International Folk Art Market – Artisans From Over 50 Countries All in One Place to Exhibit Their Work!

Visit Santa Fe this summer for three days of International art, crafts, food, and live music from artists and performers hailing from all over the world. Your Visit to the International Folk Art Market is guaranteed to be life changing!

The International Folk Art Market

Folk Art

The Market is a place to showcase the trades and craftsmanship of artisans all over the globe.

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market isn’t just your average art festival since there is no resemblance to any other festivals around the world. For over eleven years, the Market has been acting as a place to showcase the trades and craftsmanship of artisans all over the globe, as well as create an avenue of funding for their work and lives at home.

Annually, the Folk Art Market features almost 200 artisans each year from over 50 countries across the globe. This festival sure knows how to connect the world through art. The great thing about the Folk Art Market is the desire of the festival to play an active role in changing the world through the lives of these artists. Through each festival, the art sold is recorded to impact over 250,000 members of families and the community from all over the world.

Several of the artists that sell at the Folk Art Market are actually sponsored by the festival itself by providing the artisans with lodging, fair, and airplane tickets. Other artists may receive sponsorship through themselves, folk art businesses, as well as non profit organizations.

More About the Market
Each year the Folk Art Market draws in art admirers and buyers from all over the United States as well as from almost 30 different countries. In a world where most galleries and museums like to take almost half a cut of the artists’ profit, the Folk Art Market proudly ensures that artists keep 90% of their profit. The yearly profit each artist makes through the festival totals to about $19,440. Many artisans support their living and families on their yearly sales at the market.

The Folk Art Market is very much volunteer run—each year volunteers amount to over 1,500 art lovers. The Folk Art Market and it’s well organized planning and exceptional execution is due in part to the countless hours volunteers spend on marketing, communication, coordinating with artists, and preparation to name just a few of their responsibilities.

How to Experience the Folk Art Market
Each July, thousands of people will flock to the Santa Fe Folk Art Market to experience the best the World’s folk artists have to offer. If you are thinking of attending this year, it’s best to get started on planning your trip.

Start by picking which days of the festival you want to attend. Check the Folk Art Market website for any scheduling information that may be specific to certain days. In my art fair experience, I have found that it is best to arrive during the earlier days so you can view all the items that are being offered. Arriving before the majority of the crowds will give you a chance to purchase the best of the products before anyone else does.

Another helpful reminder for enjoying your Folk Art Market experience is to be open to hearing the stories of the artisans. While you wander from booth to booth, take in the art and the amount of skill it takes to create each item. Don’t be afraid to interact with the artisans and ask questions about their work. Listen to the stories of their culture and history as this may be the first time you hear anything like it.

With so many booths and so many artists being features at the Folk Art Market, it does make sense to attend more than one day. Try going for two days, if you don’t go to all of them, so you can see as much of the art and artists as possible.

While you’re attending throughout the weekend, do your best to eat as many meals inside the Market as you can. This blend of traditional food from all over the world is something that is almost magical to experience- it’s like you are traveling the globe without ever leaving the city.

Tips for Visiting the Folk Art Market

Folk Art

Try to develop an interest in the place and the people that the artwork represents when looking at pieces.

For the inexperienced visitor, art markets can quickly become tiring. If you spend all day mindlessly looking at art, going from booth to booth, the day becomes long and uninteresting. Try to dig in to what you are looking at and really ask yourself questions about what you are seeing. Try to develop an interest in the place and the people the artwork represents.

Additionally, while you are traveling through the Market, take a lot of breaks throughout the day. When you spend the whole day looking at art, you need to make time in between to do other things. Perhaps take a trip to the International Food Tent. Take a walk around Museum Hill, away from the booths or perhaps take a trip into the city.

Spending the whole day in the sun can take a toll on you as well so you should be prepared for this. Bring items to help provide shade like a sun hat, umbrella, sunblock, visor, baseball caps, etc. Bring several water bottles with you to prevent from dehydration so you don’t pass out by the end of the day.

Preparing for the Art Market
The amount of preparation you should do before an International Folk Art Market is relatively low. Make sure you have your schedule finalized so you can make the most of your trip. Make sure you pair your days at the festival with exciting activities to do at night.

In addition to getting your schedule down, maybe do a bit of research on the Folk Art artisans before arriving. All the featured, carefully curated artisans have biographies and pictures of their art on the Market website. Take a look through them so you have more to talk about during the event.

Parking and Driving
To help attendees get to the Folk Art Market as conveniently as possible, the festival offers various forms of transportation options to get guests to the event. Visitors can park remotely and bike, bus, shuttle, take the New Mexico Rail Runner Express, as well as using a taxi or taking an Uber. Check the Folk Art Market’s website for more information regarding bus and shuttle schedules as no parking is allowed on the festival grounds.

Tickets and Pricing
Buy your tickets early if you’re planning on attending Santa Fe’s Folk Art Market this year. Tickets sell pretty fast, so make sure you buy your tickets when they go live on May 1st, or a few days after that.To get as much time inside the festival as possible, considering purchasing an early bird ticket for entry at 7:30 am.

Where to Stay in Santa Fe
If you aren’t a resident of Santa Fe, there are several nearby options for you to pick for lodging. Check out some of the Folk Art Market’s partnered hotels for deals and cheaper rates. Hotels like Sage Inn, The Inn on the Alameda, The Inn of the Governors, The Inn of the Five Graces, Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino, La Fonda, The Inn at Santa Fe, The Inn and Spa at Loretto, La Poseda de Santa Fe, Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons Resort Rango, and Drury Plaza are all celebrated sponsors of the art fair and relatively close by.

If you’re looking for a more cozy stay, try searching for available places on Air BnB. You may find some very traditional Santa Fe homes or quaint apartments with open rooms online.

Sights to See in Santa Fe
While you’re in the city, take some time to visit other place outside of the Folk Art Market. Grab a bus or rental car and take a trip to the Cathedral Basilica of St Francis of Assisi for a step through New Mexico’s historical and religious past.

If you’re still in the mood to view more art, you have to visit the Canyon Road Art Gallery as well as the Geogia O’Keeffe Museum that houses more than 3,000 of O’Keefe’s works. Take a stop by the Museum of International Folk Art if you’re in the mood to view more artifacts and art pieces from around the world.

Continuing with viewing more art, stop by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture for a look into Native American artifacts and cultural pieces, stop by the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian and the New Mexico Museum of Art for more of a trip through the history and culture of the people of New Mexico.

Dining at the Folk Art Market
You may wonder what the best thing about food at an international folk art fair is. Well let me answer that for you—it’s the international food! The Folk Art Market offers food from all over the globe for you and your taste buds to have a cultural adventure. From teas to falafels to tamales, all food featured at this fair are authentic and homemade. Don’t be afraid to dig in and ask for a to go box!

So what are you waiting for? Amazing art, great food, and a global adventure are waiting for you this summer at the Santa Fe Folk Art Market. See you there!

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