Budapest – Ultimate Hungary Tourism Experience!

Budapest city planning is great for tourists, it is split up into 23 districts which are all marked with Roman numerals. Approximately about two million people are residences of Budapest, though stats indicated there are more than 3 million natives of Greater Budapest.

Since the break up of the Eastern bloc, Budapest has been known as diamond in the rough. This can be seen today as more than 20 million tourists flock to Budapest annually to explore this beautiful city in Hungary and all what it has to offer. Most tourists are attracted to the fact that Budapest is a relatively affordable city, and comes with a lot of options for cheap car hire. Overall, Budapest is one of those few holiday destinations that a tourist can have an affordable and pleasurable holiday.

When driving through Budapest tourists are reminded that the River Danube splits the city into two parts; Buda (a city on the west bank) and Pest (a city on the east bank). If assistance is needed to navigate the city it is advised to have a satellite navigation system in the car, will make life so much easier especially if you don’t speak Hungarian. Take some time to explore the amazing bridges which cross the Danube such as the Lágymányosi Bridge, the Margaret Bridge and the Árpád Bridge. All have a range of architectural styles.


About Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport which also goes by the name Budapest Ferihegy Airport, is the largest airport in Hungary. It is recommended to tourists to geta car at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (if they do not have own transport) as it is just approximately 10 miles from the city centre. As Budapest is such a large city it is definitely advantageous to find a a car to explore it.

The aiport’s two terminals has short term car parks available. Alternatively, one can use a long term car park which is equipped with great security surveillance.

Budapest airport has all the big brand car rental companies available starting with Avis cars, Budget, Europcar rentals, Hertz, National car hire, Alamo to Sixt which all have desks outside of Arrivals levels in both Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B. Car Hire at Budapest Airport is highly affordable and most secured way to explore the city. Especially as public transport in the city is not very reliable, buses are not always clean and ticket prices seem to be continually increasing. It is howeveroo recommended to travelers to time their journeys to avoid the unplanned traffic jams of Budapest city.

For travelers leaving the city, from terminal 1 one can hop on a cheap flights with low cost airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet. Terminal 2 is where the Hungarian national carrier, Malev, is available. Terminal 2A and gates 20-30 serve all of the Schengen Area destinations while terminal 2B and gates 11-19 serve all of the Non-Schengen Area destinations. The Schengen allows participating countries to cross borders with a minimum of trouble.

If driving, one can get to the aiport via route E60. It is easy to get there as the signs are clearly posted from Budapest city center. Alternative, one can drive from the city centre along the Ferihegy High Speed Road in 20 minutes. The airport code for Budapest Airport is BUD.


Attractions And Things To Do In Budapest

Welcome to Budapest, the home of classical music and a lot of wonderful opera houses. Start with visiting the Hungarian state opera house which has one of the best opera companies in Europe if you score a ticket. If not lucky, go explore the history of Budapest music in the Music Museum instead. Another option would be to visit the old fashioned Budapest Operetta Theatre.

For those tourists who love art, there is also something for them to enjoy in this city full of cultural activities. This starts with the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts to the Palace of Arts among other attractive options. If a tourist happen to have student cards, things get much better as that will give you discount permit to both of these fantastic art buildings in Budapest.

This great city of Hungary is full of adventures and wonderful attractions for tourists to see and enjoy. But when it comes to making decisions in terms of what sights and attractions to visit it can be a difficult choice. If the holiday is a short one and a traveler is looking for the best only Budapest attractions as a must visit, here are the recommended places to include in the itinerary:


Budapest Zoo

The Budapest Zoo is definitely one of the attractions to be on top of any traveler’s list. Not only is this zoo a house to some of the most beautiful and amazing creatures, the zoo is also dedicated to conserving environment. Because of this great movement, tourists at Budapest zoo get a chance to see a lot of endangered species while also participating in special programs and demonstrations. The Budapest Zoo is open year round for tourists to visit.


Budapest Museum of Fine Arts

Interested with Art or just an art lover? Then next on your list should be the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, definitely a place to enjoy Hungarian grand cultural experience. The museum is located in the City Park just close to the Heroes’ Square monument. There is a lot to see at the museum; ranging from a variety of works, including Egyptian Art, Classical Antiquities, 19th and 20th century Modern Art and more. With more than 3,000 paintings stocked in the Old Masters Collection, there is plenty to explore at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts. The doors of the museum are open year round, but closed on Mondays.


Budapest House of Hungarian Wines

The House of Hungarian Wines is situated closeby the Buda Castle, a location that enables tourists to enjoy a vast number of wine options for a two hour period. The house stocks more than 700 wines on display from 22 different regions from all over Hungary, there are plenty of wines for sampling. The Budapest House of Hungarian Wines is open daily for tourists.


Budapest City Circus

The Budapest City Circus is full of international attractions and amazing shows displaying lions, horses and more. The main programs are offered between January and August, but more events still get performed beginning October all the way up to December.


Historical Museum of Budapest

The Historical Museum of Budapest actually offers three impressive and main Budapest attractions: The Castle Museum, the Kiscell Museum and the Aquincum Museum. In addition to the vast short term exhibits found in these museums, tourists get a chance to explore several other permanent exhibits. Some of the permanent exhibits are gothic sculptures from the Royal Palace of Buda, the Golden Lion Pharmacy exhibition, the Baroque sculpture hall and access to the open-air Statue park exhibit. This museum welcomes tourists throughout the year.


The Budapest Castle District

The Castle District is a joint of two main parts; the Royal part with the Royal Palace and the civil part with Matthias Church, Fisherman Bastion and its baroque houses.

The Royal Palace is said to be the seat of the Hungarian kings for centuries from history, for this reason is a must see if you happen to be Budapest. Tourists are notified early on not to expect gold plated interiors like in UAE, this Royal Palace is only whitewashed walls, two museums and the largest library in Hungary. The two museums in the palace are the National Gallery, which has an exhibition showing some of the best known Hungarian painters including Mihaly Munkacsy, Pal Szinyei-Merse and many more, and the Budapest History Museum. Both museums worth to see in Budapest, especially if you are fanatic and someone who like to learn about history of other cultures!


Matthias Church

This Budapest’s church is considered the most prominent building of the civil part of the Castle district. The church goes back 700 years with several upgrades. The church Choir and Orchestra often participates on the Sunday high masses (held in Latin) at 10 a.m.


Budapest Heroes Square and the City Park

This square provides a great and quick summary of Hungary’s history to tourists. Here is the reason, there is a semicircle colonnade that displays statues of the most significant Hungarian kings and heroes, symmetrically organized on tall stone columns. The outstanding column in the middle of the square has Archangel Gabriel on the top, carrying the double cross and the Hungarian crown, which is the oldest one in Europe.

Just close by Heroes Square is the City Park, which is also a must see attraction for tourists especially in the afternoon. Within its borders are the Castle of Vajdahunyad, which has the replicas of the four most outstanding buildings in Hungary. Another cool monument around is a very mysterious statue that shows a man in hood holding a shiny magic pen. Apparently if one touches the pen n that statue, it leads to developing of writing skills.


Budapest Neo-Baroque Szechenyi spa

This is one of Europe’s greatest spa complexes, located very close to the historical buildings. The place is highly recommended for travelers, particulary in terms of getting great relaxation after wondering around Budapest for hours. The spa has two parts: the indoor thermal bath and the open-air swimming pool along with hot tub and Jacuzzi. The spring is 75 degrees hot, but the water in the pools feels nice. It is open all year round.


Budapest Jewish Quarter and Andrassy Avenue

Both place represents a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site, making the area officially a must see attraction in Budapest. There are three big synagogues that are the geographical and spiritual cornerstones of the Jewish Quarter, but hidden Jewish symbols, late Art Nouveau and Neo-Classical residential houses, long arcades and romantic courtyards can also be found here. The area is famous for the run-down eclectic pubs that have the best crowds and the coolest DJ-s every night, it recommended to take a visit during the evening, if interested with dancing.

While Andrassy Avenue (approximately 40 minute walk from the beginning to the end) which is also known as the Hungarian Champs-Elysee, looks exactly like the one in Paris. The Avenue joins Budapest inner city and the City Park area. There are full of Neo-Renaissance palaces and houses featuring fine facades, staircases and interiors, exclusive shops and atmospheric café houses along this avenue. In addition, tourists can get a chance to enjoy the best sounding Opera houses of Europe, the birth-house of the famous composer Franz Liszt and the Budapest Soho area on this strip.


Essential Things To Know Before Going To Buddapest

The following are some of the most important tips and information recommended to travelers before making their trips to Budapest:

Budapest Climate

Since Budapest is situated in the temperate zone and has a continental climate, its hottest months are July and August. During this time of the year, the temperatures are generally around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius during the day. During December and January, which are the coldest months, the temperature is usually around the freezing point, though it can fall to fifteen below.

Budapest Time Zone

Budapest is on the Central European Time Zone of GMT+1 is valid. From March through the end of October, Central European Summer Time is observed, which means the city observes a GMT+2 time zone.

Electronic Devices

Budapest has a 230 V electronic network in place and the plugs are standard continental types.

Budapest Important Phone Numbers

– Ambulance: 104

– Police: 107

– Tourist Police: 438-8080

– Fire Service: 105

– International Phone Number Information Bureau: 199

– Auto Club Emergency: 188

– Emergency: 112

– Domestic Information Bureau: 198

– Special Information Bureau: 197 (provides foreign language option)

– Contact the Office of Immigration and Nationality of Budapest and County of Pest at +3614639165 or +3614639181

These contact information should give any tourist a head start in case of emergencies or unplanned events. That being said, there many other contacts out there to help visitors during their stay, might need research beforehand on the part of a traveler.


Now you have almost everything about Budapest, best places to visit, quick summary of the city itself, and important contact information, all you have to do is start planning for your trip. One thing to note though, Budapest has a lot more to offer to tourists than just what has been described in this article. As a smart tourist, you should be able to explore more for yourself, but make sure the attractions in this article are not missed…highly recommended to anyone heading to Budapest!!

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