Paradise Island In The Bahamas – A Piece Of Heaven!

For anyone looking for a great holiday destinations, should definitely explore possibilities of going to the Paradise island in the Bahamas. This is truly wonderful place with some of the most beautiful and clean beaches in the world, clear blue seas, abundant marine life, exotic plants and wildlife. This is the place where wealthy individuals plan their most extravagant events at the world-renowned Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino. Many famous actors and movie stars have been visiting Paradise island in the Bahamas for decades, going back to Ian Fleming, Prince Charles, and more recently Donald Trump, and Merv Griffin who have all owned big stakes in this Casino. Hollywood stars just love this island and so will you!


About Paradise Island in the Bahamas

If you know nothing about the Paradise island in the Bahamas, this destination has an international reputation for sailing, with regattas and races held year-round. It is here that the Gulf Stream originates and which gives the islands their abundant and varied marine life. Big game fish draw sport fisherman in search of the “big one.” There have been more than 50 records set in these waters. The great writer / fisherman Ernest Hemingway live here on the island of Bimini.

Paradise Island is connected to New Providence, Bahamas by two large bridges and this means visitors can see Nassau on the same vacation if their planning is good. Paradise Island in the Bahamas was previously known as Hog Island and served as a farm for the nearby area of Nassau. It isn’t hard to get around on your vacation as long as you have a lot of money. English is spoken everywhere and American dollars are taken just like Bahamian dollars.

There is just so much to do on your holiday in the Paradise island in the Bahamas, ranging from swimming with dolphins, go snorkeling or diving , try a little golf, take a cruise, stroll on the beach, dance all night, bicycle, try your luck at the casino, sail, parasail, go on an eco adventure, shop till you drop, take up flying, play tennis or simple relax with a good book and a cool drink. There are obviously so many more things to do but I am sure you will discover all of them during your vacation in the Bahamas.

The residents of the Paradise island in the Bahamas are charming and hospitable. In general, Bahamians are happy people and always warmly welcoming to tell you of their rich history full of tales of pirates and adventurers and of course to introduce you to their culture and delicious cuisine.


What should you expect to see in Paradise Island in the Bahamas

The Paradise island in the Bahamas is full of beautiful gardens and National parks with rare and endangered species, such as the exotic Abaco Parrot and the Bahamian Iguana. This is a diverse and beautiful country. Perfect for the adventure holiday maker, divers, fishermen, sailors, the photographer, the eco tourist, families or the romantic couple looking for a private get away. Paradise island in the Bahamas has everything and is a true paradise.

Do not forget, Paradise island in the Bahamas also comes with a lot of history, from Spanish invaders, to British Colonialists. Oh yes, you guessed it, there are also some honest to goodness pirates! Many movies, like those from the James bond series, and others like “Into the Blue,” starring Jessica Alba, have been filmed here. Famous concerts have also featured stars like Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, and NSYNC.

The Atlantis is one of the most famous resorts and water parks in the world. Coral and Beach Towers at the Trump Plaza are also world renowned. Check out the two hundred million gallon Aquaventure which is a massive park complex that combines rivers, slides, and rapids to turn any vacation into a lifetime memory. Power Tower has 4 waterslides referred to as The Drop, The Surge, The Abyss, and The Falls and they are going to make all your vacations something to remember. With so much to do on your vacations in Paradise Island in the Bahamas, it is no wonder that people return again and again each year.


Beaches in Outskirts of Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas

1. Yamacraw Beach (Eastern New Providence) – The best thing about this beach found in Paradise island in the Bahamas is a collection of some unique quite spots where you can swim and enjoy the ocean by yourself, with a small group and enjoy the nature and scenery. There are a great variety of native plants and Casuarina trees that help to protect the beach and the community. Yamacraw Beach is also one of those beaches that can stretch for miles along the coast giving you more to enjoy.

2. Junkanoo Beach (Western New Providence) – If you’re looking for a beach that has a lot of action then Junkanoo beach is for you. It’s quite popular with the visitors seeing that it’s just a stone throw away from the British Colonial Hotel and the (all- inclusive-vacations) Junkanoo Resort Hotel. There is also a lively bar and grill restaurant called “Fat Tuesdays” located nearby, so if you’re hungry you’re covered. But other than the people and the atmosphere it’s one of the sandiest beaches on the island, which is perfect for those sand castle lovers and those who love to collect sea shells like myself.

3. Sandy Port Beach (Western New Providence) – Another great spot is the beach at Sandy Port. Although close to the highway it still maintains its privacy with its high wall separating the highway from the beach. This beach can also get a little crowded as well seeing that its right across the street from the Sandy Port resort. But with its mountains of soft sand and long coastline makes it an ideal spot for more fun in the sun.

4. Adelaide Beach (Southern New Providence) – Adelaide beach is like a best kept secret that is tucked away in the South West part of the island. Where everything is virtually untouched and it’s just you, natural vegetation (like the mangroves)with loads of shady Casuarinas trees and the sea. This beach is not so sandy and doesn’t have a lot of sea shells like the beaches out in Sandy Port or Junkanoo Beach. No action here most of the time, it’s the perfect place to lounge and watch the sunset.

5. Coral Harbour Beach (Southern New Providence) – Coral Harbour beach is just a few ways down from the Adelaide Beach. Another best kept secret that is tucked away in the South West part of the island and has the same landscape as Adelaide Beach.

6. South Beach – South Beach is the most southern part of the island of New Providence but what’s so unique about this beach is that this is also the shallowest point in the country. The water in the south can be ankle deep for miles on end especially during low tide where you can experience the bottom of the sea or walk for miles and not get wet. We even watched a lady walk her dog out to the sea and back.

7. Jaws Beach (Western New Providence) – Jaws Beach is not only a public beach but is also a protected area where many wild life animals live throughout the wetlands nearby. There are so many things to do in Paradise island in the Bahamas and on Jaws Beach where you can swim and also have the option of walking the boardwalks, tour the wetlands and learn more about the birds and turtles.

8. Cabbage Beach (Paradise Island, Bahamas) – Cabbage Bach is Paradise Island’s most famous beach among locals and guest. Cabbage Beach is known for its location. For locals it’s about being away from busy Nassau and for visitors it’s like a dream vacation coming true. This beach too has a lot of action, bar and grille for guest, sand, vegetation and basically everything else that makes the Bahamas the beauty that it is. We loved the fact that it has a lot of Casuarinas trees on the property that provided more of that sweet ocean breeze and shade during the hot afternoons. And with the bar and resorts nearby one can enjoy there Paradise-Island-vacation.

9. The Nirvana Club @ Love Beach (Western New Providence) – You have to really drive along the coast and really look for this sweet spot. Love Beach at The Nirvana Club is another beach that has a lot of Casuarinas trees that’s perfect for shading and soft sand. This spot is popular for a lot of water sports and simple gaming activities like kayaking or surfing which you can rent from the club house. The waves on this side of the island can be a little stronger and there are also some private villas in the areas so one must be mindful of privacy.

10. Goodman’s Bay Beach – Probably the most popular beach in the Western district of New Providence and with good reason, Goodman’s Bay Beach is more than just a beach. There is a local park and playground for young families to come out and enjoy their community. Because of this, this beach is usually the first to get crowded during the holidays and weekends. It is always active with joggers, swimmers, kids on the play ground and sports enthusiast who love to play on the open grass.


Tips for your vacation to Paradise Island in the Bahamas

I’ve always wanted to go to Paradise island in the Bahamas, but sometimes when I go on a trip I usually forget something I need. Like when I went to Miami, I forgot to bring an extra pair of bikinis. Right now, I learned I have to be prepared wherever I want to go.



What you should bring on a trip to Paradise island in the Bahamas.

  • Basic stuff like your ticket, passport, money, international driver’s license if you have one, addresses and phone book.
  • Toiletries – toothpaste, shampoos and conditioner, soap, deodorant, brush, mosquito repellant, moisturizer, and cosmetics
  • Also don’t forget to bring medicines such as aspirin.
  • For your day pack, bring lip balm, sunscreen, sweatshirt, water bottle, and your ipod.
  • There are a lot of beaches in Bahamas, so always make sure to have a lot of bikinis at hand. You’ll never know when you would need it.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses.
  • Bring your camera with extra batteries. You don’t want to miss out on the great memories or even the beautiful scenery. Since there are a lot of eco-adventures you can do in Bahamas, you would need a lot of pictures for souvenir.
  • There are also casinos in Bahamas, so be prepared to spend money. If you’re into blackjack or roulette like me then bring lots of money.
  • Bring clothes that would suit an event. For example, you and your friends want to have a nice dinner, and then you would need a pair of formal clothes to wear.
  • For Parasailing and boating, you would need to bring extra clothes and rain jacket, soft soled shoes for traction, and a cool sunglass.
  • If you are into fishing, you could bring your fishing rod with you. It is better to use your own.
  • You want to get sweaty, bring a pair of tennis clothes. They have a golf and tennis courts in almost every island.


There are a lot of things you can do when you go to Paradise island in the Bahamas. I bet you wouldn’t even have enough time to visit and do all the things they offer.

Here’s a list of things you can do in Paradise island and Bahamas in general:

  • Island-Hopping – they have The Abacos, Acklins or Crooked Island, Andros, Berry Island, The Biminis, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Exuma, Grand Bahama, Inagua, Ragged Island, Mayaguana, Nassau or Paradise Island, Rum Cay, and San Salvador.
  • They have nice beaches where you can enjoy and relax. It’s a description of a perfect beach – white sand, bluish-green water.
  • Bicycling – the Cat Island offers a lot of cycling terrain.
  • If you want to learn Cricket, then better go to Nassau.
  • Bahamas has a lot of seafood dining restaurants; try Captain Quint’s Seafood and Chowder House Restaurant and Graycliff, the most popular gourmet restaurant in Bahamas.
  • Go to an eco-adventure, there are almost 700 islands that have overwhelming natural attractions. They have marine life and coral reefs that almost passes the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.
  • You can go flying, where you can take great pictures using an aircraft with the lightest single engine. Private plane owners are welcome to use the airstrips of Bahamas.
  • Parasailing, sailing or boating is available here too. Where you can explore more of the islands of Bahamas, and experience the thrill of being a human kite.
  • They also offer snorkeling, windsurfing and sport fishing.

You don’t have the reason to get bored as there are a lot of places and things to do in Paradise island in the Bahamas. Whether you want an active family holiday or a quiet and peaceful get away from it all break you are sure to find it in the Paradise island in the Bahamas. So enjoy your vacation!

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