Visit Oslo And Explore The City Like You Had Already Been Living There!

Thinking or planning to visit Oslo? No need to worry, we have the needed tourist information to give you the head start you need. Oslo is the capital of Norway and is also its largest city. The city was founded in 1048 and is regarded as the oldest Scandinavian capital. Oslo is the major cultural, economic, administrative and banking center of Norway and is one of the most expensive global cities. It is also Europe’s main center for maritime trade and industries and houses about 1980 companies in this sector.

Oslo is situated between the beautiful fjord and the forested hills. It is a city of contrasts. This growing new metropolis has a modern skyline, avenues and shopping malls while simultaneously being a nature lover’s city with lots of parks, gardens, forest and pathways. Oslo is frequently referred to as the ‘world’s biggest village’ and is the ideal location for both sightseeing and outdoor activities. It is a good idea to buy an Oslo card that provides free admission and discounts.


Here Is A Note On Some Of Oslo’s Main Attractions

You can visit Oslo and start with exploring Frognerparken. This is a popular park in the heart of the city. It has many sculptures and statues. If happen to visit Oslo in winter, Holmenkellen is a must see location. This hilly area is located 48 miles from the city center and is the best site for snow play, sledding and tobogganing. Enjoy a hot chocolate or wine and visit the ski museum if you are not quite up to the cold weather adventures.

Visit Oslo fjords around the city to experience the enthralling nature and beauty of this country. Frequent boat service to various islands is available. Be sure not to miss a visit to the Langayene, which is heavenly during summer. Enjoy playing beach volleyball or simply relax in the Scandinavian sun on the beautiful beaches. The National Gallery is located very near the city center and is the best-known art museum in the country. This gallery is a must for the art buffs. View the acclaimed artwork and paintings of many legendary artists including Edvard Munch who created ‘The Scream.’

The Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskiphuset) is another top-notch museum where visitors can see reconstructed real sized Viking ships. This specialty museum presents a comprehensive history of the country of Norway. You can also visit a range of folk museums on the surrounding beaches. Visit the ever popular Vigeland Park to see 192 magnificent sculptures and many other attractions. Bogstadveien street and the nearby area is an ideal location to stroll. This stylish street has several high-end stores for shopping and lots of bars and a café for enjoying leisure time. The National Theater is an excellent place to enjoy one of the cultural aspects of Oslo. Watch various types of cultural shows in this attractive theater. For a coffee break, visit the adjoining Theater Kafeen, a place with many popular restaurants.

You can also head to Oslo’s National Museum of Art, home to the world’s most recognized painting, Edvard Munch’s Skrik, also known as The Scream. Besides this 1893 masterpiece, the museum houses extensive collections of both Norwegian and International art. The museum is located next to the Oslo University on Universtetsgaten, just a couple of blocks from Oslo’s main thoroughfare, Karl Johan. Admission to the museum is free.

The Oslo Opera House is another amazing venue for watching the operas. Oslo Cathedral (Oslo Domkirke) is located 0.2 miles from the city’s center and is the best known religious site in Oslo. Akershus Festring is perhaps the most famous historic site in the city. The Akershus Fortress, or Akershus Castle is situated in the southeastern part of the city center, is an integral part of Oslo’s history. It was originally built as a royal residence in the 14th century by King Hakon V, when Oslo first became the capital of Norway, and rebuilt in the Renaissance style in the early 17th century by King Christian IV, following a fire that consumed the entire city. Today, you can tour both parts of Akershus: Akershus Slottet, which is the castle itself, and Akershus Festning, the area surrounding the castle. Akershus Festning is open all year between 6am and 9pm, while Akershus Slottet, the castle, is open to the public only during summer, unless you take a guided tour, which is available on Thursdays, even during off-peak season.

In Kon-Tiki Museum you will find unique expositions and boats from Thor Heyerdahl’s expedition in the world. Thor Heyerdahl was born in 1914 and passed on in 2002 and he was famous as being as one of the most well-known scientist and adventurer in history. You will discover permanent exhibitions such as Tigris, Kon-Tiki, Ra and indeed Easter Island. There is additionally an area in Kon-Tiki Museum that is for those short-period expositions.

Grunerløkka has many charming waterside pathways and restaurants. It is a poplar scenic area on the banks of the Akerselva River. Oslo City Hall is another popular site and the renowned Nobel Peace Prize is presented here every December. Oslo offers many nightlife activities as well. Oslo’s British-style pubs with thrilling live music are very popular with visitors. Herr Nilsen Jazzklubb near Stortinget is famous for its live jazz. Smuget, Cafe Mono and 3 Brødre are other known spots for nightlife.

Oslo’s Parliament Building, Stortinget, is also worth seeing, especially if you visit Oslo for the first time. Uniquely 19th-century neo-Romanesque, the building dates from 1866 and was designed by Swedish architect Emil Victor Langle. Stortinget is located in the center of Karl Johansgate, just past the intersection of Akersgate. Admission is free, with scheduled guided tours available year-round.

That said, Karl Johans Gate is the major avenue of Oslo and it was named in honor of King Karl Johan. The street is relating the main railroad station that is in the city of Oslo with the Royal Palace. On this avenue, you will discover number of the finest points of interest in Oslo, including the Norwegian parliament building that was built in 1866. You will as well discover the Royal Palace, which was built during the 19th century. This palace is the apartment of the Norwegian monarch.

Last but not the least, stroll through the Royal Palace. Although not as well known as British royalty, Norway still has its kings and queens and this is where they reside. The Royal Palace, or ‘slottet’, was originally built in 1824 as the residence of the Norwegian-cum-Swedish king, Charles III, and extensively renovated and restored to its former glory in the 1990s, at a significant cost, by King Harald V, the current monarch. The palace, situated on a small rise at the end of Karl Johansgate, Oslo’s principal artery, is open for public tours during the summer months, June-August.


Fun Sporting Activities You Can Enjoy When You Visit Oslo

Apart from the long list of attractions you have at your exposal to enjoy, Oslo also has some great activities you can enjoy while visiting.

1. Skiing – If you happen to be in Oslo during winter, the Oslo Winter Park is the place to be at for some skiing fun. Formerly Tryvann, the Winter Park is the largest ski resort in the city with 11 lifts and 18 slopes. It has cruising slopes and slopes for beginners and children as well as challenging slopes for more experienced skiers. You can get ski passes to enjoy what the park has to offer you. The best time to enjoy the park is between the months of November to April when the snow conditions are perfect.

2. Skating – If you are more of an ice skater, you still can enjoy this activity on your holiday or visit to Oslo. The Spikersuppa ice skating rink is located between Parliament and the National Theater. It is free and open throughout winter. You have the option of bringing your ice skates or renting a pair at the pavilion that is just next to the rink. It is important to remember that sticks and pucks are not allowed here.

3. Golfing – It is a cherished sport by many and you don’t have to miss out the thrill since Oslo has just the right place for you. The Oslo Golf Club in Bogstad is where you need to be to enjoy it all. It is one of the finest courses in the country with 18 holes and beautiful surroundings of the magnificent Bogstad Lake. It is host to numerous international and national golf tournaments.

4. Bowling – Another fun activity you can enjoy on your visit to Oslo. The Solli bowling hall has it all with 11 lanes at your disposal. The good thing about the hall is that it is centrally located in the city giving you quick access. It also has a pool table and air hockey too for your enjoyment.

5. Rafting and kayaking – They are activities that will keep your adrenaline rushing and can be enjoyed at the Randalselva River and Lysakerelva River. There are very good travel companies in the city that arrange the activities to suit every kind of enthusiast including beginners.

6. Horse and buggy riding – The two activities are great for the whole family and they can be very adventurous. The best area to have some fun is at the open air Norwegian Folk Museum. You can enjoy competitive riding with your entire family here. If you are looking for more family fun, the TusenFryd Amusement Park will make a great choice especially for children.


The 5 Best Spots To Eat At In Oslo

Trying out local and international cuisines is always fun to do when visiting a good destination like Oslo. The city has some of the best Norwegian delicacies for your enjoyment including lutefisk, brown gravy and meat cakes. There are numerous modern gourmet restaurants in the city where you can grab a bite and create memories from your experience. The city has very good spots from where you can enjoy delicious treats and meals during your holiday stay or visit.

Ylajali This is a converted charming apartment with wood paneled walls, detailed molding and chandeliers. Here you will have the chance to enjoy eight course meals as you travel back in time. It gets its name from a beautiful mythical woman from Knut Hamsun novels believed to have lived in the building where this upscale restaurant is located. Classic Norwegian flavors are used to prepare dishes like halibut in citrus crust that is served with a rye tube with small saltwater clams, sago pearls and fennel sauce.

Maaemo The restaurant serves contemporary Scandinavian cuisines using local organic ingredients. Dishes you can enjoy here include arctic char that is garnished with aquavit and crisp onions. You will simply love your nine courses from this restaurant, but you might need to make reservations since it is a very popular eating spot in the city.

Fiskeriet It is a fishmonger where you can enjoy fresh seafood buys or casual lunches. Fish and chips are the most famed here featuring tender fresh haddock in light batter and fried to crisp delicacy before being served with pickled onion and tartar sauce. If you love good fish, this is the place to be.

Solsiden The name means Sunny Side in Norwegian and it is the ultimate place for you to enjoy summer. It is located strategically to look out to sparkling Oslo Fjord waters and from here you will enjoy the freshest seafood the city can offer. The towering shellfish platter is the specialty of the restaurant. It is a mix of crab, lobster, prawns, mussels, crayfish, scallops and oysters. To enjoy the ocean view as you eat, you might find it convenient to make your bookings early.

ArakatakaIt is a gem restaurant hidden in the central area of Oslo. The gourmet dishes here are affordable and include sweetbreads and veal shank served with wild garlic and yellow beets. The menus are vast varying from five, four and three course meal options. You will also enjoy a la carte making the restaurant worth visiting while in the city.

Planning for a holiday should revolve around everything that is important to you during the holidays. If trying out local cuisines is something you wish to do, then it helps to find out which areas are best for your dining desires. Fortunately, Oslo has numerous great spots from where you can enjoy good meals. Knowing such spots in advance also gives you the chance to make early bookings and reservations if need be as well as create a reasonable budget for your stay.

Dining and wining is something you don’t want to forget planning for when you visit Oslo. The experience always turns out to be the icing on your holiday cake and the options are endless to serve your needs.


Overall, there are plenty of activities and attractions you can enjoy when you visit Oslo. There are so many things to see and do that you will run out of time before you run out of things to do in the city.

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