Cruise Clothing 911 – Do Not Pack Your Whole Closet For A 7-Day Cruise!

Packing for a vacation can be very confusing and stressful, mainly because you want to pack everything in your closet for a 7-day cruise! To decide the type of cruise clothing you will need, first you have to check in what type of cruise you are going to. For example, if you are going in a Crystal Line, you might want to get casual clothing. If you are going in a Seabourne Cruise Line, you might want to get relaxed action clothing.

That said, a little planning ahead can help you to cut back on the items that you bring, but also keep you prepared in any situation. Here are the 3 main types of cruise clothing that you need to bring on your cruise for whatever events await you while you are on your journey:


1. Casual Resort Wear

The general dress code for cruise ships is casual resort cruise clothing. These items include slacks or shorts, casual skirts or dresses, blouses or collared shirts, nicer sandals or loafers, and any other smart-casual clothing that you might find at a country club. It is nice to plan a few different shirts that match a few slacks/shorts so that you can mix-and-match while you are on the ship.

Overall, you will definitely need casual attire for your lazy afternoons exploring the ship or mingling with other passengers. This may include denim jeans, tank tops and t-shirts. Choose casual items that can be mixed and matched with each other so you can create several outfits with a small number of garments.


2. Formal Wear

Most cruise ships have 1 to 2 formal nights, depending on the length of the cruise. During these formal nights there is a broad range of clothing: everything from red-carpet read dresses and tuxedos, to slacks and collared shirts. If you enjoy dressing up for the evening, this is a great opportunity to put on your nicer cruise clothing and enjoy dinner and a show.

A good example cruise clothing essential is basing on a simple fact that cruise ships often have formal dinners in onboard fine dining restaurants. You therefore needformal attire for these banquets. These types of outfits include tuxedos and ties for men and cocktail dresses or formal gowns for women. If they take up too much space in your luggage, you can also opt for renting your formal dinner attire from your ship’s boutique.


3. Excursion Clothing

You will want to choose your excursion clothing based on the climate where you will be traveling. For example, if you are taking a Caribbean cruise, then you will want to bring several swimsuits, cover ups, shorts, etc.

One set of cruise clothing per day is simply not enough if you want to cruise in style. There are many different activities that you can do on board a cruise ship and you’re going to take advantage of everything inside if you’re prepared.



A vacation automatically includes pool and ocean swimming activities. This is one type of holiday where you can be sure that you will need a bathing suit. Getting your garments into and out of the driers might take some time and there will surely be many swimming engagements waiting for you. Thus, it will be wise to pack at least four swimsuits to avoid not having one when you most need it.

For the majority of cruise ships, cruise clothing like swim wear, shorts, tank tops are adequate to use during the day while you are on the decks and at the port. In some cases, some cruises don’t allow this type of clothing in the interior of the ship. At night, many cruises request to dress casual for example. You might also prefer to get ready for a morning work out, getting stuff like work-out shoes, weight lifting gloves, etc. Some cruises have sports activities like basketball, volleyball and golf, so find out if your cruise offers it and get ready.

Sunbathing is one thing the majority of the people do when on board cruise ships. So make sure you get your suntan lotion with you if you want to stay away from those painful sunburns that will definitely ruin your fun in the cruise. The trick here is that you are comfortable; after all you are on vacation.


Workout garments:

You will be aboard the ship for a very long period of time so there certainly will be days when you will want and need to be in the ship’s gym and fitness center. Pack gym outfit and tennis shoes so that you will be able to gear yourself for a great workout. Most people who forget to bring their workout outfit end up purchasing such clothes from the gym’s onboard store. The items sold here are usually priced very high. Thus, you have to make sure that you have a few items with you which you can use for working out.


Cruise clothing for protecting yourself for both warm and cold climates:

But, if you will be going on a cruise in a colder climate, then bring sweaters and warmer cruise clothing. A long voyage like this will take you to different locations with different weather systems. There will be times when it will be sunny so you have to have some light clothes that are perfect for summer. However, it may also get windy and chilly as when you are traversing to the North. You therefore have to pack some winter clothes to keep you warm despite the frosty environment in the ship.


Cruise Clothing For Off Shore Activities:


If the cruise has some activities like horseback riding or an all-terrain vehicle riding, pack your jeans with you. Jogging pants and shorts will do well if there are hiking activities. Always have an extra of these, as you definitely will get dirty after each goings-on.

Take your good hiking shoes. Make sure that they are reliable. Hiking can also make your shoes dirty so have a replacement.


4. Miscellaneous Cruise Clothing & Items

Include in your hand-carry bag underwear, clothes, swimsuit, sandals and toiletries. This will save you from waiting on your luggage since it normally takes hours before they will be available onboard.


Questions To Ask Yourself Prior Packing Your Cruise Clothing!

The pointers below will help you in taking decisions on clothes to be carried with you without much confusion.

• Your first job would be checking the cruise line’s website. This will allow you to gather knowledge about the dressing codes of that particular cruise line or the cruise ship you will be boarding. While the majority of the luxury cruises requires you to wear formals during dinner parties and other celebrations on the ship, there are some that are also okay with casuals and smart casuals. If they need you to carry formals, take your cocktail dresses, tuxedoes, ties etc. with you. Casuals that match the environment of these ships best include slacks, sundresses, sports suits and so on. If the cruise line requires you to wear smart casuals, pack some attractive ties and jackets; women should carry a few trendy dresses.

• Do you love to swim? Cruise ships will definitely give you the opportunity of practicing this hobby of yours. So, don’t forget to pack two or three swimsuits. We are suggesting you to carry that many as swimsuits take around a day to dry completely. So, if you have just one swimsuit, you will not be able to swim regularly during the trip.

• Are you interested in activities? The majority of the luxury cruise packages will give you the option of taking part in exciting activities such as horse riding and riding all-terrain vehicles or ATVs. If your package also has such offers that interest you, carry with you two or three pairs of long pants. We are advising you to carry more than one pair as both ATV rides and horse riding can make your pants muddy.

• You may or may not be a fitness freak, but it would be good if you can exercise regularly when on a cruise ship. This is because exercising will prevent you from gaining weight even after eating a lot of the exotic dishes served for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. So, your baggage should also include your workout clothes.

• Usually, when on a cruise ship, for the initial six hours you will not have access to your luggage. So, in a small carryon bag, pack a few clothing items that you may need during these initial six hours. The items you may pack include a pair of shorts, a tea shirt, a hat etc.

Last but not the least, understanding what clothes to take for a cruise can be a big factor on how you can be comfortable and stylish on your vacation. This should no longer be rocket science at this section of this article.

That said, something that you must not forget is the luggage restrictions. Granted there are many cruise lines that don’t limit the amount of luggage that cruisers may bring on board, you have to keep in mind that cruise cabins don’t have huge closets. In addition, if you need to fly to the cruise port then you may encounter some difficulties on the restrictions by the airlines.

No matter how much luggage you bring, it’s important that you pack some of the essential cruise clothing and other important necessities in a carry-on bag just in case your other bags get delayed when embarking.


…And Here Are Hot or Not: 9 Cruise Clothing Fashion Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

No bathrobes outside the spa or your cabin.

It can’t be that hard to pack loose-fitting loungewear for when you want to be comfy. Bathrobes are intimate articles of clothing that aren’t meant to be worn like ponchos over your birthday suit. Even worse is donning them at the buffet, as our members have documented in our forums; food and private parts do not go together in public.


No Speedos at the pool.

Once dubbed a crime against fashion, the Speedo has made a return in recent years, thanks to hunks like David Beckham and Hugh Grant sporting these tight togs. But we still don’t like seeing them on our cruises. Unless you’re built like a soccer-playing heartthrob, we recommend avoiding this one on the pool deck.


No fanny packs on shore tours.

We’re perplexed by the fanny pack phenomenon. How do stores still make money off these things? Aside from being downright silly looking, they give off an impression of being naive and inexperienced, which can put you in a vulnerable state. This is one ’80s fad we don’t want to come back.


No Hawaiian button-downs on nontropical itineraries.

You might be feeling giddy about your upcoming cruise to Alaska. But just because you’re finally going on vacation doesn’t mean you should pack that token Hawaiian party shirt you sport on Caribbean itineraries. Pack for the destination, not just any vacation.


No T-shirts you bought at the previous port.

We don’t blame you for loving the Bahamas. But please leave the “I Heart Nassau” T-shirt you just bought in your suitcase. In fact, don’t even buy the darn thing. (The odds are slight it was made anywhere close to port.) Bring the local flavor home with you by putting your money toward a memorable keepsake, like handmade jewelry or a painting by a local artist.


No big purses from home.

A woman’s purse is like a black hole, filled with credit cards, an assortment of lipstick colors, perfume, a pharmacy, perhaps a few snack bars, loose expired coupons, a bundle of old receipts (because it’s important to remember you spent $44.19 at a gas station last month) and so on. Cruising is meant to simplify your life. Leave the chaos in a bag at home, and pack only the necessities in a smaller purse or clutch.


No expensive jewelry during water activities.

Someday, divers are going to make a fortune off all the wedding bands at the bottom of the ocean. Do unto your expensive jewelry as Michael Douglas did to El Corazon in the action-adventure love story, “Romancing the Stone” (even if that means removing it from an alligator’s mouth). If you insist on bringing your most prized possessions on a cruise in the first place, then make sure they’re locked in the safe before you head out on your shore excursion.


No string bikinis on the waterslide.

If you rock bikinis, you know they’re the best when you need to get some color without worrying about awkward tan lines. But they’re the worst for waterslides. (If you haven’t lived this horror story, we’re sure you’ve heard of it.) Leave the ta-tas in your triangle top, and bring something with a little more coverage if you want to make a splash.


No wet bathing suits in casual dining areas.

No one wants to sit on damp butt-cheek imprints when they’re chowing down for lunch. So don’t be that passenger who sits down in the buffet, drenched in a concoction of chlorinated water and sunscreen, and leaves his mark for an unsuspecting victim. We know — especially with kids — that food breaks from the pool are meant to be quick. But a mere three minutes of hair rinsing, towel drying and tossing on some cotton shorts can go a long way.


Overall, the most important aspect of planning your cruise clothing is to make sure that you will be comfortable! We hope you got enough tips in this article….bon voyage!

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