament is played and another winner is chosen. At that time, the team will receive a replica of the original to keep. Of course, each team member of the three teams that are on the top is given medals to represent their standings in the soccer world cup. This means that one team will get gold, one will get silver and the last bronze. Each medal is a symbol of honor and all the hard work that each team has done in order to succeed and be a part of the top three.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the soccer world cup. It is a fight to the death so to speak for each individual team and they will fight for the honor to be the ultimate champions. As with any sport, this one has its rules and regulations as well and each team member must follow them otherwise they could be thrown out of the game. All in all, this is a game that countries from all over the world get to compete in which makes it a melting pot of sorts and a very interesting game to watch.


Top 5 Countries To Watch Out In Every FIFA Soccer World Cup

Soccer is serious business in most parts of the world, and nothing is taken more seriously than a team’s performance in the World Cup. This article is trying to give you a head start to understand the intensity of the competition among country but by no means scientific, we are trying to rank the soccer world cup success of soccer’s elite nations at the world’s biggest sporting event.

1. Brazil

Without a doubt, any discussion about the most successful nations in the soccer world cup history begins with Brazil. Having won a record 5 soccer world cup tournaments, the Brazilians are also the only team to have ever qualified for every soccer world cup since competition began in 1930. Brazil has produced some of the finest soccer players ever to grace the pitch. Soccer greats such as Pele, the only player to have ever won the World Cup 3 times, and Ronaldo, the current all time leading soccer world cup goal scorer, suited up for the Samba Kings.

2. Germany

Winning 3 soccer world cup’s themselves, Germany, and West Germany before it, is slotted in at number two by virtue of having more final four finishes than any other team. It seems like in every tournament, even one’s like the 2010 soccer world cup where they weren’t considered as contenders, Germany finds a way into the semi-finals. An excellent player development program and fantastic coaching combined with good structure and organization means that the German’s should never be underestimated in international competition.

3. Italy

Even though the Italians have won 4 soccer world cup tournaments, they are slotted behind the German’s by virtue of being much less consistent. Notoriously slow starters, the Italians are known for their fantastic defensive play and generally find their game as the tournament wears on. However, they are unpredictable, often struggling and are just as frequently eliminated in the early rounds of tournaments having reached the final four of the tournament fewer times than either Germany or Brazil.

4. Argentina

The other Latin American powerhouse, Argentina has won the soccer world cup 2 times and remains hugely influential on international soccer. While not obtaining the same level of international success as Brazil, they are usually grouped with their neighbors as perennial favourites at every soccer world cup tournament. Like Brazil, the Argentine’s strength lies in the individual talent and skill of the players they produce, with the perfect example being the current world player of the year, Lionel Messi.

5. Uruguay

By virtue of having won two soccer world cups (albeit, a long, long time ago in a far, far different era), Uruguay finds itself in the number 5 spot on this list. While the Uruguayans have been silent for what seems like an eternity, their recent journey to a fourth placed finish at the 2010 soccer world cup has proven that they still have ability to be successful on the international level.

Soccer World Cup Honorable Mentions:

The Netherlands

Possessing a vast legion of rabid fans from all corners of the globe, The Netherlands are commonly referred to as “the best team to have never won the soccer world cup”. The Dutch managed to reach the semi-finals 3 times, most famously during the 1970’s when The Netherlands’ total football teams revolutionized the way the game was played.


Struggling at the international level until very recently, Spain is slowly cementing its place as the best team currently on the planet. However, its past failures and disappointments mean that the Spanish still have a ways to go before they can catch up to the level of achievement that characterize soccer’s elite teams. With the current level of skill on the Spanish National team however, this perhaps won’t take very long.


FIFA Soccer World Cup Awards

Of course the biggest prize at any FIFA soccer world cup competition is to get the honor of holding the golden champions’ trophy aloft. There are however individual awards for notable players at each tournament, and these do not always go to members of the team who are eventually triumphant.

The Golden Ball Award

The Golden Ball award, or the Adidas Golden Ball award as it is now officially known, has been awarded at each of the FIFA soccer world cup competitions since 1982. The award goes to the player deemed the best in the entire tournament as chosen by a committee of FIFA officials and members of the media.

The Golden Shoe Award

The Golden Shoe has been awarded to at least one player in each of the Cup competitions ever played going back to the first tournament in 1930. The first winner was Argentina’s Guilermo Stabile at the 1930 Cup, despite the fact that the eventual winners of the tournament were host country Uruguay. The Golden Shoe award is also now sponsored by Adidas. The winner is usually the man who scores the most goals during the course of the soccer world cup tournament.

The Yashin Award

Named after legendary Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin, this award goes to the man considered the best goalkeeper of the entire competition. It was first awarded at the 1994 Cup held in the United States

FIFA Fair Play Trophy

The FIFA Fair play trophy was first awarded in 1970 and usually goes to the team with the fewest yellow or red cards during their time in the soccer world cup competition. Only teams who make it to the second round and beyond are considered.

Most Entertaining Team

A fairly new award, it goes to the team voted by the judging committee to have provided the best all around entertainment value during the soccer world cup competition.

Gillette Young Player Award

A brand new award  in the FIFA soccer world cup’s history, first introduced at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. So far the sole recipient was then 21-year-old German Lukas Poldoski.


Sneak Preview Of The 2014 Soccer World Cup In Brazil

The 2014 FIFA soccer world cup is the 20th FIFA soccer world cup, an international men’s football tournament that is taking place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. It is the second time that Brazil has hosted the competition, the last one being in 1950. Brazil was elected unchallenged as host nation in 2007 after the international football federation, FIFA, decreed that the tournament would be staged in South America for the first time since 1978 in Argentina, and the fifth time overall.

The national teams of 31 countries advanced through qualification competitions that began in June 2011 to participate with the host nation Brazil in the final tournament. A total of 64 matches are to be played in 12 cities across Brazil in either new or redeveloped stadiums, with the tournament beginning with a group stage. For the first time at a soccer world cup finals, the matches will use goal-line technology.


Participating National Teams In The 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup

Group A – Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, and Cameroon

Group B – Spain, Netherlands, Chile, and Australia

Group C – Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, and Japan

Group D – Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, and Italy

Group E – Switzerland, Ecuador, France, and Honduras

Group F – Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, and Nigeria

Group G – Germany, Portugal, Ghana, and United States

Group H – Belgium, Algeria, Russia, and South Korea


Match Schedule – Find out which team is playing against what team and at what times from this official FIFA soccer world cup schedule!


How To Visit The Soccer World Cup Destination On A Tight Budget

However, visiting any soccer world cup destination / hosting country during this highly anticipated experience does not come cheap. The tickets are most likely to cost at least several hundred dollars each, with the tickets for the final games having a much higher price; possibly a couple of thousand dollars or more. Additionally, people from all around the world will be visiting the country at the same time and will need convenient hotel accommodation during their stay.

If you have already started your own online searching for soccer world cup tickets, we have some tips to give you that will save you money:

1. Start your search from the official FIFA site

The best place to find 100% original soccer world cup tickets, and to avoid fraud while purchasing them, is without a doubt the official site of FIFA. Check there regularly about any news and updates about when there will be world cup tickets available. You will have to be quick, as the tickets sell very quickly. Buying from FIFA directly will also mean that you will save some money by not paying any extra costs or additional charges other online resellers might have.

2. Check for package deals at your trusted travel agent

Many travel agencies offer not only tickets, but a complete experience in the soccer world cup destination country during the event. Even if you go to the soccer world cup destination just because of the championship, there is still a lot to see and experience. Some travel agencies have planned to offer great packages tailored to your preferred dates, requirements and budget. Most of the time, it is cheaper to get a full package, rather than get all the elements separately. If you are on a budget, tell your travel agent how much you are willing to spend and let them come up with an offer for your trip.

3. Buy early

It is logical that with an event such as FIFA soccer world cup the interest will be very great, while the available tickets and accommodation will be limited. No stadium in the world can fit in several millions of people, so if you want to be one of the lucky ones who will watch the finals live, you will have to be quick in buying your tickets. Thousands of people will be traveling to the country hosting the soccer world cup in that particular year the event happens, so the earlier you make your plans, the better. If you are too late in ordering your tickets, you might have to buy from a reseller, which will mean that you will pay more than you should.

Overall, if you want to be one of the limited numbers of people to be a part of the unrivalled experience that is the FIFA Soccer World Cup that happens every 4 years, you should make plans early and check your options. Taking care of all the details in plenty of time will ensure that your time in the tournament’s hosting country will be unforgettable, and that you will have an enjoyable and emotional trip! Enjoy the soccer spirit with all other fans from around the world!!

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