Carnevale di Venezia – the World’s Most Elegant Carnival Famed for its Elaborate Masks!

A festival for the ages: Carnevale di Venezia is the most incredible carnival you will EVER experience.

Carnevale di Venezia

Each year, Carnevale di Venezia features men and women dressed in 18th century clothing,with pale, white masks, colorful attire.

It’s Carnevale Time!

Grab your mask and your best costume, it’s carnival time.
Each year, Carnevale di Venezia features men and women dressed in beautiful 18th century clothing, with pale, white masks, and colorful attire. Carnevale is all about showing off and having an amazing time, so come ready for a good time!

The great thing about attending Carnevale di Venezia is that you’re very much a part of a culture and tradition that is not showcased and celebrated to the extent it is in Venice, anywhere else. Carnevale di Venezia is literally the most elaborate carnival, completely sets itself apart from all other festivals around the world.

History of Carnevale di Venezia
Legend has it that the first Carnevale di Venezia was held in the 12th century as a celebration of a war victory over the Patriarch of Quileia. The festival took off during the Renaissance and allowed Venetians to unabashedly  partake in pleasure and fun. Throughout the years the festival has been banned and shut down to the point where it was all but forgotten.

Carnevale di Venezia made its comeback quite recently during 1979. The use of masks at the festival was actually a research endeavor by local college students. Since it’s reincarnation, the Carnevale di Venezia has brought in over 3 million people each year to the festival.

Carnevale di Venezia still serves as an experience people all over the world share before Easter, and before lent. This festival allows its attendees to let loose. The masks serve to transform the appearance as well as the identity of its wearer. These costumes and masks allow everyone to have wild fun and not fear the consequences if people were to identify them.

The Balls and Events at Carnevale di Venezia
With ten full days of non stop partying, events, and costumed fun, Carnevale di Venezia will no doubt be one of the best times of your life. Many festival goers take the Carnevale quite seriously, so only go to the balls that you know you will give your all to.

The first event that you should attend is the opening held at St. Mark’s Square. Harkening back to the origins of this festival, the opening event features acrobats, dancers, and Vivaldi in “The Flight of the Angel”.  If you don’t have the money to attend multiple balls, check out the Gran Teatro for more than 12 hours of theatre a day as many people swear by theatre and drama shows when it comes to Carnevale.

On Tuesday, there is an iconic candlelight water parade that almost everyone attends. Festival goers mount gondolas and boats to take to the water  and illuminate the night.Later that night, Fat Tuesday is celebrated as locals and attendees alike partake in a long night of parties, dancing, and drinking. The last event and finale of Carnevale is Night of the Tarantula with a huge celebration and firworks show.

Festival Pricing and Costs
Carnevale di Venezia is free to watch if you just want to see the parade.That being said, the festival is can get incredibly expensive fairly quickly. Each year Carnevale di Venezia promotes opulent and elegant parties even more, sometimes charging over 2000 euros per event.

However, the average ball at Carnevale di Venezia does run about 300 euros. Pick and choose wisely which balls you would like to attend so you don’t end up breaking the bank. In addition to costumes and tickets, you will mostly be spending a lot of money on airfare, accommodations, dining, and travel as you make your way through Venice.

First Timers at Carnevale di Venezia
So it’s your first visit to Venice for the newly instated Carnevale di Venezia festival? You’re in store for a great time  learning about art, history and Venetian traditions.

Before arriving into Europe, you’re going to want to prepare a little for your trip. Have the areas you want to visit already planned out so you can have a general schedule to follow throughout your trip. A lot of people like to participate in the parade and dress up in their own costumes. If you would like to, do a little research and find or develop an outfit to wear.

When you arrive in Italy, give yourself some time to rest before heading out for Carnevale di Venezia festivities! When heading out on the town, try to find a group to stay with in case you get lost or just want to make some new friends.
Dressing for Carnevale

Carnevale di Venezia

Carnevale di Venezia goes all out for its annual celebration, and you should too.

The best carnival celebration does indeed take place in Venice, Italy. Carnevale di Venezia goes all out for its annual celebration, and you should too. The first step is to take a look at photos of past Carnevales to get a feel for what everyone else will be wearing.

Feel free to go all out when dressing for Carnevale di Venezia. Wear costumes in honor of the festival, the parades, and the rich Venetian culture everyone is celebrating.  Whether you decide to try for a more traditional look or not, use your creativity! Many people will be dressed to the nines, and will put great care into their outfits. You should do the same.

Keep in mind as you trek to and through Venice, you need to have a variety of outfits. It’s a good idea to bring different costumes for different parts of the day. When it comes to shoes, you will want to be comfortable as you will be doing a lot of walking. However, if they are visible under your costume, take care to make sure they are presentable and that they go with your outfit. Bring outfits that aren’t costumes as well, in case you want to go out later in the evenings.

Getting to the Carnevale
Depending on where you’re coming from, there are several places to find cheaper flights to Venice. As soon as you decide that you’d like to head to Italy to celebrate Carnevale di Venezia, grab your plane tickets as early as possible!

Grabbing a flight into Venice isn’t really that difficult. Next, when booking accommodations in the city, check out local hotels, boats, and houses that are up for rent. Whatever you do, book in advance! If you’re staying all ten days, you’ll find it easiest to grab a nearby hotel. Staying at a place that is in walking distance of all the main celebrations is a great idea.

You’ll be traveling through the festivities on foot a lot, so if you are staying in the middle of it all, you’ll be in the best position for traveling. Search online for the cheapest rates and try to find rooms that have traditional architecture so you can learn even more during your stay.

If you plan to stay at Carnevale di Venezia  for just one or a few days, maybe consider booking a hotel in on of the major areas near Venice so you can prepare to see other areas in the surrounding cities before you have to leave the country.

Tips for Carnevale di Venezia
When you’re heading to Carnevale di Venezia be prepared. If you don’t buy your tickets and book your hotels soon enough, you will end up spending A LOT of money. Additionally, you will want to be sure that your passport is renewed several months in advance as the process is time consuming.

Along with preparing your documents for travel you’ll need your money changed. Try to convert some of your currency beforehand o you will be prepared incase you need it. The most important thing you can bring along with you is an open mind that is ready for new experiences!

Places to Visit While You’re at the Carnevale
While you’re visiting Italy for Carnevale di Venezia, do take time to see the rest of Italy. Try to book at least an extra weekend to have a chance to take all the sites in. Venice is incredibly beautiful for tourists. One of the first places you should visit is the Grand Canal for an incredible view and an unbeatable experience by gondola.

One of Italy’s major historical claims to fame are all of the incredible masters of the Renaissance. Take time to look at all the art museums and galleries that you can manage. Check out the Peggy Guggenheim Collection for more modern and contemporary work. The Gallerie Dell’Accademia is an incredible place to visit for more traditional Italian masterpieces. Saint Mark’s Basilica is another Italian landmark that is a must see with its historically accurate architecture.

In addition to touring the city, be sure to eat at all the best restaurants in town. Take a tour of all the delectable food and traditional dishes that Venice has to offer as Italy is world famous for its amazing food.

So whether you have been to Italy before or not, Carnevale di Venezia is a festival you’re going to want to check out soon!

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