Further Future – the Collision of Music and Technology at the Nevada Desert!

Nevada is the place to party this spring: Further Future offers all the best in modern tech and music!

Into the Future!

Welcome to Further Future

Further Future often has the most avant garde artists on its lineup.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Further Future is a music festival that focuses heavily on showcasing interactive practices within music and art while displaying the latest achievements in the worlds of technology and sound. Further Future got it’s start in 2015 and is still very much a young festival. Each year, Further Future  creates a stronger buzz surrounding its event and is quickly gaining popularity amongst art lovers, electronic music fans and technology aficionados.

The Further Future Festival was created as convention of sorts where festival goers can be exposed to all of the cutting edge multimedia art-forms that are new to the worlds of music production, live performance, and visual art. It has been hailed, and criticized, as a “Burning Man for the 1%” due to it’s exclusive and selective nature of choosing who can and cannot come to the festival.

Scheduling and Lineup of the Future
While the extremely selective lineup for the Further Future Festival can be accessed through their website, the schedule will not be available until a few months before the event. At that time you can find the schedule on the festival’s website or on their Future Festival app.

Beginning each year in April or May, Further Future runs for about five days with a select number of musicians, DJ’s and performers that play through the days and nights. This modern music festival features the likes of Com Truise, Bob Moses, The Orb, Faulty DL and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for more artist information, as they still announce their line up later into the summer. The Further Future Festival does a good job of booking the best artists from everywhere around the world, so even if you haven’t heard of an artist, you’re in for a treat.

Tickets and Exclusivity for Further Future
Further Future may be the festival of the future, but unlike all other festivals around the world it’s not for everyone. Further Future pre screens its attendees before they can even buy tickets (that start at $200). Aspiring attendees must either submit a request to be invited through social media, or wait for an invitation to purchase tickets.

Festival goers that are interested in only a few showcases should probably purchase the individual showcase tickets. Further Future does offer camping on site and should you receive an invitation to buy tickets, camping starts at around $650.

Many people may feel that such exclusivity for a music festival is inappropriate, but in certain ways, having the Future Festival guest list be restricted, ensures that there is a carefully curated vibe throughout the whole event. If you really are interested in going, look up reviews from those that have attended in the past and ask how they made it in. If you are partnering with a think tank, wellness group, or are generally very into the tech industry, you may just be able to score a free invite.

Traveling to Las Vegas
Vegas natives can skip this part, but if you’re flying into Las Vegas for Further Future, there are a few things you need to know. Further Future already has on site accommodations at the Moapa Indian Reservation. If you are interested in staying nearby, there may be certain hotel and travel packages that might end up being the most affordable for people traveling into Las Vegas.

Check their website out before booking anything so you make sure you get the best deal. To avoid driving, parking, or having to hire a car, many people use shuttles to travel to the festival itself from their hotels. This is probably the best idea as you will be exhausted at the end of each festival day.

The Showcases at Further Future

Lectures at Further Future

Further Future has some of the best seminars in the world of tech and holistic living.

Further Future allows certain attendees with access codes to get a more exclusive experience of the festival. With the purchase of such a code, attendees will have access to all the showcases, but will need to get there early to guarantee admittance to some of the smaller stages as they may reach capacity fairly quickly.

Each musical performance at Further Future features an innovative collaborative performance that combines special lighting, avant garde video projections, and contemporary visual art to create an incredible multi-sensory experience.

The Optical showcases are specifically designed with the love of combining both visual art and live music in mind. Along with these stunning collaborative showcases, the Further Future Festival will feature more artwork in their Pop-Up Art gallery. This art show features work that have been handpicked by festival directors and their creative team.


Further Future Tips
My best tip to you on your Further Future Festival preparation would be to grab some headphones and make a playlist of all the artists that are scheduled this year. While it’s fun to stumble upon new acts and hear them for the first time in that moment, if you’re going to Further you will want to make sure you know at least a few of the artists.

Additionally, you’re going to want to plan your days out carefully. For those that are staying the entire week, put together a list of the activities, sites, and places you want to visit in your off time from the showcases just so you make the most out of your visit in the city.

When planning out your Further Future schedule, leave room for commuting to and from the venues. Note that the amount of time it takes to go from place to place  may cut into the amount of time you have to arrive at the venue, so if you try to go to too many events, the venues may all reach capacity before you can get into any.

When going over your schedule, you’re also going to want to leave time for networking during the day and night; you never know who you’re going to meet during this whirlwind of a week!

Assess Your Future Needs: What to Bring
When attending Further Future, there are some specific things you should avoid doing, same routines as for other festivals around the world. In addition to the restricted activities, avoid taking outside food or alcohol with you into the festival, balls, frisbees, dolls or toys, professional photo equipment, over-the-counter medicine, and open cigarettes are things you’ll want to leave at home.

When deciding what to pack in your suitcase as you prepare to travel to the Further Future, definitely consider taking the following items. A container to carry stuff with you during the festival like a fanny pack or small backpack, empty water bottles for refilling purposes, hydration systems like camel packs, accessories to keep the sun away, extra phone chargers and batteries are among the first wave of items that you definitely should bring.

Consider taking ear plugs with you as all the shows at Further Future will start to wear on you from day to day.When you can, try to stand away from the speakers and bass so you minimize the intensity of the music. Be sure to take prescription medicine and vitamins to help keep you healthy, flags or totems in order to locate your friends in a crowd, and a camera or Go Pro to make sure you remember it all!

On the actual days of Further Future, always take a form of identification with you. Carry your pass with you as well and keep in mind that there is no re-entry once you walk through the main gates. Make sure you’re dressed comfortably, because once you’re inside you will have a long day ahead!

How to Appreciate Future Music
While most of the music at Further Future is found in the turntables of popular DJ’s, attendees will be introduced to new age bands and sounds that have a more trance and electronic vibe. Because of the contemporary nature of the electronic genre itself, new styles of music are created literally every day, so there are many sub-genres within this field, if you care to research further.

Before you got to Further Future, here is a quick walk-through of the main genres of electronic music, including: Trance, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Techno, Garage, Hardstyle, Grime, Trap, Moombahton, Juke, Downtemp, and Breakbeat. While each genre may sound the same to the untrained ear, there are specific differences you will notice as you listen to particular artists within the genre.

The best way to start appreciating this kind of music is to make yourself a playlist that features the best songs and artists from every genre. Lucky for you, many people on various music streaming sites have created awesome playlists that you can listen to, and learn to love, before heading to the festival.

So make time this May to head to Further Future—it’s sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever heard!

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