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French Holidays

Normandy, France – Mix War History With Vacation!

Normandy, France – Mix War History With Vacation! Settled in Europe, in France’s north west, Normandy is famous for its rugged natural landscape, its local foods and wines, and perhaps most of all, its history in connection with World War II. The white chalk cliffs, sandy beaches and green interior are split into two regions: Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy. The “Lower” of the two regions are further split into

French Polynesia Holidays | Unique Destination

French Polynesia Holidays – Another Way Of Enjoying Great Vacations! French Polynesian culture has been around since 2000 BC; it is one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world today. French Polynesia is made up of 130 islands, although more than half the population lives on Tahiti. The largest city is Papeete, which is also the capital city. The official language of the territory is French, it is the

Get A Head Start To Your Paris Vacation Plans!

Maximize Your Paris Vacation By Knowing Everything Before You Land In France! Paris was basically founded just in the end of the 3rd century BC by a tribe who then settled and started to live in that particular region which during those days was called “Île de la Cité” (which now in the modern day is known as Paris). The name Paris is basically derived from the name of the people

The French Region Rhone Alpes Is A Must See!

Holidays In The Rhone Alpes – The Oldest Part Of Lyon, France! The Rhone Alpes region of France is at the crossroads of Europe, which makes it among holiday destinations that attract tourists most due to its accessibility. The Rhone Alpes are located between Paris and the Côte d’Azur and are also on the border with both Switzerland and Italy. With access to two international airports (Lyon and Geneva), it attracts a huge