National Grape Harvest Festival – Argentina’s Biggest Wine Party, Bringing Local and Global Visitors

Come to Argentina this Spring for the Harvest Festival- a Wine party you won’t soon forget!

Welcome to Harvest Festival

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The National Grape Harvest Festival is held each year towards the end of March. For a few days, guests and attendees enjoy Argentina’s finest celebrations of wine.

The National Grape Harvest Festival is held each year towards the end of March. For a few days, guests and attendees enjoy Argentina’s finest celebrations of wine. From long wine parties, dancing and fireworks, this harvest festival is always one for the books! Every year, around thousands of people pile into the Mendoza region for one of the wildest wine parties ever…no other wine festivals around the world come close to the experience you will get at the National Grape Harvest Festival.

Wine Fun
The Harvest Festival acts as a “summer welcome” of sorts.  The festival it self lasts ten full days of wine related festivities! With 18 wine queens and countless drinking parties, this festival will leave you breathless! For all the newbies making it out to the Harvest fest this year, attendees often come early and leave late. This means you should book your flights a few days earlier and give yourself time to recover before traveling back. Wine festivals are a lot of fun and Argentina’s is definitely no joke!

Though this festival is first and foremost a celebration of great food and strong culture, insiders know that at this wine festival you will find everything you ever wanted to experience about Argentina. From the beautiful location to Argentina’s iconic food and drink, as well as the incredibly beautiful weather, the Harvest Festival is really one of those festivals that you will want to write home about.

The Harvest Festival really does have a world class location in the middle of Argentina’s beautiful wine country. Throughout the years, this festival has consistently featured some of the biggest names in food industry. Being able to walk around Argentina, sipping beer, while feeling right at home with all the fun activities planned for you and your family.

Amongst the amazing seafood concoctions, the Harvest Festival also features workshops, contests, and parties. Some of the most famous chefs in the world get flown into this festival for specialty demonstrations and cooking workshops. Additionally, make it a point to orbit around all the entire venue as multiple events take place throughout the day. Take a chance on trying some food you have never hear of before or a beer that you may not be familiar with—you’ll be sure to enjoy the experience either way!

Harvest Festival History
Starting in 1936, the Minister of Industry and Public Works made the  Harvest Festival an official public holiday. However, the Harvest Festival cot its start in the 17th century. Harvesting of the grapes to start the wine making process was customary for the spring time, however turning the day into a public celebration took on a whole new meaning.

Now in modern times, Argentina’s  finest wine festival has developed as a course of nature. With the Harvest Festival’s amazing wine drawing people from all over the world in, Argentina’s Mendoza valley quickly became the hot place to be for all the best restaurants and culinary artists around.

After years of great wine and good food, the arts of Argentina began to mature as well. With galleries, street art, museum, and art studios popping up all over the city, it was only a matter of time before Mendoza had a festival to call its own. In a valley with so many wineries, amazing dining options, and so many culturally enriching events, the Harvest Festival remains one of the most popular destination events the world over.

Experiencing the Harvest Festival
This wine party basically begins at the crack of dawn. With a 7am wake up call, Harvest Festival starts with a procession through the valley and into the Andes cliffs Visitors and attendees like to wear all white. During this time of the year, you have the good fortune of finding wine all over the city! From your local gas station to the Argentinian McDonald’s, the wine is seriously flowing!

In addition to the wine tastings, you are going to see some of the best local food. The cuisine and culture of Mendoza is put on display during this Harvest Festival. Harvest isn’t just a time for wine- it’s a time for all the great farm-to-table meals you can eat! Pace yourself over these next ten days, you’ll need room for food, and  a lot of wine!

What to Bring to the National Grape Harvest Festival

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Along with cash and cards for all the various vendors at National Grape Harvest Festival, you should also bring a healthy appetite and open schedule for food and wine.

Along with cash and cards for all the various vendors at National Grape Harvest Festival, you should also bring a healthy appetite and open schedule for food and wine. Just as you should carefully plan who you will be seeing and when they will be playing, it is important to get a good look at the list of vendors, breweries, and wineries. Having all the companies that you want to check out in mind will keep you paced and ready so you don’t burn out on Day 1 from too much fun (or wine!).

Do bring typical festival gear like sunscreen, bandanas, empty water bottles or camel packs, over the counter medicine, and non professional cameras.

What to Wear to National Grape Harvest Festival
The National Grape Harvest Festival is held just before the start of summer. Given the spring weather in California, wearing comfortable, summery clothing shouldn’t be a problem in the day. Try maxi dresses, skirts, shorts, or whatever you feel most comfortable in! While some people try their best to be really fashionable, many people opt for comfort and go the route of jeans and a t-shirt. Either way is up to you.

 Keep in mind that the National Grape Harvest Festival is held at the edge of the Andes mountains, so evening weather will be a little chillier. Take extra layers with you just in case. Don’t let the sunny days fool you into being underprepared for your entire stay.

Throughout the day and night you, you will undoubtedly end up walking A LOT. Choose to wear the most comfortable shoes possible. After standing all day, it is a definite bummer to end up walking 2 miles, especially if it’s in the wrong shoes. Many people even take an extra pair of shoes with them in case of emergency.

Getting to Mendoza, Argentina
Keep in mind that for drivers, parking around the surrounding village may be difficult.In addition to cabs and public transportation, Harvest Festival recently added the option of a round-trip bus. No matter which form of transportation you end up with, you will need to allot a lot of time for getting to and from Harvest Festival . Traffic happens whether you are on public transportation or on a bike. Stay patient and you’ll get there eventually!
While flying into the valley itself may be the easiest part of your trip, keep in mind that parking is often a ways away from the actual expo center. Try your best to shuttle or taxi your way to the National Grape Harvest Festival. Many people that have attended in the past years have had a problem with incredibly long entrance lines and having to wait hours for festival shuttles.

No matter which form of transportation you end up with, you will need to allot a lot of time for getting to and from Harvest Festival . Traffic happens whether you are on public transportation or on a bike. Stay patient and you’ll get there eventually!

Pricing and Tickets
Tickets for the National Grape Harvest Festival can get pretty inexpensive.  A lot of the festivities are free with tickets for particular events. Be sure to get a detailed look at the website for specific events and pricing. Be sure to take a look around the city and get a climb into the Andes while you’re there. Consider booking your trip through a travel agent just to make sure you get the most out of your trip to Argentina!

National Grape Harvest Festival Tips
A lot of inside information can be learned from a quick search of festival reviews by former attendees. These Harvest insider tips may just make your festival experience the best one yet! While you’re purchasing your passes online to the festival, don’t forget to take a look at all the additional event tickets as well.

When it comes to the wine and brews, try your best to drink sparingly throughout the day. Countless festival veterans have proven that night time is the best time to consumer liberal amounts of alcohol. Whichever you choose, be safe as the sun and alcohol will dehydrate you in no time!

So whether you have been to Mendoza or this is your first time to the National Grape Harvest Festival, this is sure to be a festival of a lifetime!

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