Jaisalmer Desert Festival – Everything Rajasthan from Camel Racing, Turban Tying, the Longest Mustache Competition and More!

Come to Jaisalmer this year for a desert festival of epic proportions! This festival of desert fun is one you soon won’t forget!

Getting Down in the Desert

jasailmer desert festival

This celebration is a friendly, fun, and beautiful way to spend times with friends and family showcasing and celebrating all the good things Rajasthan culture offers.

Jaisalmer desert festival is a celebration of every good and fun thing about India’s culture and activities that are best suited for desert weather.  is one of the most visibly joyful festivals you will ever experience!

With people racing through the sand on camels, men with the longest mustaches being judged in competitions, and turbans tied at the speed of lightning, this celebration is a friendly, fun, and beautiful way to spend times with friends and family showcasing and celebrating all the good things Rajasthan culture offers.

Each year in February, people across the world travel to India to celebrate Jaisalmer Desert Festival. The festival usually begins at the start of February and lasts for about three days. The festival holds similarities to a county fair in a way as it has so many creative competitions that you’d never think you’d see in person, for sure unique from the rest of other festivals around the world in its own ways!

Jaisalmer Desert Festival’s Beginnings
To this day, in Jaisailmer celebrations each year, friends and family gather to either participate in the fun and games or watch each other. The Jaisalmer festival festival was born out of a desire to celebrate the Rajasthan lifestyle and introduce those that may be unfamiliar with Indian culture the beauty and creativity that is a part of it.

Experiencing Jaisalmer
For a few days in India, locals and many tourists from around the world gather to celebrate Jaisalmer Desert Festival. Though this festival lasts between one and three days, many people come for the whole thing. This festival is truly dedicated to the community and has a open and  friendly atmosphere as soon as you arrive no matter your race, religion, or anything else.

When you get to Jaisalmer, be prepared to try something new! There are so many different races and competitions that you would be missing out if you didn’t at least enter one! This is a time to get to know a new friend, preferably first by going through a contest with them.The great thing about Jaisalmer Desert Festival is that everyone is there to have fun and celebrate together. You’re going to get a laugh alongside new friends while watching the camel riding and any other of the exciting events. You can even go to this event by yourself and leave with some new friends of your own, it’s all about opening up your mindset and expanding your social horizons.

If you’re new to India, you may not be familiar with their caste system. Under this system, citizens and community members are split up into groups by class and thusly treated differently depending on which caste they are in. The celebration of Jaisalmer is a celebration of culture that brings everyone together no matter where they are from or what social class they are in.

Celebrating Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer Desert Festival is totally about celebrating culture and fun but also about spending time getting to know your friends, family, and new friends. Do yourself a favor and read up about various Jaisalmer celebrations throughout the years. If you can’t make it to India this year, you may very well want to watch a few videos from past Jaisalmer celebrations. Find out the best practices for this event so you can be ready to go this time next year!

Many that attend this festival are actually from India, however there are several people that travel just to get a glimpse at the legendary Jaisalmer Desert Festival. While this desert fest is all about fun, this festival is also rich with tradition, history and culture. Do your best to be respectful if you are celebrating on your own or coming to India to visit and celebrate.

You do not have to be of any specific religion or culture at all to join in on the celebration and you do not need to be of any specific cultural background at all, you just need to have respect and courtesy for those that do, but try to fully understand the importance of all the cultural and traditional activities that take place during this event.

Take some time to immerse yourself in traditions and activities surrounding Jaisalmer Desert Festival before you arrive. Doing a fair amount of research before hand will save you from asking disrespectful or ignorant questions while people are trying to have fun.

Preparation for Jaisalmer Desert Festival

jasailmer desert festival

When it comes to getting ready for Jaisalmer Desert Festival, there isn’t THAT much that you need to prepare for. The key to having an all around fun, life changing, and exciting trip is to make sure you pack a great attitude and a friendly spirit.

When it comes to getting ready for Jasailmer Desert Festival, there isn’t THAT much that you need to prepare for. The key to having an all around fun, life changing, and exciting trip is to make sure you pack a great attitude and a friendly spirit.

Do wear light colored clothing as you will be in the deserts of India for the entirety of the festival. Many attendees wear white for the whole festival. If you have white clothing you wouldn’t mind getting a little sand on, definitely pack those!

Check the weather to see how cold India gets during its February nights to help you determine what to take for clothing and warmth. Remember that you will be outside the majority of the time so wear light, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Keep in mind that all attendees are there to get to have a blast and spend time with friends, so don’t focus that much on your outward appearance.

Tips for Jaisalmer
Do keep in mind that you should try to dress modestly, whatever you do choose to wear. Take a look through some of the suggested attire to wear in India and look at pictures of past Jaisalmer Desert Festivals. Wearing inappropriate clothing to this festival is something you definitely do not want to do. Stay away from skimpy attire and anything that calls too much attention to yourself.

When you are in the throes of partying and desert fun, keep in mind that you should still party safely. No one at Jaisalmer Desert Festival needs to get dehydrated! Take care to religiously drink water throughout the day and night. Take a reusable water bottle with you to refill the entire time you are at the festival. Partying in the desert can quickly dry out your body, so definitely prepare with vitamins and fluids.

Getting to and Lodging at Jaisalmer Desert Festival
While most of the attendees of Jaisalmer Desert Festival may live in the area, several do fly in for the event. Make sure your country allows you to fly in to India during February, you don’t want to prepare for an adventure that you can’t take! Do be sure to have a current passport as well as it takes months to get a new one.

If you can, try to find people that have made the trip before. It is always great to hear advice from an attendee that has their own personal experience. Do yourself a favor as well and look into getting a travel agent for your trip to India. The last thing you want to do is make the trip and miss out on crucial must see places that you would’ve loved to see if you only knew they existed! A travel agent will also help you get the best deals and packages on tickets, pricing and accommodations across the board.

When it comes to accommodations, many people choose to stay nearby for the entire three days at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. If you are staying for the whole celebration, you will find it beneficial to try to find lodging as close as possible. You may be up and active for several hours straight, so make it easier on yourself by finding a hotel within walking distance. Try shopping around for the best deals and take a look at Air BnB as well for a different, and possibly more authentic, lodging experience.

Tickets and Pricing
As Jaisalmer grows bigger with every year, so do the crowds at this annual event. Do your best to purchase tickets a few months in advance as they almost always sell out quickly. In addition to festival pricing, book your flights in advance as well as with a few extra days before or after the festival just to rest. Jaisalmer is a non-stop celebration, so you don’t want to step off the plane hitting the ground running. In between flying, jet lag and celebrating, you are in store for one incredibly fun festival.

So whether this is your first time to India or you’re a veteran attendee, do your best to make it out to Jaisalmer Desert Festival this year!

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