Tallinn Will Complete Your Estonia Holidays!

Let your Estonian travels bring you to the capital and largest city in the country, the diverse and culturally rich Tallinn! You’ll discover a great nightlife scene, mellow cafés, a restaurant to suit any craving, and a seemingly endless amount of festivals, theatrical performances and engaging tours.

Beautiful Tallinn

Beautiful Tallinn

Once you set foot in glorious Tallinn you will see that the modern day capital of Estonia is a thriving metropolis, and one of many contrasts. Tallinn, with a population of about 408,000, is settled in north western Estonia along the Baltic Sea. Urban life in Tallinn is contemporary and upbeat, modern and stylish – but it’s also relaxing and laid back. This city of contrasts is a cultural hub and quite a cosmopolitan urban center, with a charming and intriguing medieval town to explore and a hardworking business district filled with slick highrises and corporate headquarters. Stand in one neighbourhood and you would never have the faintest idea the the other existed based on your surroundings.

One of the major attractions that brings scores of people to Tallinn and sets it apart from many other holiday destinations is the city’s impressively well preserved architecture. The great differences between the styles of buildings throughout the city are owed to the different period in time they were constructed, such as the stoic concrete Soviet apartment blocks, or the historic old European buildings and the impressive city walls.


Tallinn has managed to accomplish a feat no other capital city in Europe has been able to do, in their preservation of Tallinn’s Hanseatic and Medieval town. Come to Tallinn today and you’ll be walking in the footprints, in the same shops and buildings, barns and warehouses that were built and used in the city’s medieval period, all impressively in good condition. Take a walk down the original cobblestone streets of the Old Town and you’ll be able to get a good feel about what life was life in this city centuries ago; it won’t be difficult to be transported to an entirely different era when you see Tallinn’s Old Town structures and medieval churches, houses and shops looking much like they did hundreds of years in Estonia’s past.

The Tallinn Old Town is a welcoming and wonderful neighbourhood, beckoning anyone passing through to stop and admire the old architecture, take part in a number of activities going on, enjoy a delicious meal or a drink at one of the bars or have a peek in a gallery.

If you’re itching to check out what the Tallinn Old Town has in store, but you’re not quite sure where to begin, why not consider joining a tour of the area? There are tours taking visitors all around Tallinn’s Old Town and the best part is that some of them are free. That might be music to your ears, if you’d rather budget your Estonia vacation savings for delicious local dishes and a refreshing pint.
Tours gather their members for a greeting and depart from the Tallinn Tourist Info Center located on the corner of Harju and Niguliste street. The tour is in English and has restricted access for wheelchairs, you can contact them at tallinn@traveller.ee to ensure your place in the group. For tour groups larger than eight people, it is recommended that you book in advance. The charismatic and vibrant tour guides have led tens of thousands through the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, and have a lot of energy and Old Town knowledge that they are ready to put to good use. Among the highlights of this free Tallinn Old Town tour are Tallinn’s many famous churches, Freedom Square, Kiek in de Kök, the Danish King’s Garden, Toompea, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, various viewing platforms are areas of picturesque quality, the Tallinn Town Hall Square, Old Tallinn City Wall, and Harju street. You’ll gain an entirely new level of understanding about the city when you’re in the company of people who are so familiar with these areas, and are eager to share the stories and the history behind every corner of the Old Town. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!


If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than a relaxing stroll through the sunny Old Town of Tallinn, consider a tour that takes place after the sun goes down. For fifteen euros you can brave the chilly Estonian night and maybe even get a few chills of your own when you embark on the Tallinn Ghost Tour!

This exciting tour will give visitors a thrill, as they are led on a walking tour of the “haunted” streets of the Tallinn Old Town after dark. After the sun sets over Tallinn’s Old Town, you will be transported back in time seven hundred years as you are shown around the medieval town’s streets. Hear the city’s spooky legends and old myths that have been passed down through the centuries, and delight in the creepy ghost stories. You’ll need to grab yourself a hot drink to keep the cold night air at bay, as your tour guides will lead you to a place of refuge (a comfortable, warm and dry café) in the Old Town following your adventures.

The Old Town Ghost Tour will lead you on an adventure after the sun sets, and allow you to experience the Danish King’s Garden, Lühike Jalg street, St. Catherine’s Passage, Rataskaevu street, Toompea and the Tallinn Old Town wall and towers under the thrilling cloak of night.

Haunted Tour of Tallinn

Haunted Tour of Tallinn

The darkness will fine tune the rest of your senses and heighten your imagination as you are led from site to site, learning a bit about the history and the folklore of this region. You can book private tours starting at €80 per person, with prices decreasing with each additional group member, and you can book by contacting tallinn@traveller.ee and arranging your tour. The tour is in English, and departs after a brief meet and greet from the Tallinn Tourist Info Center on the corner of Harju and Niguliste street. The tours are for groups of up to 20 people, and take approximately two hours.

If you think the only things to do after dark in Tallinn are within the Old Town, you haven’t seen the rest of Tallinn once the sun goes down! Tallinn boasts a vibrant night life scene with plenty of restaurants, clubs and bars to suit a wide range of tastes. Some of the most popular, interesting and off the wall hot spots for fun after dark are waiting for you!

Depeche Mode Baar
Address: Voorimehe 4, Tallinn, Estonia
Considered a hidden gem and a unique attraction for anyone into a bit of 80s music culture, Depeche Mode Baar is indeed named after and devoted to the 80s English electronic band Depeche Mode. In a sort of “if you build it they will come” turn of events, the bar was eventually visited by the members of the electronic group on several occasions, and many different celebrities have come through and signed the walls of the establishment which you can see inside. Yes, the bar plays Depeche Mode. Yes, there is a tonne of Depeche Mode memorabillia, and yes, the drinks have Depeche Mode themed names.

Klubi Teater
Address: Vabaduse valjak 5, Tallinn 10141, Estonia
Tel: +372 56 88 4444
A busy and popular place for locals, Klubi Teater is a unique styled club where a lot of people dress their best depending on the variety of events and themes going on – suits and gorgeous dresses, masquerades, or just club clothes – and dance the night away. There is always something interesting going on at Klubi Teater.

Klubi Teater

Klubi Teater

Vino Nostrum
Address: Pagari 1, Tallinn 10133, Estonia
In the mood for something a little more laid back and sophisticated? Head to Vino Nostrum where you can select from their list of quality vintages. Enjoy a glass, sample the wines, take part in a wine tating event or buy wine by the bottle. They announce their wine tasting dates regularly on facebook, so look them up if you’re in the mood to sample some of the most quality wines Tallinn has to offer in a chic and relaxed atmosphere. They’re open Tuesday to Saturday from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

The Hop Off Hop On Sight Seeing Bus Routes are a great way for anybody visiting Tallinn to get around the city while getting the inside scoop on Tallinn’s history and it’s numerous interesting tourist attractions. Listen in on the commentary and you’ll pick up hints and advice on where to go next and when, as well as stories and facts about local areas. You can get your tickets inside the bus terminal near the exit gate – or at the bus stops themselves. There are different bus operators giving tours of the city and the tickets are non interchangeable so choose your routes wisely – or better yet, get a pass for all the bus routes. Ticket prices for a one day pass will run you 13 euros for the Red line only, and 16 euros for all of the lines – consisting of Red, Blue and Green lines – while it will cost you 20 euros for 3 days for all of the lines.  It’s recommended to get a ticket for all of the lines, for the duration of time you’ll be in Tallinn, so that you won’t have to worry about which bus route you can take and which you can’t. Note that the Red line route is a pretty small one, and can be covered on foot if you’re up for the walk. Make sure to keep an eye on the different bus routes schedules, which are posted at the various bus stops. These sight seeing tour buses operate typically between the hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 or 4:30 pm, so make sure you plan your stops accordingly and make your ride back to your home neighbourhood in time!

All the sight seeing and walking around Tallinn will make you hungry, and Tallinn is a great place to check out a variety of different dining establishments!

Olde Hansa

Olde Hansa

Olde Hansa
Address: Vana turg 1
Tel: +372 6279020
A highly recommended Old Town restaurant, Olde Hansa specializes in meticulously researched and accurate Middle Ages fare. Wooden benches, flickering candles, boarskin covers and the plucking strings of Middle Ages music will fill your senses with delight as you enjoy your meal. It’s definitely a Tallinn Old Town must.

Kuldse Notsu Korts
Address: Rataskaevu 7
Tel: +372 6286567
Allow your tastebuds to get the full Tallinn experience at Kuldse Notsu Korts. Another Old Town restaurant, Kuldse Notsu Korts specializes in fine Estonian cuisine.

Restaurant Balthasar
Address: Raekoja plats 11
Tel: +372 6 276 400
Vampires beware, Restaurant Balthasar is Estonia’s premiere garlic restaurant. Situated in a medieval building of the Town Hall Apothecary, you’ll have a great view from the restaurants windows. The unique menu draws in scores of locals and tourists alike, featuring a wide range of dishes that mostly include garlic.

Get a taste of Tallinn food, culture and history when you come to this marvelous Estonian capital. Just make sure you bring your walking shoes, your camera, and your appetite!

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