Quebec Winter Carnival –  No More Need to Look for an Excuse to Bundle Up and Play Together with Other Adults!

Quebec Winter Carnival is the adult winter wonderland of your dreams!

A Winter Carnival for Grown Up Kids

quebec winter festival

Quebec Winter Carnival is a time for us all to let loose and party in the snow, just like a kid again. This icy fest caters specifically to adults and features all the amenities you would hope to find at a winter wonderland for grown ups.

If you are looking for festivals around the world which will give you an opportunity to let loose and party in the snow, just like a kid again, then start thinking Quebec Winter Carnival. This icy fest caters specifically to adults and features all the amenities you would hope to find at a winter wonderland for grown ups, and kids too!

The beauty of this festival is that all art and sculptures created are created and intended just for this festival! Once the warm weather hits, the art work is just a distant memory of a winter gone by.

All That Ice!
One of the COOLEST parts of the Quebec Winter Carnival is that it is actually a festival of  ice and snow sculptures! This carnival several tons of snow and ice to create all the beautiful artwork. Artists from all over the area come to hand carve or laser cut their ice beauties.

Quebec Winter Carnival hosts several different entertainment and amusement areas for attendees. Quebec Winter Carnival truly becomes a Winter Wonderland with icy architecture and snowy figures wherever you look.

The History of Quebec Winter Carnival
Harbin got  its start in 1955 officially as a way to party and celebrate everything before lent. Essentially, this is Canada’s icy alternative to mardi gras! The Quebec Winter Carnival Ice festival was inspired by the events of the Qing Dynasty fisherman that would carve out pails of ice, and place candles in them to illuminate the dark night. This became known as the local Quebec Winter Carnival.

Over the years, this festival began to be celebrated more by locals and tourists and began to incorporate swimming, ice sailing, sledding, and skiing. Now guests go to see sculptures, people partying in bikinis, and enjoy all the carnival themed rides imaginable!

Experiencing the Quebec Winter Carnival
The best entertainment at the Carnival includes all the displays of winter fun. TheQuebec Winter Carnival lasts for about two weeks, so there is a lot to see and experience in that time period! At the beginning of Harbin Snow and Sculpture festival, fireworks greet the eager attendees. Fireworks sound off again at the closing of the festival and attendees are encouraged to destroy the sculptures with ice picks once the festival ends.

You will see many crazy, beautiful things at Quebec Winter Carnival. One of the most wild antics that attendees might see at this ice festival are over zealous and brave attendees

that take to the snow and ice a almost nude frolic. Many visitors to this festival also swear by a trip to central avenue to check out beautiful landmarks and incredible buildings.

Getting to Quebec Winter Carnival

quebec winter festival

Many people that attend Quebec Winter Carnival are from Canada. Don’t worry, there are several flights into Quebec and from there it should be smooth sailing.

Many people that attend Quebec Winter Carnival are from Canada. Don’t worry, there are several flights into Quebec and from there it should be smooth sailing. Make sure you have a valid passport before booking your tickets. Also, keep in mind that some countries have travel restrictions, so try your best to be sure you are allowed to leave from your city.

Carefully plan which way you are trying to get to the festival as it may take you several hours depending on what mode of transportation you take. Taking the train from the Quebec airport may take an hour or so and you may just end up wanting to rent a car to make travel and  exploration that much easier for you.

The Quebec Winter Carnival website offers several different options for getting to the main event so keep checking the Festival’s website for more detailed information on transportation, prices and accommodations.

Tickets, Pricing and Accommodations
The admission fee into Quebec Winter Carnival is actually really inexpensive. Tickets prices change depending on which venue you are at. Take a look at the website to get a full understanding of how tickets work, especially if you want to return for multiple days throughout the Carnival.

One of the best things aboutQuebec Winter Carnival is the fact that it lasts so long. Try and stay for at least three days so you send a full day checking out all the different venues.

What to Bring to Quebec Winter Carnival
Quebec Winter Carnival is an icy mix of carnival fun and an incredible art show. Be prepared for both! Bring a bandanna to keep the sweat and sun out of your eyes, sunblock to ward of the sun’s cancerous waves, a lot of empty water bottles to stay hydrated, and earplugs incase you need a break from all the noise. When it comes to camping gear, try to go for the more advanced tents and accessories. Splurging a little on the supplies now will really make it count in the end.

In addition to all your great winter clothes, bring a lot of water or empty water bottles to refill. Make sure you have converted currency so you can buy items at the festival and any snacks or food that you may need.

Who Can Come to Quebec Winter Carnival?
Due to Quebec Winter Carnival’s extensive nature and the fact that it is TWO WEEKS of cold, cold ice and snow, many of the attendees to the festival actually live in the area. When it comes to who is admitted into the festival, all are welcome. Partying adults make up the majority of festival attendees as Quebec Winter Carnival is curated specifically towards them. However, if you are bringing kids, take care to give extra attention to their health and see how they are doing in the weather. Kids can have a hard time adjusting to extreme weather.

Dressing for an Ice Festival
When planning for Quebec Winter Carnival Ice, consider the weather and your surroundings. You’re going to be outside in winter surrounded by A LOT of ice! Take your warmest winter gear with you and be sure to have all your cold weather accessories with you as well. Keep in mind that if you arrive during the day and plan to stay late until the night, this festival takes a much colder turn when the sun goes down. Be prepared with extra blankets and coats for night weather..

When packing for Quebec Winter Carnival, consider taking a lot of layers. All festival goers seem to swear by thick pants—as they are the most versatile and practical winter festival wear. When choosing footwear, ALWAYS choose comfort! You may very well be walking for half of the day, so you will need a pair of shoes that you know can support you. Always go for closed toed shoes like boots or athletic sneakers, preferably ones that can withstand snow.

Consider waterproof attire as it will most likely start raining or snowing as you explore this winter wonderland. Take sunglasses, visors, bandanas, protective headwear, gloves, scarves and anything else you think might keep you warm!

Tips for Quebec Winter Carnival Ice Festival
Make sure you are fully prepared for your trip to Quebec Winter Carnival. Many people that have attended this event in the past make sure to book all their tickets, flights, and accommodations through a knowledgable travel agent. Do your best to find someone who knows a lot about the carnival so you don’t miss out on anything that you would truly like to see. It definitely helps to meet with a travel agent to help plan all the details so you make the most of your winter trip.

Be sure to get out of the festival and check out the local eateries and restaurants in the area. Central avenue has some amazing places that locals and tourists both love. Do a bit of research to find the best places to check out in the city and make it a point to visit at least five of them.

Additionally, when it comes to weather, if you’re not used to so much cold, try to pace yourself. Only go to the Ice festival for part of the day and if you go multiple days, only stay for a few hours. The worst thing that can happen to you is getting overheated, or getting too cold so be sure to monitor yourself. Keep in mind that cold weather may make you incredibly dehydrated so keep tabs on how much water you are drinking. If you are suffering from too much cold, please take a break and sit down somewhere.

So whether you’ve never been to Quebec City before or you happen to live there, Quebec Winter Carnival is something that is not to be missed!

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