California Roll Formerly Know As Avocados In Sushi Makis!



Originally “California” rolls referred to the use of avocados in sushi makis. Today, the inside/out [rice on the outside] categorizes a California roll more than its contents. Garnishing the outside rice covering of California rolls offers the opportunity to add wonderful color and texture to your sushi presentation.




Make The Rice

Follow rice recipe for makizushi, making sure to roll your sushi while rice is still warm.

Ingredients for 5 California Rolls [40 pieces]:

  • 1 English Cucumber – remove seeds and cut into strip – 10 cm long and 1/2 cm thick [leave the skin on… looks great in your roll]
  • 200g Imitation Crab Sticks – Oosaki brand is our preferred choice – North American product should be squeezed to remove excess water
  • 2 Avocados – Haas is the best – not to ripe [buy them green/hard and wrap in newspaper for 24 hours] peel and cut into wedges
  • 5 Half sheets of Nori – Takaokaya Gold and Yamamotoyama Gold are excellent – Full sheets are to be halved width-wise by folding and then carefully pulling the sheet apart
  • 50g Toasted Sesame Seeds – Buy Black and White for a decorative touch
  • 50g Tobiko [flying fish roe] – You may use Masago but tobiko is a superior product – pick a color… a good Japanese food store will offer many colors. Our shop has red, orange, green wasabi, black, and gold.
  • Tezu Prepare a small bowl of water mixed with a small amount of unsweetened Rice Vinegar for moistening your finger tips [not your whole hands… we try to only use our fingertips!]
  • Wasabi and Japanese Mayonnaise [Optional Ingredients – QP is the best]



Place a sheet of cellophane wrap – same size as your rolling mat on your sudare [bamboo rolling mat]. Cool your hands down under a cold running water tap and dry your hands [cold hands will sweat less and stick less to your rice].

Dip your fingers in your Tezu and wave your hands to remove excess water. Take some rice with your finger tips [10 cm round ball]. Place the rice ball in the center of the wrap and gently distribute the rice the width of your nori sheet and 5 cm longer then then your sheet of seaweed. Don’t work your rice too much [if you smash your rice grains you are pressing too hard].

Center your nori sheet on the sheet of rice. You may now fill your roll.

Almost Ready

Sushi Recipe For Making California RollPlace a row of avocado wedges length-wise in the center of your nori sheet. Your nori should cover the entire rice sheet side to side and towards you. The extra 5 cm rice should be open along width-wise away from you [leave some room on the sides of your nori so the filling doesn’t get squeezed out].

Put the cucumber strips alongside your avocado and do likewise with your crab sticks. Lay a strip of Japanese mayonnaise and/or wasabi.

Start To Roll

Roll the side nearest you to form a center core of ingredients surrounded by nori [there should be that 5 cm band of rice left after your nori].

Pull out you wrap at the end of your roll and overlap your ingredients roll over the last band of rice. By pulling and lightly squeezing your mat, form your roll circular or triangular-wise [gently hold your ingredient in on the ends while manipulating your roll].

Gently set your roll to the side and spread sesame seeds and/or tobiko on your cellophane wrap with your mat underneath. Re-position your roll on the cellophane and gently re-form your roll to embed slightly your outside ingredients. Carefully move your mat to one end of your roll to shape the end of your roll [a small amount of your ingredients squeezed out is normal… too much means your squeezing too much].

Cut & Serve

Cut your roll into 8 pieces. Your knife must be very sharp [a Yanagiba sushi knife is ideal… it is available in our online store].

Place the tip of your knife into your bowl of Tezu. Invert your knife to a vertical position and tap the butt end of your knife and let the water flow along the blade to the tip. This will insure that your rice does not stick to your knife. Place your roll on a cutting board and cut your roll in half [leave the cellophane on!].

Halve your pieces again and once more and remove the cellophane wrap and voila! 8 delicious California rolls.

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