Phuket Nightlife – Ultimate Fun in Thailand

The mountainous paradise island, lush with rainforest and surrounded by smaller islands in a sea of blue – this is Phuket. Phuket’s two main sources of income are rubber tree plantations, and tourism… and we’re not here to talk about the rubber tree plant! Phuket nightlife is notorious, varied, loud, colourful, and exciting.


Bangla Road (Soi Bangla) in Patong Beach

When the sun sets, that’s when Bangla Road starts to shine. Bangla Road is closed off to all vehicle traffic, and transforms into a light and music festival 400 metres high, offering patrons cheap beer and a glimpse of pretty girls. This place is basically packed, all year round, so just dive right in. It’s really quite a friendly and engaging atmosphere, one that you would expect Phuket nightlife to have, and it’s easy to mingle and walk around as the clubs and bars each try to pry you away from each other one after another. So if it’s a fun night of random mingling you’re in need of, Bangla Road should be the first stop on your list.

The music from each venue blends into each other creating an ever-changing force of sound as you travel through, much like a carnival. All the bars are outside, and beer bars take up the majority of the street’s length with a few go-go bars and a pub here and there. There are restaurants, discos and shops punctuating the streets, and street performances are also common.



Soi Sea Dragon on Bangla Road

Soi Sea Dragon on Bangla Road

Soi Sea Dragon on Bangla Road

Soi Sea Dragon is the most popular street in Patong Phuket nightlife scene. Undergoing major upgrades in 2012 by the addition of a sweeping roof- ideal in low season – making the whole affair resemble an emporium of alcohol and adult fun. The Soi links Bangla Road and Thaweewong Road (the Beach Road) via its L shape, and directly in between the two streets you will find the Kee Resort featuring its rooftop restaurant. Soi Sea Dragon is a 100 metre long lane made up of about 46 bars, beer bars, go-go bars, a souvenir shop, a guesthouse (although we would think twice about trying to get a good night’s sleep there,) a tattoo shop, and a hairdresser.


Patong Discos and Night Clubs

Patong is undeniably the heartbeat of Phuket nightlife, with Bangla Road smack dab in the middle of an increasing array of dance clubs and discos. It’s a different scene from something you would come to expect from Ibiza or even in Bangkok, but the atmosphere in Patong is a little more laid back. It seems nobody is out there trying to one-up the other, the fashion police are on a coffee break, and everyone is just letting go and enjoying themselves. As you will notice, the variety of entertainment is rather impressive, ranging from ultra relaxed beach bars to exclusive VIP nightclubs. Even Bangla Road’s itty bitty distance packs in some seriously innovative eclectic variety. Some of the well known, established venues have achieved global acclaim, and new clubs on the block are always ready to pop right up with something special, new, and interesting. You’ll certainly never run out of places to go or things to do  in Patong!


Banana Disco
Opening Hours: 22:00 – 02:00

Location: Beach Road, near Bangla Road intersection

One of the most famous as well as oldest discos in Patong, the Banana Disco has been serving up the jams to the Phuket nightlife crowd nightly for over ten years! An outdoor bar area backs onto the air-conditioned disco, which features a live music performance most nights until around 11pm, and makes an ideal space to survey the place and get a feel for the vibe before getting inside. Despite the amount of people (particularly right around midnight) Banana Disco hardly ever has any issues or trouble mostly owing to great music, efficient bar staff and a strict ID policy that keeps out the younger partiers.


Blow VIP Lounge

  • Opening Hours: from 22:00 – 04:00
  • Location: Bangla Road, Patong Beach
  • Tel: +66 (0)7 634 3173-5

An extension of Seduction Nightclub and located along Bangla Road in Patong Beach, Blow VIP Lounge takes up the third floor of Seduction and designed in a futuristic motif of electric blues and pink lights. Take a seat in one of the modern and comfortable sofas, chat with your friends and make new ones. Everyone dances around the sofas as there is no actual dance floor! It’s Phuket nightlife: the future.


Gossip Boutiq Supperclub

Gossip Boutiq Supperclub

Gossip Boutiq Supperclub

  • Opening Hours: 18:00 – very late (Happy Hour from 18:00 – 21:00)
  • Location: Next to Subway restaurant and facing Soi Patong Resort on Bangla Road
  • Tel: +66 (0)93 580 9028

Gossip Boutiq Supperclub is newer on the scene, having opened in November 2013. Gossip came into the chaotic Phuket nightlife entertainment scene along notorious Bangla Road in Patong Beach, brandishing modern and impressive details. This restaurant/lounge/club breathes a breath of fresh air to a road saturated with titillating red-light-district-style bars.

The four F’s – ‘Fun, Fresh, Funky, and Free (entrance)’ is the club’s motto, which aims to draw a trendy crowd of hip young people in search of a new place to party in Patong Beach. There’s a classy touch to Gossip, however prices remain affordable and on par with the other venues found in the same vicinity. Price Range: About 2,000 baht for drinks and a decent meal.



Live Music in Patong Beach Nightlife

Patong, being the centre of Phuket nightlife and definitely the south of Thailand, is the number one place to be if you’re looking for live and live-mix DJ music. For a town of this size there are a refreshing variety of choices when it comes to music style: folk, hard rock, house or hip-hop. Patong Beach Road is your average beachside esplanade during the daylight hours, with sun-worshipers peppering the area. But come nightfall, the scene changes abruptly and people dress up, get up, and go out get their live music fix.



Hard Rock Café Phuket

  • Location: Adjacent to the Courtyard Marriott at the southern end of Rat-U-Thit Road
  • Tel: +66 (0) 76-340210
  • Tel: +66 (0)76-340301-2

The Hard Rock is Patong’s the latest addition to the Phuket nightlife live music scene, and you can find it on the Rat-U-Thit/Ruamjai Road corner near Courtyard Marriott Resort at the southern end of Patong. Built on a 1,330 sqm site, Hard Rock offers a 300 seat restaurant and bar area, alternative patio seating and of course their signature retail Rock Shop. Theirs is home to some impressive memorabilia from famous icons such as Elvis Presley,Guns N Roses, and Madonna. Come join in for the nightly music from 20:50 till 01:30. The food and drinks can be on the pricey side but there are also ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ drink deals for the people who join in on their ‘talent games’. So go ahead, be a star and get up on stage!

Opening Hours: Restaurant open daily from 11:00 – 02:00, Merchandise open from 10:00 – 02:00, Talent games usually take place from 22:00 – 24:00


Red Hot (formerly Margarita’s)

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 until late
  • Location: On the corner of Bangla Road and Rat-U-Thit

With food, TV and a pool table, Red Hot (formerly Margarita’s) is a step aside of the usual Bangla brashness of Phuket nightlife and is an ideal spot to people-watch and hear some live bands playing every night from 19:30 onwards. .



Simon Cabaret

When you enter the Simon Cabaret show theatre, you’ll notice the plush seats, the dimmed lighting, the soothing saxophone music being piped in, the velvety curtains. But this movie house you’ve found yourself in has something just a little bit different in store. When the booming voice announces the start of the show and the curtains part revealing the beautiful live performers all sequins and feathers, you still might not even know any different except for the fact that Simon Cabaret is one of the biggest and well known tour destinations in the region, famous for its all-male lineup of beautiful cabaret and performing “girls.” Since 1991 Simon Cabaret has been bringing in audiences with its mixture of campy, glittery, vampy, and corny cast, and it continues to be one of the biggest draws there are in the Phuket nightlife scene.

The show focuses on its clever choreography, witty dialogue, and outrageous costumes. The  show’s rapid set changes and amazing background sets are a honed talent. Some of the skilled and hilarious performers have been

Simon Cabaret

Simon Cabaret

working the cabaret for years.

The transgender and transvestite entertainers are remarkably talented, and part of the fun at Simon is to steal a glance around at the rest of the audience’s captivated faces as they take in the performance. Nevertheless, partway through a second number, a Supremes soundalike  ‘Diana Ross’ jerks back her head, almost losing her wig. The fact of whether it was intentionally done or not is hard to tell, which makes up the beauty of it – because it doesn’t seem to matter much, it’s hilarious anyway. It all seems so effortless and easy peasy, but about five numbers into the show the cabaret kicks it into a higher gear, culturally speaking. You start to hear songs in Thai, English, Japanese and Korean. Those expecting a nudie show might be disappointed. This isn’t a strip show, it’s a clothes-on performance only, and the children accompanying parents throughout the audience attest to that fact. You’ll have head out a little further to Paradise Complex in Patong for transgender onstage nakedness. Simon Cabaret is something different altogether. The glamourous, glitzy, glittery and feathery affair, the talented performers and  artistic dazzling set changes, and the vibrant colours are entertainment enough. This show spans many different cultures in the audience and all different ages can enjoy this Phuket nightlife must-see performance.

The show’s comedy routine segment is corny, slightly predictable, but still hilarious and expertly performed. ‘Tina Turner’ tears it up, getting the audience riled. With high quality lighting and sound systems in place, bedazzled costumes, and array of choreography, and the right facilities, Simon Cabaret has earned it’s place in the Phuket nightlife scene. After the 70-minute show, wait to meet the performers outside, and pose for pictures with you for a fee.


Phuket FantaSea

Hold onto your hats, because Phuket FantaSea is the island’s most colossal show. Featuring trapeze artists, a cast in the hundreds, and performing elephants as well as other animals, the performance’s exotic storyline will pair fantasy with tradition in one glorious extraveganza. FantaSea is also hosts one of the biggest buffets in Asia, and is set in an amusement park that features carnival games,a Palace of the Elephants, plenty of shopping opportunities, a Similan Island Adventure Centre as well as several other food establishments and activities. It’s overwhelming, it’s spectacular, it’s indeed extravagant, but it’s impressive nonetheless, and worthy of your Phuket nightlife bucketlist.

With intentionally crazy building designs, over-the-top costumes, and elephants on the scene, Phuket FantaSea doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word subtlety. Phuket FantaSea calls itself ‘The ultimate cultural theme park’, and they’re pretty much right on the money. The evening peaks with a stage performance, but there’s still a village with more shopping areas, carnival games, elephant rides, and food.Everything in this over the top Phuket nightlife destination is big, bold, bright, and designed to amaze you. They’ll even make sure you’re picked up, entertained, fed, and dropped off safely to your hotel without missing a beat. These guys know what they’re doing!

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