Negril Jamaica – A Brief Introduction to the Famous Beach and Resort Town

For decades vacationers have made Negril, Jamaica as one of their favorite holiday destinations of travel. Couples have come to enjoy the freedom it has to offer, while families have enjoyed its beauty and fun activities. Here is a brief introduction to place they have fallen in love with.

Negril is located in two parishes in Jamaica. It is located in both Hanover and in Westmoreland on the western tip of Jamaica. Negril is also conveniently located about 2 hours (50 miles) from the Donald Sangster Airport in Montego Bay. This is actually the closest international airport to Negril.

Negril, Jamaica (Negrillo as named by the Spanish in 1494) is known for its long stretch of beach and its resorts. Some of the famous resorts of note in Negril are Grand Lido, Hedonism II, and Couples. Other popular resorts along the long stretch of Seven Mile Beach include Sandals Negril Jamaica and Beaches. There are about 25 different resorts located off of Seven Mile Beach. Negril is also known and remembered for its nude swimming and sun bathing on the beach which is clearly identified by signs which say “Swimsuits Optional”. Regardless of whether or not you are comfortable with that type of freedom, there is something for everyone in Negril.

Seven Mile Beach is known for its white sandy beaches. It is parallel to Norman Manley Blvd. which is the main highway leading into Negril from Montego Bay. The cliff area in Negril is considered more private than some other parts of the beach. This area has good scuba diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping and just a fantastic place to relax. Negril is a great deal of fun and has a bit of everything for couples and families.

Bloody Bay is another option for beaches, one of the most peaceful beaches on the island and also home to many of its all inclusive hotels. There are several public access points on the beach, allowing travelers from other inclusive hotels to experience the calm and beauty of this beach. A variety of snorkeling excursions and glass-bottom boat tours can be arranged from this area. Bloody Bay is also a great place to taste some of the local flavors, like lobster, fish and chicken with rice and peas.

Every year more and more couples choose to take their vows in the majestic backdrop of the magnificent setting sun in Negril beaches. The place has the most remarkably picturesque sunsets with a diverse range of colors painted upon the sky. It is the most romantic place to be. Every year Negril contiues to see the influx of international tourists who are wooed by the breathtaking landscapes and the pristine beaches of this beautiful Jamaican town. It is even blessed with other water bodies like rivers in an overly exhaustive 100 numbers.


The Hypnotic Effect of the Negril Sunset

The Negril sunset is one of the many nontraditional attractions that linger in the minds of all who witnessed it. Surely no one goes to Jamaica only to see a sunset; however, it makes a great treat while you are there. It is a hidden additional value that is included in the package.

The photos are countless, the accolades keep pouring in and the audience keeps growing. So famous is this spectacular sunset that it seems almost like a ritual for visitors and locals. In fact, just as how the vacationers look forward to seeing the sun out in all its glory, the same enthusiasm is shown for the sunset in Negril.

Negril is situated on the western end of Jamaica which is the as far west one can go in Jamaica. The very end is consists of mainly cliffs which are few meters above the azure blue Caribbean waters. The setting here is gorgeous complimented by trade wind that blows from east to west. The wind also plays an important role by pushing the clouds to the west in the direction where the sun sets.

The formation of clouds enhances greatly this spectacular view with the ever changing look every few seconds. The Caribbean is not known to be heavily polluted and so the colors of this grand spectacular range from golden yellow to light orange. Sunset colors are determined by the amount of dust in the atmosphere, less pollution means the red hue will be less intense.

Jamaica is situated very close to the equator which means that there isn’t a big time difference between summer and winter sunsets which ranges from 5:30pm in December to 6:47 in July. If you will be in the Negril area this is a must see. It is quite a humbling experience to watch the sun going down under the serene Caribbean Sea with an audience that is totally mesmerized by the brilliance.


While the overwhelming majority of tourists visiting Negril and Seven Mile Beach are there to soak up the sun and cool off through a variety of water sports like scuba diving, sailing, and waterskiing, Negril does have other attractions.

The birds, however, are vastly outnumbered by the mosquitoes, so come prepared with lots of bug repellent. Take the time to visit the Reserve’s nature museum at Cotton Tree Lake, and if you work up an appetite treat yourself to lunch on authentic Jamaican cuisine at the lakeside restaurant.

The west end of the island has something for everyone, even the plants lovers. Royal Palm Preserve is home to over one hundred different plant species. One particular plant of interest is the Morass royal palms, which are only found on the western part of the island. Bird watchers will want to grab their binoculars for a closer look at dozens of bird species, including the West Indian whistling duck, the Jamaican woodpecker and the Jamaican parakeet. Bird-watchers can also talk with the Negril Area Environmental Protection Trust (NAEPT) who manages the reserve to inquire about making special arrangements to arrive before opening hours.

The environmentally-minded traveler might want to make a stop at the Dolphin Head Mountains and The Dolphin Head Forest Reserve. This is a collaboration among local farmers, government and NGOs that was spearheaded by the Dolphin Head Trust. Taking a walk on the pristine Nature Trail or taking in the Living Botanical Museum offers an intimate portrait of one the island’s last treasures of biodiversity.

A trip to Mayfield Falls, located in the town of Flower Hill in the Westmoreland parish, is a great relaxing way to spend the day. Whether you opt for Original Mayfield or the Riverwalk, you will experience one of the islands most memorable island walks.

Also, Negril can be your jumping off point to the Jamaican interior when you would like a break from the beach scene. If your favorite way to see the world is from the back of a horse, head 3 miles north of Negril to the Rhodes Hall Plantation, where you will be matched with a mount suitable for your riding ability. The two-hour horseback tour will travel well up into the hills, passing through groves of banana and coconut trees, and stopping to view crocodiles. The plantation also offers opportunities for fishing and scuba diving.

Recover from your day of outdoor activity by treating yourself to some of Negril’s legendary nightlife. Into reggae? Try Alfred’s on Norman Manley Boulevard, where you won’t have to worry about a cover charge on Saturdays, Monday’s, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

No vacation is complete without lots of shopping. Negril obliges with the newly-opened Times Sqare Mall, where you can browse through several duty-free shops and stop for a drink at the Courtyard Café. You’ll find a terrific selection of designer watches and jewelry, perfume, cigarettes, liquor, as well as the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee. Pick up a box of authentic Cuban cigars at Cigar World.

Where should you stay during your visit to Negril? If you want to pull out all the stops, stay where the VIPs do: at The Caves. You’ll pay for the privilege, and you’ll have to take a 12-minute cab ride to get to the beach, but you’ll have all the atmosphere and elegance you could possibly desire.

The Caves’ five thatched-roof cottages are situated on 2 acres at the top of cliffs within walking distance of Negril’s lighthouse and Jamaica’s westernmost point, with sea breezes replacing air-conditioning and no television unless you request one. Your stay at The Caves, however, will be all-inclusive with the cost of your lodging including both gourmet meals and drinks from the bar.


Negril Weather

Travelers to Negril, Jamaica will undoubtedly want to learn more about Negril before venturing there. The weather in Negril, Jamaica is hot for much of the year with temperatures often reaching into the upper eighties to lower ninety degree Fahrenheit range. Because the temperature in Negril is generally hot, there are many outdoor activities to partake in in Negril. As a matter of fact, many of these outdoor activities involve water because of Negrils location and the ready availability of beaches, waterfalls and pools. Negril is perfect for swimming, diving and such activities.

One of the easiest ways for a foreigner to get to Negril, when visiting Jamaica, is to choose an arrival flight which lands at the airport in Montego Bay and then to take a taxi, bus or car to Negril.

Although the Negril Jamaica Weather forecast is generally quite good for much of the year, please be aware that between the months of June to about November (and sometimes December) there are usually heavy rains in Negril. It is especially during these months (June to November) that the heavy rains are accompanied by very strong winds which can escalate into hurricanes. Listening to the weather forecast and keeping informed of the local weather in Jamaica is of utmost importance during this time of year, if you are planning to visit the island. When or if there is a hurricane in Negril (or for that matter in Jamaica) expect life in Jamaica to grind to a halt with many businesses and places being closed. The airports most likely will also be closed and many, if not all, flights will be canceled during a hurricane.

The weather in Negril Jamaica is quite warm for much of the year so plan on taking along light clothing. Each year tens of thousands of travelers make their way to Negril and many marvel at its natural beauty. Because Negril is located on the western most coast of the island it’s beautiful sandy beaches stretch for many miles along the coastline. Before heading to Negril, Jamaica be certain to follow the weather reports concerning the Negril Jamaica weather so that you will know what type of weather conditions to expect.


Montego Bay Airport Transfers To Negril – Getting There In Style and Comfort

Traveling to Jamaica is one of the greatest adventures you will ever take. You jump on an airplane, landing in Montego Bay ready for all the fun. Then you discover the nightmare of trying to get to Negril for the start of your exciting trip. You need to plan ahead if you want comfortable and safe Montego Bay airport transfers to Negril.

You may have planned on jumping on public transportation to get there, but you would be in for a shock. There are no scheduled buses between the two locations. Even if there were you might be riding along with a few chickens, pigs, and other interesting passengers.

The best experience you will find for your Montego Bay airport transfers to Negril is to schedule a ride on one of the inexpensive shuttle bus transfers or other airport transfer services. You will discover the rides are much safer, air-conditioned, and fun. Air-conditioning will probably feel very important. This is not a short little hop. You are taking a ride of 1 1/2 hours between Montego Bay and Negril.

The fun part comes from the driver. On a high quality shuttle bus service your driver will be very knowledgeable about the area and facts about Jamaica. He will keep you entertained and have you learning about Jamaica during the trip. It is a great way to get a good starter on knowing how to deal with local Jamaicans, and what you may want to see during your trip.

Airport transfers will vary in price depending on your needs. You will discover low cost shuttle services if you are willing to share the ride with other arriving tourists. If you have a larger group yourself you can reserve an entire shuttle van just for you.

You may be thinking it would be a great time for a nap after your flight, but this is the time to keep your eyes wide open. The ride from Montego Bay to Negril follows the coastline passing beautiful beaches and resorts. You are going to love watching out the windows and starting your experience of seeing all the beauty Jamaica has to offer.

Your ride will be passing locations like Green Island, Orange Bay, Bloody Bay, and many other beautiful sights. One of the worst choices you can make is to rent a car for this trip. It does not allow you to relax and watch all the beauty surrounding you. You will be too busy watching the road. You came to Jamaica for the beauty, relaxation, and fun. Let it begin right away from the moment you step off the airplane until you head back home.

Getting inexpensive Montego Bay airport transfers to Negril is the perfect choice. If you have scheduled your vacation at one of the beautiful hotels like Footprints on the Sands, Rooms on the Beach, Heartbeat Hotel, or Divine Destiny, you will arrive relaxed, excited, and ready for your adventure. Your exotic vacation has just begun. Put on your swimsuit, grab a margarita, and start enjoying your tropical paradise.

To sum it all, bring your sense of adventure and be prepared to enjoy yourself in Negril.

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