Stockholm City Guide – All About Stockholm

This place offers fabulous hotels, great shopping, elegant eateries, lively cultural aura, and internationally famous music and club scene. A person can walk through all of the city and sites on foot easily. Exploration of this city is very easily possible on foot and is the best way also. A completely different facet of this beautiful city will be witnessed having a boat trip. June, July and August are the best months to visit this place as it is warm and sunny then. During this time the temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius. Outdoor events, excellent weather, lots of activities and long days (Midnight Summer) are witnessed during the month of June.

Stockholm city has a very effective and efficient rail network that is modern and well-equipped to handle all forms of weather conditions. The motorways and roads do not witness much traffic and are well maintained. Vintage steamers, canal boats and ferries are offered in the city’s islands, canals and lakes.


History of Stockholm city

Stockholm started out as a little settlement on the small island Gamla Stan, where you can also visit the Royal Palace. In 1252 Birger Jarl, back then the statesman of Sweden, choose this island to build a fortress. It was the perfect spot to defense the small passage from the Baltic Sea to Lake Mälaren. Around the fortress rose a small village which has become today’s Stockholm.


The Kingdom of Sweden

Stockholm became the capital city of Sweden and in 1436 the six countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greenland, Finland and Iceland together formed the huge kingdom of Scandinavia. Sweden had to wait for its first King until 1523, which was Gustav Vasa. Nowadays the royal family of Sweden is still present, but has no political power.


Attractions In Stockholm City

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden is a beautiful fusion of old and new. Not only that, the Swedes also incorporated lush greenery amidst all these. You are in for a lot of pleasant surprises when you travel to this well-known tourist destination.

Worried that Stockholm city maybe too much for your budget…that is understandable but here are some of delightful things and must dos in Stockholm, that are either free or very affordable.

First stop is the Gamla Stan or the Old Town as the Swedes call it. Stan came from the word “staden”, which means city. Its name, as stated, stands for the city’s characteristic. It is an old town, dated back in the 13th century, and everything around is contemporary. The streets and the architecture all have classical designs. Currently, about 3000 people are living in this part of the city. This is a very good place to visit if you prefer to enjoy medieval designs than some bright and complex modern sights and structures.

Gamla stan is also where historical events in Stockholm city took place including the famous Stockholm Bloodbath. It is historic because of the massacre of Swedish noblemen done through the order of King Christian III, a Danish king. This site in Gamla Stan is called Stotorget. Except for the Stockholm Bloodbath site, the Stockholm Stock Exchange building is also located in this large square in Stockholm. Other architecture and buildings found here in Gamla Stan are the Royal Palace, Noble Museum and Stockholm Cathedral where the statue of St. George and the Dragon was erected. All have contemporary designs especially the Royal Palace which was designed baroque style.

If you want to talk about restaurant hunting then visit Den Glyden Freden. The interiors were not changed. It is still in its original state. It even landed a page in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest restaurant.

The narrow streets in the Old City were made of cobblestones, making it more appealing to tourists. It gives a feeling of being in the old times. There is the tourist street of Vasterlanggatan formerly called Allmanninggatan west wall, which is crowded with tourist shops. These tourists shops sell different kind of items and souvenirs. The street is mostly crowded on summer. There is no dull moment in this street because there are always artists and musicians performing on the streets to entertain people with their amazing acts.

There is the Marten Trotzig Alley which also boasts of rich history. As part of Gamla Stan, it is the narrowest alley in the city. This is where the difference in the ground levels of the Old City is very important. The people in the Old City celebrated the opening of the alley in 1945, since it was closed for almost a century.

After an exhausting stroll around Gamla Stan, head to the Branda Tomten. Branda Tomten is where tourists usually head to take a rest. There are lots of big trees which offer fresh air and shadow for a more comfortable rest. Branda Totem had its name from the history of the place. There was a house which was originally located in that part of Gamla Stan but in 1728, the house was burned down. That is the reason why it is called Branda Totem, “the burnt down estate”.

That said, Sweden is also well known for its architecture and designs little wonder therefore that there are a lot of galleries and art museums in and around Stockholm city. If you want to learn more about art then our next stop is for you. There are museums that are free in Stockholm like the Moderna Museet and the Arkitekturmuseet. Moderna Museet as the name entails is modern art and sculptures while Arkitekturmuseet is architecture and design.

Another wonderful place to visit is the Djurgarden or the Game Park. It is a lush island in the middle of Stockholm. It offers magnificent views and sights, and you will enjoy the events that the park has planned for tourists like you. You can even bring your lunch and have a picnic in the lush gardens and picnic areas of Djurgarden. So much to offer you and this place is also for free!

From the Game park head to the renowned Grona Lund, which means ‘the green grove’, amusement park is located near Djurgården island and is another favorite spot. This charming amusement park established in 1883 is a must visit for the whole family. With its attractions like roller coasters, numerous rides, a haunted house, a house of fun, a theater, various concerts by popular artists and different art exhibitions it has activities for both children and adults. Don’t forget to visit the fabulous ‘Viking Ship’ ride in the park as it is constructed in true Scandinavian style.

Do not forget to add the world-famous Vasa Museum in your list. This museum was founded in 1990 and is the best-known museum in Sweden. The unique museum contains the world’s only preserved 17th-century ship. This ship is a massive warship and is called the Vasa. It sank in Stockholm in 1628 and was discovered after 3 centuries. The museum also has a great collection of historic artifacts, guided tours and interesting shows. The Moderna Museet holds a stunning collection of 20th century art including many renowned works of world-famous artists and is a must see for art buffs. The National Museum is located near Moderna Museet and displays fantastic sculptures, paintings and decorative arts from the16th century to the present-day.

How about a walk? the Stockholm archipelago (skagarden) is one of the most appealing on an international level. It is wide 80 kilometres east of the city and is consisting of 24,000 small and big islands and various rocks. In Vaxholm you can take a rest and enjoy a short, calming walk. It is found near the Archipelago itself.

Planning to visit Stockholm city during the winter months is also great since you can then go ice skating in Kungstradgarden Park also for free! Ice skating is a national pastime in Stockholm city, in fact skating at the large Kungsträdgården Park is possibly the most favorite activity of the winter season. The grand ice rink was built in 1962 and has a pleasant atmosphere with live music and drinks. Ice skating is absolutely free. The spectacular Royal Palace in the Old Town is the official residence of the King of Sweden and it offers a lot to explore including 600 rooms, Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, the Royal Chapel, the Royal Armory and the Treasury. Also, visitors can watch the wonderful 40 minute changing of the Royal Guard ceremony. This ceremony involves about 30,000 guards.

But, if you want to visit Stockholm during the summer months, there are also 2 free beaches in Stockholm. Langholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet, both are very popular with beach goers and sun bathers so make sure to come early, the beachers can get really crowded.



Drottningholm Palace and Theatre – this place is very spectacular and grand. The palace is still the home of the royals but a part of it is opened for the visitors.

Millesgarden – this place has major art pieces on display including the reproduced-sculptured of the famous Hands of God. All these can be found by scrolling through the garden that is excellent copies of some of the famous art works.

The Public Library (Riddarholmskyrkan) – this is not only for the lovers of the books, but also for those of the architectural art. It was created by the Swedish architect Erik Gunnar Asplund in 1928. What is specific about it is that not only the facade is oval, but also the interior. When you walk into the library you end up being entirely circled by three floors covered with books.

Stadsshuset – this is one of the finest examples of modern architecture where Nobel prizes are distributed. The best view of the old Gamla Stan town can be seen from the top of the 100 meter high tower. This is allowed in the summers.

AG925 – This place is the best for people looking for the underground and countercultural environment.

The Stockholm City Hall – a place where the Nobel prizes are being awarded. There are the two halls – Blue and Golden. The Globe (Globen) is an immense sphere, which is one of the most interesting buildings in the world, since it was announced in the late 80s of the last century. With its 16,000 seats, the arena is proclaimed the biggest spherical in the world.

Blue Moon Bar is a street-level bar and basement that is also a restaurant and nightclub. This place attracts supermodels and TV actors with its décor that is chic and modern.

Cosmopol – This is a world class club building having four bars and two restaurants.

All this and more in Stockholm, your money will go a long way if you know just where to find freebies! You do not need to spend so much to enjoy and cherish Stockholm.


Accommodation In Stockholm

A person looking for accommodations here can go for hotels like the Acapulco hotel that offers really affordable prices.These are just the perfect choices for families or groups. The finest and most elegant hotel that offers extreme luxury and hospitality is the Grand Hotel. There are many other accommodations available here. Apart from all these, there are excellent restaurants like the Cattelin Restaurant and F12 here.

Stockholm City Transportation System

Stockholm is the central point of the railway system in Sweden. The city has an international airport, Arlanda, and two smaller airports: Bromma and Skavsta.

Stockholm city is also an important port, with connections to cities including Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Turku and Tallinn. The main ferry companies are Viking Line, Silja Line and Tallink.

There is a variety of public transport. An underground tunnel system(Tunnelbana) serves the main sites of the city and consists of three lines, tram-trains (Pendeltåg, roslagsbana and saltsjöbana) can join the suburbs over long distances (a hundred kilometers from north to south). There are also trams (tvärbana, nockebybana, lidingöbana and djurgårdslinje), and an extensive bus network. The facilities are owned by the company Storstockholms Lokaltrafik and are operated and maintained by subcontractors such as Veolia Transport. Boat connections are also provided to the archipelago.

On August 1, 2007 Stockholm permanently established a system of congestion control measures similar to London. The definitive introduction of this system experienced from January to July 2006, was the subject of a consultative referendum of the people of Stockholm held on September 17, 2006. The main objectives are to reduce congestion and pollution generated by road traffic. The bus network has been strengthened because of this.

The headquarters of more than 40% of Swedish Enterprise is located in Stockholm, which is the financial and economic center of Sweden. Stockholm has some high-tech firms such as Ericsson, Electrolux and AstraZeneca. Kista district is one of Europe’s most dynamic information technology and communication.

Stockholms transportation system has helped the city grow and control congestion and pollution caused by transportation. The new measures implemented to control pollution and congestion have been a great success.


In conclusion, yes, the weather might be a bit too cold with its highest values at 39 degrees Celsius in the summer and up to -39 in the winter, but Stockholm city is definitely a must’ when it comes to full knowledge of the world’s most beautiful and important cities.

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