Have You Considered Fully Crewed Yacht Charter For Your Next Vacation?

How and where would like to spend your dream holiday? Have you considered chartering a yacht? Crewed Yacht Charter holidays are some of the most spectacular and memorable vacations ever. The locations are endless. If you live in a cooler climate you could hire a yacht near a warm tropical island. The types of yachts available are also quite varied. There are small vintage yachts to the very large and luxurious modern marvels.

Crewed yacht charters are the yachts where the crew is completely devoted to any specific yacht. They take care of the maintenance, sailing, cooking, and cleaning and also with the other navigation services, and are usually experts in the region where you would be chartering. Do not misjudge the worth of the local knowledge – it could make a huge difference among efficiency and hassle when finding a mooring, restaurant, or moving with the local customs around.

Crews range from husband and wife people who own the boat and charter for a living/lifestyle as they just love it, to huge, competently trained crews on Super Yachts where each crew member has a detailed task, ranging from cooking to serving to navigating, and sometimes to rub and other hair dressing. On most of the large yachts, team members are certified in their roles by yacht training companies. All luxury yachts and about all the motor yachts come with an experienced crew that is familiar with both the boat and local water. They can take care of your every requirement and operate the boat like a 5 star floating hotel.


The Captain & Crew

Most companies provide fully crewed charter yachts. The captain and crew are all very experienced and well trained. At least they should be. You should check online with the various companies that do crewed yacht charter holidays and they will normally have the resumes of each of the crew available for you to consider. Chefs that have been trained in Cordon Bleu quality schools will also be preparing your world class meals.


The Yacht

The yacht you choose will depend on the size of your family or group that will be traveling with you. Your yacht choice will also depend on your tastes and your budget. The particular yacht you decide upon may or may not be available in the area you would like to spend your holiday. While searching online and comparing prices and fees you will find photos of each of the yachts. There should be floor plan of the yacht also. It will include the specs and what equipment is available.



Some crewed yacht charter holidays are for large groups and you will be meeting new people. The yacht generally has several guest quarters with private baths. Most often there will only be one master cabin. The master cabins will have the better views and larger baths but at a greater cost. The crew’s cabins are usually located on the lower decks and the highly trained crew is careful to be only visible whilst serving you.



Crewed Yacht charter holidays can be almost anywhere in the world your budget allows. South Florida crewed yacht charters and Hawaii yacht charters are renown both for weather, fishing and beauty. Both of these destinations offer a bounty or recreational activities. Deep sea fishing, water skiing, scuba diving and swimming with the dolphins and turtles just to mention a few.

But, there may be several areas you have never considered. Turkey is one of those locations. Marmaris yacht charters and Bodrum yacht cruises are both located on the coast of Turkey. They have marinas that are conveniently located on the Aegean Sea and near the Mediterranean Sea. These are both beautiful locations historically as well as visually. The crystal blue waters are teaming with marine life, reefs, and ruins. The scuba diving is incredible. The shopping in the small towns is a bargain hunter’s paradise.


Finding Crewed Yacht Charter


Book Online

Crewed yacht charters are easy to find when you do a search on the Internet. These charters are available all over the world. Once you find the yacht charter company you want to deal with, the process of booking the sailing yacht and charter is relatively simple. First of all you have to decide where you want to travel this year and when you type the sailing destination into your Search engine browser the wealth of crewed yacht charters that result are absolutely amazing.

The location you choose for the crewed yacht charter is the most important part of the booking process. Once you know where it is you want to go, the rest of the procedure of booking online will fall into place. For example, you can choose crewed yacht charters to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Bahamas or even the French Riviera. The type of crewed sailing yacht you choose can also be different. You can choose a luxury sailing yacht, a powerboat or a catamaran depending on your individual preference for sailing.

A crewed sailing yacht includes the captain and the crew, who will take care of all your needs while you are on board the yacht. You do not have to worry about handling the yacht when you book crewed yacht charters, but you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about sailing. The crew has the knowledge you need to enjoy the best scenic locations, the best spots for diving or fishing and the best ports for shopping. The captain is responsible to ensuring the safety of everyone on board the crewed yacht charter and this will be uppermost in his mind at all times.

The all-inclusive crewed yacht charters include everything you need to make the most of your vacation. All the food and drink as well as equipment is included in the price. The only extra costs that you will incur are your shopping and dining experiences in the various ports of call. You won’t have to worry about ant anchorage fees or have to supply your own food. Even the chef to cook exquisite delicacies for you comes as part of a crewed yacht charter.

The rates of crewed yacht charters depend on the number of passengers, the size of the boat and the length of the charter. The time of the year also affects the cost, as winter is a more expensive time of year to book a crewed sailing yacht than summer. You should also consider having travel insurance for a crewed yacht charter, just as you would if you planned a trip to a resort destination. Even though the crew is vigilant when it comes to the safety of passengers on crewed yacht charters, accidents can happen at any time.


Use Brokers

What doesn’t look great on the internet? Particularly photos of lovely destinations, such as Tahiti, Portofino, Santorini, St. Barths, Nantucket, Sawyer Glacier, Cabo San Lucas, and Harbor Island, all of which are great cruising locations. Can you find information about and photos of options available for crewed charter on the internet? Sure, but what you see and read on the internet may not be what you find on arrival for your dream nautical vacation. Check the internet for initial research, however always finalize your charter with a qualified Yacht Charter Broker for the following reasons.

Reason #1: Regulations and insurance

The wary charter client should know that there is no minimum safety or licensing requirements with which an Owner must comply in order to advertise his yacht for crewed charter on the internet. Neither is Hull insurance nor is a Captain’s license required.

What happens to you as the unsuspecting Charterer? You may end up chartering uninsured and might even be liable. Or, if not in compliance with required safety and licensing requirements, it could be an illegal charter, which could invalidate the hull insurance coverage.

Most countries, to which a vessel is flagged, called the flag state, have safety and crew licensing requirements with which an Owner offering his vessel for crewed charter must comply. The Owner and crew should research to assure that the safety requirements and crew licensing requirements are being met for the flag state. Is there anyone in each flag state checking to make sure all are in compliance? Not necessarily, or if there is a government agency checking on safety and licensing compliance, the manpower needed may be stretched too thin for adequate review.

A qualified Yacht Charter Broker, will check that the Owner has his vessel in compliance with the flag state safety regulations, and that the crew are in compliance with the flag state licensing requirements, and supply a charter contract that requires the Owner and crew to be in compliance with all safety and licensing regulations necessary and for the yacht to be insured.

Reason #2: Charter Yacht Maintenance

Anyone familiar with yachting is aware that nothing can go downhill faster than a vessel floating on salt or fresh water that is not maintained. One of the biggest issues is odor. Whether from something unsanitary in the bilge, mildew, mold, or even spilled fuel, all odors on board are generally due to poor maintenance and can ruin your charter vacation.

Any vessel in a tropical or warm charter location is sitting and baking under the hot sun. The sun can fade hull paint, cause a powdery film on the hull surface, cause varnish to peel, and cause upholstery, awnings and sails, if a sailboat, to fade and the fibers to weaken. Water, salt or fresh, can cause some hulls to rust, cause damage to any of the interior or exterior machinery, and create mildew and mold. Even on a 50 – 60′ yacht being offered for crewed charter, there should be two full time crew on board to provide the service for charter, of course, but to also, in between charters, constantly maintain and clean from bow to stern. On the exterior, the hull should constantly be washed, polished or painted, teak cleaned or re-varnished, any chrome or stainless polished, and fabrics cleaned or replaced if needed. On the interior, all systems should be constantly maintained and cleaned, the engine room should be spotless, wood should be polished, painted or oiled, all upholstery and carpeting cleaned or replaced if needed, mold and mildew eradicated, and even the tiniest corner should be cleaned, with a toothbrush and cotton swab if necessary.

Anything spilled or dropped in the interior always ends up in the bilge, creating an odor or possibly clogging a strainer, so constant interior cleaning is essential. And, of course, all interior goods, such as linens, towels, cutlery, and dishes, should be fresh and clean, having been replaced when worn. A smaller 50′ vessel that charters for less money than a larger 150′ vessel should still look just as clean and fresh. An older vessel should look just as clean and fresh as a newer vessel. A lower budget vessel should look just as clean and fresh as a higher budget vessel. No matter what the charter budget, nothing offered crewed charter is worth spending a penny, much less thousands of pennies, if not clean and fresh.

The color brochure and photos shown on the internet advertising for crewed charter may have photos taken when the boat was brand new, and just launched. That same boat photographed and shown on the web when just launched, factory fresh, may, if not maintained properly, look and even smell considerably differently one year later. A qualified Yacht Charter Broker will keep abreast of the maintenance of all yachts offered for crewed charter.

Reason #3: Charter Crew

The crew offered for the crewed charter is very important as well, as the Charterer will be living on board with the crew for the duration of the charter. Crew should be as well maintained as the yacht, in a sense. Often crews, on a crewed charter, are wearing a crew uniform, which should be neat and clean. The state of the crew uniform can also be a hint as to the professional level of the crew. Crew should be well trained and competent. If food is offered, the service should be top notch, and the food should be at the advertised gourmet level using fresh ingredients and good presentation. Interior service can be relaxed or equivalent to 5 star hotel services, depending on the size of the vessel and the service level advertised. A qualified Yacht Charter Broker will check to assure that the charter crew on board are well versed in proper charter service, present well, and are friendly and hospitable.

Certainly look on the internet for crewed charter information, however book your charter with a qualified Yacht Charter Broker who knows the latest up to date information on legalities, insurance, maintenance and crew.


Bon Voyage!

Whenever planning a trip, vacation or holiday, research and planning is key. Read the testimonials available on most of the websites. Check with a colleague, friend or family member who may have chartered a yacht recently. Check the weather report. Whatever yacht and location you choose yacht charter holidays will not disappoint.

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