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Central America Destinations

Reasons to go for Belize vacations this year!

Reasons To Go For Belize Vacations This Year Located on the eastern coast of Central America is Belize, the only country in Central America with English as its official language. Belize is renowned to be a paradise for nature lovers and those who are looking to have some thrilling adventures during their Belize vacations. It’s also known for its September celebrations, punta music, and coral reefs. Belize vacations may be

Holidays To Costa Rica & What You Must Know!

Holidays To Costa Rica? No Problem We Have All The Tips For You! In case you don’t know it was Christopher Columbus that discovered Costa Rica and the native people living there in 1502. After that the Spanish started to colonize it. Costa Rica means rich coast and it comes from the mistaken belief that gold could be found there in abundance. There never was much gold found but the

Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia | El Salar De Uyuni

Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia – Heavenly Horizon! Surrounded by mountains and volcanoes that reach 5000 meters above sea level, the Uyuni Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni) in Bolivia is an immense white plain of 12.000 square kilometers of salt. It is the only place on Earth visible by the naked eye from the moon. Some call it a desert – nothing lives here – while for others it is a

Lake Atitlan Guatemala | Holidays In Guatemala

Lake Atitlan – Inspiring Vistas That Have Left An Undeniable Impression On Travellers Over The Centuries! Few of us can claim to have investigated Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, the place Lonely Planet travel guides describe as “The closest thing to Eden on Earth.” However, in the absence of a spin around the lake, this article can give you an idea of the wonders of one of the most beautiful parts