Reasons To Go For Belize Vacations This Year

Located on the eastern coast of Central America is Belize, the only country in Central America with English as its official language. Belize is renowned to be a paradise for nature lovers and those who are looking to have some thrilling adventures during their Belize vacations. It’s also known for its September celebrations, punta music, and coral reefs.

Belize vacations may be something you may consider and for good reason. Belize is a peaceful place where you can get your much needed relaxation and regain your inner calm. It’s the perfect place to go to for when you need to escape the noisy and crowded city, even for just a quick period of time.


Reasons To Go To Belize

Aside from the fact that Belize is a paradise you must see and experience yourself, Belize vacations are definitely worth your time and money for the following reasons.

  1. The place is not crowded.

Aiming for Belize vacations is just perfect because Belize is not overrun with many tourists. Compared to other tourists spots which are visited by millions of travelers per year, Belize receives around 250,000 tourists who traveled by air, according to the Belize Tourism Board.

  1. People’s primary language is English.

You can get around the place and communicate with the locals during your Belize vacations even if you don’t know how to speak in Spanish. Aside from English, the people of Belize also speak the Kreyol or Quechi language.

  1. Money exchange isn’t that complicated.

While the local currency in Belize is the Belizean dollar, US dollars are accepted by most merchants. You won’t have a need to exchange your money during your Belize vacations.

  1. Road trip is definitely doable!

When seen from the sky, Belize may appear like a big jungle with few humans living in it. When on the land, it’s very easy and convenient to get around the place. You’ll find out during your Belize vacations that there are major highways in excellent condition with adequate signage available. The roads are safe to travel on and there are no toll fees. Lastly, traffic is very minimal!

  1. You can fly from one city to another.

You’ll be amazed when you decide to go on Belize vacations for when you don’t feel like driving to get a tour of the

Tropic Air of Maya Island Air

Tropic Air of Maya Island Air

place, you can fly!  Whether it’s Tropic Air of Maya Island Air you choose, both regional airlines have in-country flights between cities. The “airports” are the size of two houses with airplanes taking off from a small strip. The airline services are very reliable, efficient, and dependable.

  1. There’s a lot of happenings and events.

Your Belize vacations can be spent not just touring the place around but you can also attend different festivals and happenings in the island. There’s Carnaval and Independence Day in September, Taste of Belize in October, Belize International Film Festival in July, and Garifuna Settlement Day in November. You can check out the Belize Tourism Board calendar for a complete list of local cultural events.

  1. People in Belize are excellent in handwork.

And it’s more awesome because you can see them and watch them during your Belize vacations as they work on different crafts and arts.

  1. You can totally relax and feel nature.

If you feel tired from touring around and you just want to let time pass by, you can do that without being interrupted during your Belize vacations. Go to Pelican Pouch in October and just relax in a hammock and listen to the sound of waves.

  1. High class drinks like cocktails are made from natural ingredients.

One example is the Hibiscus Punch at Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn. The syrup in this cocktail is made from local hibiscus flowers. So when you go out for a drink during your Belize vacations, make sure you try this one.

  1. Belize is just adjacent to three other famous tourist destinations.

You can travel to Punta Gorda, Honduras, and Guatemala by riding a boat. The trip is approximately 45 minutes. So you can make the most of your Belize vacations by also targeting these other tourist spots. Also, if you wanted to have more passport stamps, this is the best way to do it.

  1. You can watch the awe-inspiring wildlife in action.

You can go bird watching during your Belize vacations in the breathtaking Man-o-War Cay for a lot less compared to bird-watching in Galapagos Island.

  1. There is so much to discover and learn.

Depending on how long you travel during your Belize vacations, there is definitely a lot to visit, taste, and experience in Belize. The country is rich both in nature and culture. So if you are pressed for time, you definitely have to go back to visit.


Top Tourists Destinations You Must See In Belize

Belize is undeniably one of the hottest holiday destinations in Central America. If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, a certified diver, fond of snorkeling, history buff, or just another tourist looking to experience as many adventures as you can in one destination, then start planning now for your Belize vacations.

There are a number of ethereal sites worth visiting during your Belize vacations. The following are just the top picks.

  1. Maya Ruins

Are you interested in topics like archaeology? If you are, you’ll be glad to know that Maya ruins are all over Belize. Belize is famous for having more Maya ruins per square mile compared to any other country in the world. Some of

Maya Ruins

Maya Ruins

the Maya ruins can be found couple of hundred yards away from the main highway. One example is Xunantunich which is known to be one of the most accessible and impressive Maya sites. You can take the ferry across the Mopan River then hike uphill for one mile for tickets. It can be tiring and a bit energy-draining but what will make the hike worth it are the sightings of butterflies and birds as well as temples from the 7th century. Other Maya ruins you can find during your Belize vacations are Caracol, Cahal Pech, Lamanai, and Altun Ha.

You can never find any other country with a number of majestic and scenic pyramids in hitchhiking or walking distance than in Belize. Your Belize vacations will absolutely be full of ancient memories, so make sure you capture them by taking photos and preferably selfies with the Maya ruins.

  1. Wildlife and Marine Life

Belize has a low population density and has very little commercial and industrial activity going on. What Belize lacked in the area of commerce and business, Belize made it up for its amazing wildlife population. It has too many tropical rainforest than you can count during your Belize vacations. Belize is also home to the only Jaguar preserve in the world which can be found on the 128,000 acres of land in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

You can also visit Hol Chan Marine Reserve, located close to Ambergris Caye. It’s a great place to try diving and snorkeling. During these water activities, expect to see corals and tropical fish to keep you entertained during your Belize vacations. Aside from that, the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Site runs the full length of Belize so you can check out diving sites within the Great Barrier Reef for more adventure and world-class diving experience. You can then head to Shark Ray Alley to get a chance to experience witnessing sharks and rays during their feeding time.

  1. St. John’s Cathedral

Also called St. John the Baptist Cathedral, this cathedral is the oldest Anglican Church in the whole South America. It was built around 1800 and is situated in Belize City. It was initially a parish church called St. John’s Church until 1891 and then the Diocese of Belize was erected. It’s considered as a historical landmark in Belize and is definitely a must-see during your Belize vacations.

  1. Caracol

The most popular and largest Mayan site you should see and tour during your Belize vacations is Caracol. You can see a variety of Maya ruins in here which are in a jungle setting. This Mayan site is filled with walls and tombs with the most impressive attractions being Canaa and the Sky Place. Sky Place is the highest and tallest building in Belize, which stands about 141 feet.

  1. Actun Tunichil Muknal

If not spooky, you can say exhilarating. Actun Tunichil Muknal is the cave that serves as the home of the remains of the victims during Mayan sacrifices carried out in the past. You’ll just have to trek and hike a bit and after that, you’ll be up close and personal with human skeletons. Actun Tunichil Muknal was discovered in 1989 and has been popular as part of tourists’ Belize vacations since then.

  1. Belize Zoo

If you prefer to see animals in a controlled environment rather than in the wild, then make sure you don’t miss Belize Zoo during your Belize vacations. Belize Zoo has the tagline “The Best Little Zoo In The World” and with good reason. It is a 29 acre site where you can see, and sometimes feed over 120 species of animals, all native to Belize. This place is great if you have family with you while traveling, especially kids.

Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye

  1. The Cayes

Ambergis Caye and Caye Caulker are the most visited islands off the coast. Ambergis, the largest of all Belizean cayes is more popular to tourists who prefer a resort style holiday during their Belize vacations, as Ambergis is the most expensive tourist hotspot in the country. If you’re more of the backpacker traveler, Caye Caulker will look more appealing as it’s not as high-end as Ambergis and has a more relaxed environment.

  1. Bacab Adventure and Eco Park

With the tagline “Something for Everyone”, this nature preserve and theme park sits in more than 500 acres of the jungle, complete with waterways, hiking trails, swimming pools, waterfalls, butterfly house, and crocodile house. You can camp overnight and if you decide to, tents will be provided. You should never, ever miss this hotspot during your Belize vacations.

  1. The Great Blue Hole

As its name suggests, this wonder of nature has a hole in the middle of the ocean and is situated couple of miles off the coast of Belize. Its depth is approximately 500 feet and you can ride a mini-submarine if you want to get into the very bottom of the Great Blue Hole. It’s popular with both scuba divers and snorkelers and is a great way to have an adventure-filled ocean trip during your Belize vacations.


Belize: Experience Heaven on Earth

You need not go to heaven to experience it. All you have to do is book a flight, pack your bags, and then fly for Belize vacations for the ultimate experience of heaven while you’re on earth.

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