Vancouver City – A Taste Of Adventure And The Information You Need To Enjoy It!

With the numerous Vancouver cheap flights available daily, it can be said that even the trip going to Vancouver city is an adventure in itself. The flurry of activity in the Vancouver airport is fast-paced, as the various Vancouver cheap flights land a number of times in a day. However, despite this so-called commotion, people who are adventurers at heart would actually find these exciting, and would consider these as a taste of what is in store for them.

And they will not be disappointed. Vancouver city is in fact, the hub for adventure, ranging from extreme sports to the more calming whale watching activities. As they say, Vancouver has everything that floats your boat!


Exploring Vancouver City

The heart of Vancouver is its downtown area, a finger of land bounded by the waters of English Bay. The city center radiates from Robson Square. The 404.7-ha (1,000-acre) Stanley Park occupies the tip of the peninsula, next to the West End. The historic Chinatown and Gastown districts are close to Main Street, the city’s south to north axis.


Check Out The Whales

The Vancouver city shores face the Pacific Ocean, and this means an abundant marine ecology teeming with fish, corals and whales. Whale watching is one of the more popular activities done by tourists and locals alike, specifically because grey whales and humpbacks have made the Vancouver seas their home.

The chances of seeing these great mammals are the highest during the months of May through October. During these times, a lot of travel companies usually offer whale-watching packages, which include picking up clients from Vancouver city proper, and bringing them to Vancouver Island, also known as Victoria. This is done by boat, and it is during this moment that glimpses of the whales may be had.

Apart from watching whales at the boat decks, those who want more thrill may opt to take a closer look by kayaking right smack into the whales’ habitat. However, tourist guides would only allow this if the client has previous kayaking experience. Tourists are encouraged to always coordinate with their designated tourist guides regarding this matter.


Stroll In The Parks

While there are countless parks in Vancouver city, one of the most sought-after parks is the Stanley Park. It is a lush paradise that spreads all throughout a thousand acres of land. Because of its vastness, people may even see it when they are aboard their Vancouver cheap flights!

There are many things to do in Stanley Park. For those who like romance and nostalgia, there is a horse-drawn carriage tour that leaves every 20-30 minutes and lasts about an hour. There is also tourist guide who is tasked to explain Stanley Park’s more popular attractions.

At the northwest portion of the park, people gather to take a look at the Vancouver Aquarium. It is said to be Canada’s largest aquarium which houses a lot of marine animals. There is even a shark-feeding session!


Go Up North

The North Shore is also an exciting destination for tourists. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a wood-planked suspension bridge that is 230 feet above the water. Crossing it is an adventure by itself, as tourists get a good glimpse of the breathtaking scenery below.

Also, tourists may head up to Cleveland Dam which is said to supply a huge percentage of the water supply for those who live down south. It secures the heavy waters of the Capilano Lake, and is home to a massive number of salmon which spawn on what is now known as the Capilano Fish Hatchery. Watch these majestic fishes attempt to navigate upstream as they strive to lay their eggs. Take pictures of the stunning scenery and do not forget to take in multiple breaths of fresh, crisp air.


Pay Granville Island A Visit

Do not fret for Granville Island is technically not an island, so you would not have to book more Vancouver city cheap flights. It is, rather, a peninsula, which in the past, used to be Vancouver’s industrial hub.

At present, it has now been branded to be THE place for the best weekend brunches, and the place to go is the Granville Island Hotel.

After getting your fill of the sumptuous feast, you may also want to check out the local shops of artists and crafters. You may be interested in the wide array of items they make by hand. You may buy these for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones at home. Do not forget to haggle to get the best deals!

You may also shop for local produce. The Granville Island Public Market is known for the fresh and organic produce that have been locally-grown. And if you are travelling with kids, take them to the Kids-Only Market. It would such a great experience for them to be in charge of what to buy and what to take home.


Wander Through Vancouver City Chinatown

Perhaps every country has a Chinatown, and Canada is no exception to that rule. Established in the late 1800s, Vancouver’s Chinatown is now home to quite a number of Asian families who tend to their stores, and manage restaurants that have become popular with the local population.

If you are not in the mood for the gastronomical delights offered in Chinatown, you may opt to embark in an architectural sightseeing adventure. Buildings in Chinatown still preserve the architectural features of its original Chinese inhabitants, and these are worth a second glance.

You may also want to pay a visit to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Gardens. Just like its Chinese counterpart, not only does it calm you down, it is also a very beautiful place. Your camera will be extremely happy.


Stroll Through Gastown

Gastown is quite an upscale area that is home to a multitude of art galleries, quaint boutiques, tourist shops, cafes and restaurants. You can also find the world-renowned steam clock there. More than the flair that it offers though, it would be worthy to note that Gastown actually carries with it a rich history. In fact, it once was hailed as a historical district in the 70s.


Fraser Canyon

Go back to the gold rush days and experience what it’s like to pan for gold. This unique location has seven mountain canyons and goes through the heart of British Columbia.


Vancouver Museums And Galleries


Vancouver Art Gallery

Located in Vancouver’s downtown core, the Vancouver Art Gallery is the largest art gallery in Western Canada and is one of the most respected in Canada. The Vancouver Art Gallery is home to international travelling pieces from various artists as well as over 200 permanent pieces by the noteworthy Emily Carr, a local British Columbian.

As the Vancouver Art Gallery contains a deep collection of historical pieces, some refer to it as an art museum rather than an art gallery. Time-honoured architecture and a centralized location make the Vancouver Art Gallery a popular host to indoor & outdoor public events. This only adds to the city’s character as all sorts of creative types entertain the passing crowd daily.

750 Hornby Street, Vancouver B.C.



Equinox is the most popular gallery in Vancouver city for those in the know. This gallery strives to only display art of the highest quality from internationally renowned Canadian sculptors, printmakers, photographers, and painters. Although not overtly controversial or tense, displays here range from high realism to abstract. Equinox is located across the Granville Street Bridge close to Broadway Street.

2321 Granville Street, Vancouver B.C.


Contemporary Art Gallery

The Contemporary Art Gallery has grown from a Canadian Government establishment in 1971, to the only independent non-profit public art gallery in downtown Vancouver. In 2005 the Contemporary Art Gallery collaborated with Rethink Communications to create a “Button Wall.” Over 50,000 buttons were pinned to the gallery’s exterior each with an individual word representing one of a hundred possible responses to contemporary art. People were permitted to take as many buttons home as they wished garnering the gallery loads of local recognition to further promote contemporary art.

The Contemporary Art Gallery stands apart from other Vancouver city galleries as it not only exhibits visual art, it also facilitates education and outreach programs, organizes public talks, generates publications, and more.

555 Nelson Street, Vancouver B.C.


Museum of Anthropology

Located at the University of British Columbia, the Museum of Anthropology focuses on local First Nations art. A stunning assortment of First Nation totem poles, tools, and weaponry can be appreciated here. Many of these items are held at the Museum’s Visible Storage Gallery which is home to over 15,000 historic artefacts. The world’s largest collection of works by Bill Reid, an internationally recognized Haida artist, can also be found here including his most popular piece, “Raven and the First Men.”

6393 Northwest Marine Drive, Vancouver B.C.


Roedde House Museum

Built in 1893, Vancouver’s Roedde House Museum is a late-Victorian home restored to represent the day-to-day life of a middle class family at the turn of the last century. Unlike other house museums, rooms here are not roped off or behind glass. Some of the house’s objects can be touched and even handled with care.

The museum offers guided tours, lecture series’, and elementary school packages. The house and surrounding park area, which is neighboured by other heritage houses dating from 1890 to 1908, can be rented for weddings, meetings, receptions, photo shoots, and other private events.

1415 Barclay Street, Vancouver B.C.


Museum of Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver is the largest civic museum in Canada and home to over 100,000 objects. Located just across the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver’s Vanier Park, this museum boasts permanent exhibits which date back to the early 1900’s. These exhibits help illustrate Vancouver city’s story and are used to provoke conversations on Vancouver’s past, present, and future.

Visit the Museum of Vancouver’s official website before heading out to see what’s on display while you’re in town. The Museum of Vancouver offers affordable family packages and is a great place to spend a rainy day in the city.

1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver B.C.


Getting Around

As most of downtown is surrounded by water, Vancouver city’s comprehensive transportation system includes the SeaBus, bus, and the light-rail line, the SkyTrain, a driverless system that runs above and below ground. The SeaBus runs between Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver and Waterfront Station downtown, where it is possible to connect with the bus and SkyTrain system. Many Vancouverites commute by car, and rush hour traffic is to be avoided because access to downtown is limited to a few bridges, including the hectic Lion’s Gate Bridge.


Done Wondering Around? There Is No Shortage Of Nightlife In Vancouver City

Despite being an idyllically picturesque location, Vancouver city is a thriving after-hours nightlife hub with several activities in queue after sun-down.

There are performing art avenues with the Orpheum Theatre and the Queen Elizabeth Complex being reputed Opera Houses. If you’re an open air cinema aficionado, Theatre Under the Stars at Stanley Park promises to be a wonderful experience.

Bars and water holes are abundant in Downtown Vancouver with the prime bar lounges located at Granville Street, Gas Town, and Yale Town amongst other places. If you’d like to soak in some of the splendid countryside views while sipping on vintage martini, visit Westin Bayshore and check out restaurant Lift for exotic views.

Granville Street, Water Street, and Pender Street in Vancouver are also known for their upscale discotheques and jazz festivities. Moreover, Vancouver city is a wonderful tourist locale for gays and lesbians too.


Casino clubs in Vancouver City

Vancouver city is probably the best ever casino destination you’d encounter in Canada. There are enormous casino clubs, race courses, betting stations and much more. The locals here are vibrant and love to indulge in a good round of Roulette or two after they are done for the day. The tourists, on the other hand, are advised by their travel managers (or friends and acquaintances) to never come home without a casino trip.

Therefore, no matter which day of the week you chose to visit Vancouver’s casino spots, you’ll always find chaos and conundrum and healthy competition where you win some… you lose some… and the spirit goes on.

Out of the 100-odd casino jaunts in Vancouver, here are a few that are extremely high rated and deserve a visit.

River Rock Casino Resortis undoubtedly the grand-daddy of all the casino jaunts in Vancouver. There are more than 1000 slot games, a whole array of tables for you to wage money on, and VIP rooms for those who can afford them. Plus, the bright hues, the ambience, and the extravagance make gambling here a grand experience.

Located on Seawall, the Edgewater Casino is a subdued entertainment jaunt where you can play with panache, family in tow. With restrained flamboyance and the marvelous False Creek in the backdrop, you can play games from roulette to backgammon and dine in elegance before heading back to your resort/motel.

The Plaza of Nations, located in the World Exposition Center of Vancouver, is an extravagant skyscraper with a slew of entertainment businesses adorning its site. In addition to the restaurants, amphitheatres, concert halls and mesmerizing casinos, there also is a glittering Marina where you can enjoy cruises and boat paddling for a fee.

Hastings in Downtown Vancouver city is an all-in-one gamble center with a huge gaming podium, a fully furnished casino, and a thriving race course where you can bet on horses. Moreover, there are lessons in gambling for rookies looking to make a quick buck. There is a lavish barbeque and buffet center located in campus too.

Tired of Vancouver? Looking for casinos elsewhere? You wouldn’t have to seek a faraway destination since there are many towns and cities situated in close proximity to Vancouver having fabulous nightlife and casino options for you to marvel at. For instance, the Grand Villa Casino and the Gateway Casino in Burnaby, the Starlight Casino in Westminster, and the River Rock Casino in Richmond are suave options to consider.


These are but a few suggestions for those who wish to visit Vancouver city. There are still numerous sights to see. It would be best for you to assess what type of activities you are interested in and discuss this with your tourist guide. For sure, your needs will be met because Vancouver offers a little bit of everything to each and every tourist.

Vancouver city is indeed an exciting destination for the alternative tourists-those who wish to see its natural beauty and would not mind going to destinations that are less frequented by other tourists. These are the people who often stay a little longer than the rest, and they are the ones that will most likely, go back.

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