Kids Sleeping Bags – Make Sure Your Young Ones are Always Warm and Comfortable!

If you are a camping enthusiast, there is a high probability you have bought numerous camping gear to suite your camping activities over the years. What things are usually a priority in your buying behavior? Turns out there are numerous answers to this depending on who you ask. Then, when it comes to purchasing kids sleeping bags……the whole activity can be such a challenging experience, since there is a wide variety to pick from.

The first thing before looking at any of the kids sleeping bags is to understand why you need one in a first place. Sounds like a stupid question? Nope, and here is why:

You will have to research on the different kids sleeping bags themes available in the market and which one will be suitable for your child. Through this process, you will notice that slumber bags have most of the theme options ranging from every possible films, animated programme, to TV shows. Relevant examples are Disney Princesses and SpongeBob Squarepants that are very popular animation characters and styles for kids sleeping bags. No matter what interest your kid is in, there will always be the right sleeping bag for kids that can be a match for your kid(s).

Another recommendation to weigh a bit more in your research of kids sleeping bags is whether the sleeping or slumber bag will be used inside a house or for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. This will play a huge role in terms of the type of sleeping bag you should be selecting.

That said, if the slumber bag is for home usage for when your child is having sleepovers or has been invited to a

Slumber Bags

Slumber Bags

slumber party at a friends or neighbors, you should then be choosing something that is a bit close to a comforter. There will be not much need to put a lot of effort in purchasing something that is waterproof as it will be used indoors.

On the other end, if the sleeping bag is going to be used for outdoor activities such as camping or to take to Summer Camp, then it highly recommended to find the right bag that is not only waterproof but is also incredibly durable.

In kids’ point of view, sleepovers (apart from traditional camping) are popular children activities. For this reason, it is normal for most kids to bring their own sleeping gear and this makes sleeping bags for kids a great solution. These bags always makes sleepovers / slumber parties more fun as kids love to compare each other’s bag…..and guaranteed, your kid will be the proudest to have a great bag!

Generally speaking, there numerous and popular kids sleeping bags brands that are known for being durable, and this article will give you some few hands on tips around that.


Other Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Kids Sleeping Bags:



Kids sleeping bags made by highly reputable manufactures such as Coleman, Eureka, Slumberjack, and Black Pine Sports are more focused towards older children. For this reason, if you are looking for kids sleeping bags for toddlers or very young kids (far from teenagehood), expect to have some challenges in finding the right sleeping bag size that will keep your child intact.

In circumstances such as this, it is recommended to do some research on companies that are focused in manufacturing kids sleeping bags. Such companies are Bazoongi Kids and Marsupium, these two companies are very popular in the toddler and kids sleeping bags market due to their well known product “slumber bags.”

That said, not everyone has the budget to buy kids sleeping bags as they grow, if you want to save money by buying something your kid will grow into, with more space and covering for extreme low temperatures, then it will be wise to just go for standard kids sleeping bags. Talking about weather, let’s move to our next factor “Temperature” that is a sin to forget.


Temperature Rating

Slumber bag should be on a priority list if your intention is to buy kids sleeping bags for warm weather. The name speaks for itself, this design of kids sleepings are geared towards slumber parties due to their lightness and major focus on comfortability and design instead of providing warmth. For this reason, no temperature ratings are provided since the sleeping bags are manufactured for warm weather usage only. A standard sleeping bag for kids, with a high temperature rating (+45 degrees or higher), may also work in these conditions. That said, standard sleeping bags usually miss the design appeal that kids prefer to have in a slumber party.

On the flip side of the coin, if you are searching for kids sleeping bags that are suitable for use throught the whole year, then a standard sleeping bag for kids, with a +40 degrees or lower will be the perfect choice. But please not, there is a con to this: when you happen to use this bag in warm seasons, it may get to warm for comfort. Apart from this, traditional kids sleeping bags are always the popular choice for many, since camping is always outdoors and warmth is very important.



Also, do not forget young and tiny babies (especially girls) usually prefer sleepings that are colorful over plain boring solid colours or stripes. This brings us to slumber bags which provide both comfort and appeal to young kids. For example, Bazoongi Kids, Cricketzz, Hoohobbers, and Wildkin slumber bags sell a variety of fun designs like Butterflies, Fairies, Astronauts, and Zebras.

Marsupium bags has taken it a bit further with different shapes of bags such as a Baseball Glove, Teddy Bear, Football, and Space Shuttle. Popular known for their “zipperless kids sleeping bags,” Marsupium offers an extended touch by giving parents an option to brand their child’s name on the bag. Even though not all of their kids sleeping bags can be personalized, most of them you can have your kid’s name.

When it comes to sports and kids…….sports logos are great for the little sports fans. The two companies, Sports Coverage and SC Sports do manufacture slumber bags branded with logos from collegiate and professional sports teams. No need to explain a lot, there is a wide variety of choices in terms of “cool” and trendy designs available for slumber bags.

Another brand, the North Face Tigger kids sleeping bags are perfect for cold temperatures as low as 20 degrees, they come with great synthetic fill. This is one of the most popular  bags for children as there are no cords to adjust the hood or chest segments. No cords mean that there is absolutely no way for a child to get tangled up in sleep.

Additionally, there are kids sleeping bags made by a company called Chinook which are a fabulous and popular choice. The bags’ designs incorporate insulation, ergonomic, head gasket and foot box, draft tubes, neck collar and a hood with a built-in pillow. The cloth’s outside is made of nylon taffeta with cotton lining ensuring your kids sufficient warmth even on a shivery night.

As you can see so far, color trumps design when it comes to tradition kids sleeping bags. Well known brands like Gigatent, Eureka, and Slumberjack sell sleeping bags that are colorful and appealing (but with some design…not a lot), but they do not have the “cool” factor like the designs on slumber bags.

Other ways to look at kids sleeping bags designs available will be by categorizing them in the following two categories:

  • Mummy kids sleeping bags – These sleeping bags got their name due to their appearance and design that
    Rectangular Sleeping Bags

    Rectangular Sleeping Bags

    looks like the shape of the Egyptian mummy. The mummy sleeping bag is usually narrower on the foot, but wider on the head side. This design creates a “wraparound” sensation to the kids and insulated warmth more effectively. That said, the obvious disadvantage of this the lack of wiggle room inside for moving around and this is not comfortable to everyone. Therefore, if you opt for a mummy sleeping bag for kids, particularly for younger kids will be a good idea to have rehearse getting in and out of it in a hurry. Why? if your kids are prone to go to the bathroom at night regularly… me, the practice will come handy. It’s easy to get caught out if you’re not used to the process of opening the top of the bag.

  • Rectangular sleeping bags – these bags are called rectangular for the same reasons as mummy bags – their shape and size. The features of a regular rectangular sleeping bag are pretty much the vice versa of the mummy sleep bags: it provides extra space inside something that other kids prefers better, at the expense of lesser capability to insulate warmth inside it. In case you are not informed, rectangular bags are a normally bigger and heavier than mummy bags… not forget this factor since the purchase will be about your kid(s).



Kids sleeping bag do not only come in a variety of unique designs but also are manufactured using different types fabric. You can select a suitable fabric design that is a match to you child’s personality. Since children bodies differs a lot, kids sleeping bags are usually offered in several types of interior fabric and can be upgraded interiorly. In an upgrade version, there is an option to pick between the flannel and cozy plush.



In the perspective of safety, if you have bought kids sleeping bags for very young kids, you can remove most of your concerns by removing the neck drawcord and tying a strap on the sleeping bag’s bottom for length’s control. This change will definitely help avoiding accidental strangulation or asphyxiation of a child, if he/she happens to slip down inside the bag. But once the kids get older, this will be less risky and you can remove the strap and put the drawcord back in whenever you feel like doing so.

Other things to look at outside designs and safety will be the user-friendliness of the bags’ designs such as the location and opening of the zippers, the weight and size after compression and storage, and so on.


In conclusion, you should know by now, finding numerous kids sleeping bags options at a store is not going to happen. As an alternative, it is highly recommended to use online shopping as it is a place where you can get a large variety of patterns, sizes, and designs. Additionally, there are a lot of online stores that offer free shipping……a better shot to find the right sleeping bag for kids.

You are also well aware, there will be many occasions when your children won’t be sleeping in their own traditional beds. This can be when you are away on holidays at a hotel, camping trip or a visit at your grandparent’s house. Kids sleeping bags will definitely help a child feel comfortable in a new surrounding and be lots of fun. With all the available options in the market, there is something perfect for all ages!

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