Roof Top Tent – Even Your Grandma Can Erect it in No Time!

It is not uncommon for many people to think that a roof top tent is a bit of non-traditional and will definitely reduce the everyday camping of sleeping on the hard forest ground. That said, for other outdoor enthusiasts, being on the forest ground means making yourself easily accessible to any passing beast, this is a big concern. For this reason, some people who still love outdoors do see benefit of roof top tents, they are a product of modern times and quite understandably won’t want to regress back to what doesn’t have to be!

Furthermore, roof top tents are typically compact and can be turned easily to a double size bed. Majority of campers who prefer this kind of tent have no appetite for towing camper trailers and roof top tents are a great solution to that, they only require mounting of the tent on top of a vehicle.


Roof Top Tent Benefits

⦁ There numerous pros associated with this kind of tent. First, they pack up out of the way, meaning you get the ability to free out a lot of space in your vehicle that can in turn be used to pack your other camping supplies.

⦁ Additionaly, roof top tent is set off the ground. This remove all concerns about finding a nice and clean

Howling Moon Roof Tent

Howling Moon Roof Tent

campgroud to pitch your tent, saves up a lot of time. In fact many roof campers tend to be people who travel to North Australia and prefer a tent that’s off the ground for safety measures, such as avoiding crocodile attacks.

⦁ Roof Top Tents usually come built in with their own mattress. This design allows you to pack them up with your bedding already inside inside. Choosing this kind tent will save you a lot of time, since once it is set up, everything is done.

⦁ Some roof top tents can be transported on the roof rack of your vehicle in purpose built cases, while others can collapse into a flat pack on the roof and take very little space en route to your campground.

⦁ The roof rack technology makes everything easier for assembling, since a roof top tent can be erected instantly and be up in no time. This simplicity can come very handy if you arrive at your campground and find yourself facing a pouring rain! You can decided setup the tent that lays flat and dormant until needed (looks like a storage compartment on your car during the day, and switch it to a full sized tent when you need shelter!

Tent pegs also play a key role if you go for a roof top tent. These are easy to setup and what they will guarantee you a very stable setup for your tent. Shifting during the night while sleeping, may easily lead to tent damage, don’t be stingy buy tent pegs to avoid this. Additionally, tent pegs will help you avoid having your tent blown away by high wind speeds, especially if you are camping near large water bodies.

⦁ The favorite feature of roof top tent among many campers is the canopy. This will flip down from an extended roof from the back of your vehicle and provide a fully functional self-contained area for dining or for entertaining during bad weather.


Disadvantages of Roof Top Tents

⦁ The minor issue that you need to consider prior purchasing a roof top tent, is the fact you will have climb the ladder up and down in the middle of the night if nature calls. This is not everyone’s cup of tea….plus sometimes setting up these tents can also take a little big longer than some other tent types, depending on many other factors like your car and tent brand.

But, general stats shows that mounting the roof top tent correctly have always reduced the set up time. This means, most people who opt for this tent style will definitely spend less time than counterpart using other tent styles.


Quick Tips for Maximum Use of Your Roof Top Tent

Majority of roof top tent models, it is required to bolt the roof top tent down to the vehicle’s roof or back end. While for truck, you can take advantage of the bed, the surface above the bed (the rim of the bed). For cars you can use the roof, but ensure your car’s roof is strong enough to take the abuse of installing racks on it and can sustain a great deal or weight of all equipements coming along with your roof top tent.

In summary, it does not matter if it is a car, truck, 4wd, or jeep……the most important thing is to make sure they can handle everything that comes with a roof top tent without caving in. Therefore, it is important to make sure your vehicle has the correct environment to set up a roof top tent, since the most diffifcult part of mounting and transporting your tent is to have it on your vehicle roof.

Installing a good side ladder on your 4WD will also go very far in making the whole process of getting access to the tent simpler and faster. This will definitely help you avoid ton of potential stress you may face up when setting and packing up your roof top tent.

Additionally, do not forget to find a durable travel cover as it is crucial to keep dust and water out of your bedding in the tent. All you have to do is ensure you are selecting a model that has a good one.

Another essential tool is a set of cross bars or full rack if you purchased one, these are main requirements to set up your roof top tent. And if possible, install a 4×4 awning to your vehicle to provide shade during the day when you want to rest of have lunch, can also useful at night to make a more complete camp site.

Many roof top tents models also come equipped with an optional awning room at the tent’s base. The awning covers the ladder area and also provides campers a private area for changing without squarting.


What are Popular Roof Top Tent Brands in the Market?

The great thing is roof top tents are available in fabric or as a hard shell. There is also a huge variety of sizes suitable for your needs and the right size of your vehicle. Additionally, they are very easy to research, view, and find information to help you make a better purchasing decision.

That said, here is are some of the highly recommended roof top tents we have prepared for your consideration:

Tepui Tents Ayer

Advantage: Affordable prices
Disadvantage: Do not have enough height once erected, situation that can be very uncomfortable

In most cases, the price tag of a tent speaks volume about the quality, due to the fact the cheaper a product is means the manufacturer reduced certain things to make it affordable. That said, this assumption is not always true particulary with Tepui Tents whose reputation has always been clean. If price tag is a main concern for you, then should definitely gear towards a 2 person Tepui Ayer tent.

You will get all the bells and whistles, 600D rip-stop poly/cotton blend that is also used in their expensive line of products. The Ayer tent is also built to withsand UV fading, mold, and water for all season camping. The outside of the tent is heavy duty PVC. When closed up, it only weighs 95 pounds, but suprisingly it expands to approximately 84 inches in length and 48 inches in width, and height wise roughly 39 inches. For sure it is no a big tent, but a perfct choice for any camping enthusiast looking for a roof top tent but want a lightweight and affordable one.


Arb Simpson III

Advantage: Fabric that allows air flow
Disadvatange: Can be challenging to set it up on the roof of your vehicle

The truth is even if you have roof top tent, it does not guarantee that you will be able to park your car in any place, this means there are some occassions you will face some challenges with setting up your tent. That said, the Simpson III comes with built in features that allows it go left, right, or to the back of your vehicle basing on your preferences. Poly/cotton fabric design, the tent allows air flow and provide good resistance to bad weather, mostly with its Oxford polyester rain fly.

CVT Mt McKinley Rooftop Tent

CVT Mt McKinley Rooftop Tent

Once opened up, the tent stretches approximately 94 inches in length, 55 inches in width, and 51 inches in height. Manufactured by one of the pioneers in overland accessory in Australia, you will definitely reap a lot of benefits basing on the price offered.

One side note, this tent is more suitable for hot weather, due to the fact the cotton in the fabric won’t be heavy enough for autumn/winter trips.


Pak-Meister Basecamp

Advantage: Can be set up by one person
Disadvantage: There is no floor in the Annex room

Unfortunately these challenges do not have extra perks such as a guest house, changing room, or foyer for entertaining. But, the Basecamp is a great solution to extend and expand the utility of your RTT with no impact to comfortability. The tent has a 126″ by 55″ by 51″ upper deck, including a “ground floor” annex room that has dimensions of 108 by 84 inches. Again, the annex room does not have a ground floor, but very useful for adding cots, camp chairs, or creating some area for your pets to enjoy outdoors a bit more.

The tent body and annex room are made with poly-cotton ripstop canvas and covered with a 420D Oxford flysheet to protect it against bad weather conditions. Addionally, its anodized aluminum tent poles gives a camper a frame and a 2.5 inches high density foam mattress for maximum comfort.


CVT Mt. McKinley Rooftop Tent

Advantage: A divider for more privacy
Disadvantage: Weight wise, the tent is on the heavy side

Will you be having a large number of people who wants to sleep together in a tent? The Mt. McKinley roof top tent is the way to go. The tent’s sleeping area is more than what anyone group would need, approximate dimensions are 132 by 87 by 50 inches, interior with double entrances.

Another great option is the divider and and dual mattresses that provide the option of separating adults from kids or another couple. The base has an annex room featured with a removable PVC floor for more storage and/or sleeping space as needed.

Need more perks? You can combine this tent with an awning or secondary annex room change it to a full canvas mansion. Just like the majority of rooftop tents, the canvas is designed with poly/cotton rip-stop and resists UV light, water, and mold. And don’t forget a 1000D waterproof polyester rain fly, which completes the whole list of perks this tent offers.


Treeline Outdoors Tamarack Constellation

Treeline Tamarack Constellation Roof Top Tent

Treeline Tamarack Constellation Roof Top Tent

Advantage: Very durable and light in terms of weight
Disadvantage: When compacted it is not aerodynamic friendly

Are you looking for a long lasting roof top tent? Then you should invest a bit more and purchase the Treeline Outdoors Tamarack Constellation. Built from a honeycombed base of aluminum it is very light and sturdy. The tent has flame-retardant poly-cotton that allows air flow well. It also features skylights and more than enough windows for ventilation and light permeation. To cover the top, the rain fly is Diamond Ripstop polyester that is 420D worth of waterproofing.

When opened up for setting, the tent measures 122 inches in length, 56 in width, and 49 inches in height. Taking into consideration that it only weighs 97 pounds, you will definitely have enough space in your vehicle for your other camping supplies and a few of your camping buddies or family.

Other list of features that come with the tent, the high-density, 2 inches foam mattress which is comfortable enough, but definitely not extraodinarly or super luxurious. Also the tent is designed to resist frost, mildew, mold, UV, and fire. For a similar, albeit smaller (and less expensive) alternative, should think of the Poler Le Tent. This tent is almost identical in terms of features offered but at a portion of the size.


Overall, roof top tents go further than a tool for camping. They can also be used on boat trailers, over ute trays, by motorcross riders, expert survivalists, and tour guides worldwide. Roof top tents are definitely universal product that can simplify your life while your out there in the wild.

When you are ready for a new way to explore the world and nature, should consider roof top tents!

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