Beach Tent – Should You Go For Cabana, Canopy, Baby Tent or Pop Up?

If you are thinking of a family beach outing, then start considering beach tents also. Beach tents just like any other outdoor gear are important source of shade especially in areas that will have a lot of sunshine such as beaches, parks, camping sites and your backyard or patio. If you happen to be one of those families that frequently enjoys going out to vacations, it is not a bad idea to budget for a dependable beach tent as there are lots of benefits that comes with it.

That said, before you get lost with ton of information here is a quick guide on different beach tents available in the market and how to rip their benefits:


Baby Beach Tent

Taking your toddler to the beach is supposed to be a joyful experience for her or him – the sound of ocean waves, other kids playing or swimming, the sand or pebbles feeling – and for this reason, there is a need to make sure this enjoyment is not interrupted unnecessarily. Toddlers and young kids are often in danger from sun burn and heat stroke. Hence it is important to make sure they are well sheltered whenever out in areas that may have harmful rays.

Also, scientific research shows that it only take 10 to 15 minutes for babies to burn their skins, even on a cloudy or overcast day, for this reason ensure have a high factor sun screen applied to your toddlers before you head to the

Beach Baby Tent

Beach Baby Tent

beach. Give it least 20 minutes after the application for the suncream to work properly.

As soon as you get to the beach, first thing should be to set up your baby tent to provide shade for your toddler. You additionally need to monitor the heat inside the tent, but if you are concerned about a weird look of your tent having ventilation flaps or mesh windows that can be easily opened to let the air flow through.


Features to consider having on your baby tent before you purchase one:


  1. strong UV protection of, e.g. SPF 50
  2. side pockets
  3. user friendly storage case
  4. easy wipe surfaces
  5. ground stakes

Also, find out from the store regarding how easy it is to put and take down your baby tent, do not forget to ask about its’ weight. You don’t want finding yourself at the beach with your toddler faced with a complex tent to set up.

Some baby tents can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you can purchase a baby tent that can also be turned into a travel bed and. While, for older children there are options that come with a play tunnel. Numerous of these have movable floors which lets kids play directly on the sand if you feel to do so.


Beach Cabana

One of the best and fun beach equipment to go together with your beach chair is a cabana. It is not uncommon to see beach cabanas in many beaches today. They have recently grown their popularity, and they come in a lot of varieties.

That said, what is a cabana anyway? A beach cabana is a type of beach tent that resembles a cabin and has one of its sides open. The opened side usually is supposed to be positioned facing the beach. Please note, Cabana can also be used on a pool side. They are great beach tents that easily allow changing of clothes and offers more than enough privacy. These tents are also available in variety of designs that depends on the arching type and the overhead sun shade.

When compared to beach umbrellas, beach cabanas offer more protection from ultra violet rays of the sun and more privacy. They are also not hard to put together and some of these cabanas come with built in a pop up facility that can be set up for only one second. Their structure typically is designed from heavy duty and resistance poles that are rustproof. But, they are still lightweight and easily portable. Overall, they are durable and in order to strengthen further and ensure stable anchors, like sand bags and stakes are usually used.

Now, even though beach cabana sounds very tough, but just like any other product you are still required to take proper care of it to prolong its life. Rinse the fabric periodically and clean the poles properly to ensure every bit of sand is removed after every single use. Once you get used to cleaning your cabana every time you use it, the whole cleaning process will feel like a simple task. The reason why you have to clean out the sand is you do not want it to accumulate in certain joint segments after multiple uses. It will become quite challenging job to remove it.

Also please note, there are some portable beach cabanas in the market that offer an UPF of 100 plus. We all aware that ultra violet rays are very harmful for our skin and may even cause cancer due to excessive exposure to sunlight. For this reason, the Skin Cancer Foundation advises that beach tents should have at least 50 UPF. This means you need to be very specific with the beach cabana you are going to buy and ensure it provides the best UV protection possible. Do not forget, the cost of beach cabanas not only differ basing on style but also basing on the amount of UPF protection provided.

Other features to be aware of are mesh panels that ample ventilation and zippered door-like covers which provide a lot of privacy.


Beach Canopy Tent

This type of beach tents represents one great alternative to create some shade for you while enjoying yourself at the beach. Canopy tent offers more shade than beach umbrellas, and with today’s technology, they have become very simple to set them up. You or the whole crew of people you will be going with to the beach will be the center attraction when you decided to stay away from the hottest sun of the day in a shady, ventilated beach canopy.


If you are considering purchasing one, here is quick guide to help you find the right canopy tent:


The number one thing is to think about the size of your beach canopy tent. Canopy sizes can differ dramatically, whereby the small sized one will only fit a single or two adults inside comfortably, meanwhile large canopy tent may be able to accommodate an entire beach party inside for a picnic lunch. The smaller the canopy tent size the lighter its weight and usually the easier to put together, but please be aware the larger the canopy tent the more shade protection you will get. It is recommended that you use a tape measure to better decide the right tent dimensions you are looking for, even though what is available in store may vary a bit from your ideal size.

If you want to simplify things in making beach canopy decision, just try to find out the number of people you are planning to accommodate at one time in your canopy tent. For a family made up of four members, a smaller sized canopy tent is definitely the right fit, as it may take at least more than two grownups to comfortably erect some of the large sized canopy tents available in the market.  But for a large crowd of people and for maximum enjoyment, a larger tent will make sense as it will allow more people to get out of the sun whenever needed. The only disadvantage for a large size is the easiness of assembling and of course prices tend to be a bit higher.

Talking about prices, the second thing you need to consider is budget for your canopy tent. Just like their dramatic variation of their sizes, beach canopy tents are also all over when it comes to prices. For this reason, it is not necessary to pay large sums to your ideal tent with the right quality. If you want a canopy tent that is easy to put together, you should look into investing a bit more for a pop up beach tent canopy, a topic discussed in our next section.

Once you have gone through your entire decision making, then you should start searching for your perfect beach canopy tent. User reviews are a great place to start with in order to find beach canopies that offer the highest quality, most durability, and best extra features. While doing so, pay attention to these canopy tent features; excellent ventilation, UV protective materials, included sand pockets and tent stakes, and interior or exterior pockets where you can stash your stuff up off the ground during the day without having constant worries about it getting buried and lost in the sand.


Beach Pop up Tent

There has recently been a huge trend that shows campers, beach goers, and other outdoors enthusiasts to be

Pop Up Beach Cabana

Pop Up Beach Cabana

shifting towards pop up tents more than traditional ones. These tents are easy to setup at any campground or beach, and easy to take them apart when you are ready to head back home. In simple words, pop up tents do need a lot of complex assembly steps, typically what is needed is just to erect them and set some few poles. The tent as per its name pops up and creates instant shelter, for your maximum outdoors enjoyment.

Pop up tents are manufactured from lightweight material with lightweight poles. Because they are very light and portable you may easily mistake them as being flimsy. But to your surprise, you will find out that pop up tents are very durable and have longer life cycle to last many camping seasons.


When it comes to style, pop up tents have several options available:

  • Frame tents come with large interiors and room to accommodate many campers. These tents are well known to be used by families because of their large interior space which is always more than enough for families.
  • Ridge tents represent another great option in pop up tents family. They are stable and easy to both erect and take down, and their shape allows for plenty of interior space. Even multi-room tents can be turned into a pop up shape.
  • A trailer form is another pop up tent style available. A pop up tent trailer can be pulled by most vehicles, even small cars, and pops up into a full-size tent once you get to your campsite. This type of pop up tent is typically bigger in terms of size than portable pop up tents. The trailer form pop tent sometimes comes with the luxuries such as ones you experience at home such as separate rooms and cooking facilities.


Diving further to the usage and benefits of pop up tents……campers are not the only demographic of people who use pop up tents. Beach goers and their families, vendors at outdoor festivals and events also take advantage of pop up canopies and their enclosures to cover goods from dust and other things that may be blown around by air (especially at the beach, where you may have sea breeze). It is no surprise that vendors use pop up tents, because they do need almost no effort to erect them. When you are a vendor, time is money, few minutes of delays to your customers in a long run is a huge impact on finances.

Generally, taking a pop up tent to the beach is a way to guarantee no stress and attain maximum enjoyment. You can get your shade ready to go in lightning speed and then slow down to enjoy the beautiful beach.


In conclusion, by now it should be clear to you that beach tents are definitely items to consider since they provide additional excitement when you pick the right one suitable for you and your family. It is definitely worthy spending some time before you go shopping, to think about the different options described in this article and everything will be straightforward, make your buy and start preparing yourself for a wonderful relaxation on the beach!

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