Nothing Quite Defines The Archetypal Getaway For Couples In Love Like A Tropical Cruise!

Nothing quite defines the archetypal getaway for couples in love like a tropical cruise. Imagine drifting quietly through warm, crystal clear Caribbean waters, an exotic paper umbrella-topped drink your hand, your true love at your side, and some new island paradise looming in the near future. If this sounds something like the vacation of your dreams, you may be ready to book your first cruise.

Though its horizons have widened a bit to include families and older adults, cruises are still an incredible way to spend a special vacation with the one you love. If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect choice for your next romantic getaway or honeymoon, take a few moments to learn about what cruises have to offer.



One of the first things to consider before you book the cruise of your dreams is your cabin. The accommodation fee usually includes your room for the length of the cruise as well as a number of basic amenities including some meals and complementary activities. Types of rooms vary according to how early you make your reservations as well as your budget.


Pick a Boat Size That Works For You

A larger boat may have more passengers and a less intimate “feel,” but it also allows for greater anonymity while on-board ship and a larger range of facilities. When choosing a ship, think about what’s important for you in terms of privacy and boat size.

The most luxurious cabins on cruise ships are generally located toward the top of the ship and on the side. These rooms will be fairly spacious, featuring windows and in the most opulent cases, private balconies where you and your beloved can relax and take in a glorious sunset or simply gaze out over the Caribbean waters.


Get the Balcony

As tempting as it may be to book an inside cabin for a discount, know that the space is small and often windowless. If this cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime romantic treat, it’s time to splurge and opt for a cabin with a romantic balcony. When you’re watching the stars go by from bed, you’ll be thankful.

Alternatively, the cheapest quarters will invariably be located closer to the water line, or even below it, and near the center of the ship. While these rooms can’t offer much spare space or windows, they are a great deal for couples who plan to spend most of their time on the ship out and about, exploring the many activities on deck.


Opt For A Cruise With An Age Limit

The last thing you want on your romantic getaway is to be surrounded by toddlers on their way to a puppet show at the children’s pool. So, book a cruise with an enforced age limit.

Most cruise lines offer cruises that restrict boarding to both individuals 25 and older or married individuals 21 and older. The bulk of these cruises are specifically targeted toward couples and will offer amenities like increased room service, couples’ massages, formal dining and couples’ activities.

If you’re unable to find a cruise with an age limit that’s right for you, most ships offer areas, including pools that are adults-only.


Activities On Ship

When taking a cruise, half of the fun and relaxation really is in reaching your destination. Since cruising is one of the vacation industry’s most quickly growing sectors, cruise lines are adding bigger and more fun filled ships to their fleets every year. This translates to both better deals for you and more options for on board fun and entertainment.

For adventure seekers and partiers, cruise ships are well stocked with Broadway style shows, comedians, live bands and even more exotic offerings like rock climbing walls or even an ice skating rink. Active couples will appreciate a whole itinerary’s worth of deck parties, wine tastings and other opportunities to mingle with your fellow travelers.

Couples who are in the market for a quiet and relaxing vacation won’t be let down either. Most cruise ships offer world class salons and spas where you and your special someone can rejuvenate with an array of luxurious treatments and massages. Afterward, you might enjoy a meal at a fine dining restaurant, a dip in one of many pools or a visit to a private sauna.


Destinations And Activities On Shore

Since cruising is more popular than ever before, potential destinations for your cruise are literally limited only by your imagination and navigable waters. If you and your partner are seeking a relaxing tropical getaway, the Caribbean is an obvious choice, but don’t rule out cruising the Yucatan or even Tahiti in the South Pacific Ocean.

Foodies in love will experience a gastronomical dream come true cruising the Mediterranean Sea while history buffs may enjoy sampling the culture and archeological wonders of the Greek Isles. Couples who are oriented toward the outdoors, meanwhile, might get the most thrills from a journey up North America’s coast to the Alaskan wilderness.

While specific activities for your cruise will vary according to destination, there are a few basic mainstays you’ll be likely to encounter:

Water Sports – This one is a no-brainer. Where there is water, there will always be tons of interesting and exciting things to do in it. Caribbean and Australian cruise destinations are well known for their incredible snorkeling and SCUBA diving opportunities, but parasailing, water skiing and surfing are close seconds as well.

Exploring the Bush – If you opt for a destination where there’s still a bit of wilderness about, chances are you’ll be able to get a firsthand look with a good guide. In Alaska you’ll get a thrill out of hiking over and active glacier while you can explore the jungle in the Caribbean.

Getting a Dose of Culture – Of course, one of the greatest thrills in visiting a new place is discovering its culture. In Europe, museums abound while partying all day and night is the norm in the tropics.


Choose Your Travel Dates

Some couples have flexible dates for vacation, while others must cruise within a specific time frame. If your dates are flexible, you have more options from which to choose. However, it is still possible to find a great cruise if you are limited to a certain time frame. The key is to know in advance and determine the best options available at your chosen time.


Various Romantic Cruises Available For Couples



P&O Cruises is considered a mid-sized British cruise company which has two adult-only cruise vessels which are ideal for couples who are in the look of a romantic getaway for up to fourteen days. The Arcadia will provide a few activities for all couples amongst romantic surroundings. The Arcadian Rhodes is a fine dining restaurant which will be serving a diversified menu which will include traditional British cuisine. Other interesting features will include a spa, poolside bar and grills, art gallery, a gym as well as a movie theater.


Ruby Princess

Princess Cruises will provide a seventeen distinct cruise destination packages from Alaska to South America. The Ruby Princess vessel appeals to all interested couples because of its romance cruise package. This cruise will take couples from Europe to the Caribbean islands and will also provide a lot of forms of adult-only live entertainment on board the cruise ship. The cruise will be featuring a private retreat all known as the Sanctuary, a night club, a spa, luxurious accommodations, poolside movie theater or romantic dining. Other activities for couples will include yoga, shuffleboard and shopping. The cruise will even provide a wedding chapel for couples who are in the look to wed at sea.


Paul Gauguin Luxury Cruise

Paul Gauguin Luxury Cruises will be operating through the South Pacific, Tahiti and French Polynesia. The cruise has been designed to offer couples with a quick romantic getaway in luxurious style. Couples on board the vessel can take advantage of all inclusive romantic features such as free champagne, free meals or room service. On board this vessel couples can also find various features such as movie theater, spa, gym or spacious staterooms. This cruise will offer activities like scuba diving, water skiing, kayaking or windsurfing. Nightlife and live entertainment are provided in the form of a dinning hall which will include a piano bar, musicians as well as a casino.


Seabourn Odyssey

Several of the cruise ships have upgraded or expanded their spas, and many offer treatments that couples can enjoy together. For the ultimate experience, reserve one of the Spa Villas on Seabourn Odyssey. The 750-square-foot suites have a treatment room for two, a double bed lounger, a tub for two, and wraparound deck with chaises for relaxing. The villa is yours for half a day.


Windstar Wind Spirit

The latest thing this year is private, pool-side cabanas where couples can enjoy the fresh air and a little privacy simultaneously. You’ll find them on Oceania Nautica and Regent Seven Seas Mariner. Other al fresco hideaways include two balconies tucked away on either side of the Star Clipper Royal Clipper bow, the Canopy beds in the Bliss Ultra Lounge on Norwegian Gem, and the hammocks on Windstar Wind Spirit.


Sea Dream Yacht Club Vessels

Perhaps the most romantic spot on any cruise ship is the Balinese bed at the front of Sea Dream Yacht Club vessels. The staff will tuck you in, with Champagne on ice, rose petals, and chocolates, so you and your one and only can sleep under the stars. Once they rope off the area, it’s actually quite private.


Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) offer the most romantic stay at the sea. Imagine you and your loved one under a blanket of stars in the sky while dancing or simply think of you and your sweetheart enjoying a delicious dinner by gorgeous scented candles while the sea hums by. What thought could be more romantic? NCL offers one of the most affordable and romantic deals to the married couple. Both of your can enjoy intimate restaurants, snuggled secluded lounges and extravagant Ocean-View Staterooms. You are promised privacy and intimacy. We realize how precious this time is for you. The discreet staff of NCL will always be at your service whether it’s morning, noon or night. A ring of the bell or a simple call will bring them at your door and service. NCL just wants you to relax and enjoy your time with your special one.

Bon Voyage and Special Occasions gifts are offered to all married couples who are booked under the romantic cruises category. Champagne and flowers are offered to every couple. If you want to capture those moments of absolute marital bliss and contentment then ask us for our professional photography offers. We’ll take natural photographs of you and your loved one. Wine and cheese are offered after dinner. Kick your shoes off, wrap your arm around your loved one and enjoy the canopy of stars above your head. This is your time and Norwegian Cruise Lines wants to make sure you remember every second of it. Passion and memories are given more beauty by NCL with its excellent offers. The best combination means Norwegian Cruise Lines packages and your loved one. Could it get any better than this?


For couples in search of an unforgettable summer vacation, nothing quite beats the luxury, relaxation and excitement of a cruise. Take a few moments now to find out which amazing cruise would be perfect for you and your special someone now.

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