Motorhome Holidays – There Is Nothing Like Taking To The Open Road To Get Away From All The Stresses Of Everyday Life!

Motorhome holidays are among the best holidays that you can have. If you are looking for fun, adventure, and the chance to see and do more than ever before, you need to hire a campervan and hit the open road. So many people choose this style of holiday, and for many different reasons. If you are thinking about motorhome hire but you’re not sure whether it is right for you, there is nothing like taking to the open road to get away from all the stresses of everyday life.

We all like to have a break now and then and one of the best ways to do so is to hire a motorhome. By opting for motorhome hire, you have the freedom to move about as you please and go wherever you fancy. So lets have a look at some of the advantages to taking a break with a motorhome.

  • Whilst many people still fancy a package holiday abroad, more and more people are discovering the joys of motorhomes. These comfortable homes on wheels come in many shapes and sizes with a range of great facilities. It really is like you are taking the kitchen sink with you when you go away! Not only will you have all these facilities handy for when you reach your destination, but you will have them on the journey there too.
  • Modern vehicles of this type come fully equipped for the journey you need, whether you are just heading off for a long weekend or for a couple of weeks. Motorhomes are suitable for all types of holidaymakers from singles to couples to larger families. If you are going away for a few weeks you might want to think about permanent beds in a larger vehicle rather than converting the dining table into your bed every night.
  • Generally a motorhome can cater for up to six or seven people with plenty of space for moving about within the unit. Gone are the days when you all have to squeeze into a small space and feel very cramped!
  • Many now come with integrated electrical appliances and even fancy entertainment systems. DVD players and LCD TVs with Freeview or HD Freesat TV are the norm these days.
  • It is likely that some people will find having to drive one of these behemoths is a daunting prospect. The truth is that driving one of these vehicles is no different to driving an ordinary car. The only thing you really need to be on your guard for is the extra height when passing under bridges or going into tunnels. You may have to think ahead a little about where you are going to park too. For example many supermarket car parks now have height restrictions.
  • A motorhome holiday allows you to come and go as you please. You can choose where you go, when you go there, and find places to stay along the way. You will get to see and do more than you would if you chose to stay in a traditional hotel or resort accommodation.
  • Motorhomes offer adventure and a chance to see the real a country, the way that it is meant to be seen. Unlike the larger cities around the world that are coveted for their attractions, construction, and different amenities, there are many smaller countries where it is all about the land and the beauty of nature. What better way to appreciate that than in a campervan travelling throughout the countryside?
  • When you hire a motorhome, you will be able to see more areas of the country because you don’t have a hotel to return to every night. Holidays are limited in time and with a motorhome hire, you can do and see more because you can stay at places along the way. Holiday parks are plentiful and offer great accommodations for campervans, which makes seeing the great outdoors easier than ever.
  • You get freedom and independence on your holiday. If you’re someone who isn’t interested in strict itineraries and schedules, you will have no difficulty finding the best things to appreciate about motorhome holidays. You can go when you want, where you want, and for as long as you want.
  • You will save a lot of money. Motorhome hire is very affordable and so are holiday park accommodations. You can either stay longer or spend less on your holiday because of the money that you will save by hiring a campervan for your trip.


Hiring Motorhomes And Associated Costs

As an addition to the many advantages of motorhome holidays, finding hire companies is very simple nowadays with the advent of the internet. Remember to do your research and do not take the first quote that you are given. It is also worth noting whether the company offers the choice to have a second driver named on the insurance as a precautionary measure for when you are on your travels.

That said here are costs to watch out for when hiring a motorhome:

ou can expect a motorhome holiday to be much less expensive compared to staying at a hotel or a resort. However, this does not mean that you can afford to be careless when it comes to planning the budget for motorhome hire. You have to provide for all costs which you can incur. Take a closer look at ones which hirers often miss to pay attention to.


Hire Rates for Extras

Most modern motorhomes for rent are equipped with everything which you require for comfortable living from bedding and linen to kitchen utensils and appliances. These items are typically included in the rental rate. However, there are some items like child seats, GPS navigation equipment and outdoor table and chairs which not all holiday makers would like to use. That is why they are offered as extras. You have to check what extras you will require and how much they cost to rent. You must find out whether the rental rate is charged per day or per trip.


Insurance Costs

Sometimes, vehicle insurance is offered separately to motorhome hirers. If this is the case, you will have to check the size of the premium and the size of the excess fee as well. Keep in mind that the excess fee is paid only in case of a claim. If it is higher, the premium will be lower, but you have to ensure that you will afford to pay it in case an accident occurs.


Road Charges

Typically, these charges are included in the motorhome rental rate. However, in some countries, the charges are on a pay as you go basis. Such charges may apply only to certain roads. Given all this, you have to check specifically what road charges you will pay and how if you plan a trip in another country.


Relocation Fees

Most rental deals are for return trips. You will have to drop off the vehicle at the place which you got it from in the beginning. If you want to drop it off at a depot of the rental company which is in a different location, you may have to pay a relocation fee.


Cancellation Fees

Virtually all rental companies charge cancellation fees. They are usually in the form of a percentage of the daily rental rate. The later the cancellation is the higher this percentage is. You can buy travel insurance which will cover the cancellation cost in most cases.

When you have a clear idea about all motorhome hire costs, you will be able to relax and have fun.


Motorhome Holidays Essentials

A washing line – If you are lucky, there will be sunshine most days while you are on holiday, so washing your clothes is no problem. Remember to take a line to hang your stuff on – trees and bushes are not always so practical!

Reading Material – A lot of campsites have a pretty good ‘self recycling’ library – but if you are traveling abroad a lot of the books and magazines that get left behind are in a foreign language so it’s best to take some good reading material of your own.

Camera USB leads – Download your pictures as you go. While away some holiday time relaxing and editing.

Phone Charger – You could pack the one to charge the phone from the 12V cigarette lighter socket, but it would probably make more sense to have one that runs from the mains so it can be used in the van or at the campsite.

Travel Insurance – People still forget this vital holiday must have! You don’t want to go traveling without any insurance, especially abroad.

Motorhome Insurance – Check that your insurance policy is all up to date and covers exactly what you need. Ensure you have informed your insurance company of any changes to your circumstances.

Insect Repellent – Park near to water and you could be in trouble. Avoid the bugs by taking a good body and clothes spray and a good plug in.

Lockable safe – Keep your personal items secure. A lockable safe hidden somewhere within the motorhome is your best bet, especially if it is secured to the motorhome itself.


Tips For Motorhome Holidays First Timers

If you are a first timer in using a motorhome to go on a holiday, here are a few tips that may be useful for you in this new road adventure:

o Find out more information on how to optimize your motorhome. You can do this by searching online for websites and blogs about motorhomes. First hand information from those who have been doing this for a long time is so helpful. You can also ask help from the company you bought the vehicle.

o Familiarize yourself with the components of a motorhome. It is important that you are aware of the external fittings of it. Know where the waste lines and water lines are. Check to see if there are any leaks. Also, ask if the vendors can demonstrate on how to place such external hoses to its necessary fittings. Make sure the written material on how to operate such equipment is placed in a suitable area easy for you to hold and review.

o Plan your trip. You can do this by finding suitable places to visit. Some countries in Europe may have narrow roads and it may be tight for someone driving. There are also nice places to visit that have suitable motorhome parks. Look for popular place for motorhome enthusiasts.

o Make sure that the park has acceptable amenities for you. Going back to the same area isn’t adventursome, but you know which parks have what you need. You can easily call beforehand to see if the park has electricity or other amenities that you want. Why stay somewhere that doesn’t?

o Drive carefully. The motorhome is more of a bus than a car. In fact it’s a bus that carries a home. Driving safely insures that this home is well kept and maintained.

o Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. One of the main attractions of motorhome parks is their customer service. Run like a family business, these companies take a long term stance on providing service beyond expectation. It is this dedication to service that increases the intrinsic value of the place. Good motor home parks have this steady and loyal clientele.


How Can You Maximize Your Motorhome Holidays?

If you’re planning on trying this adventure lifestyle in the next couple of days, here are some expert tips to increase the fun quotient and positivity of your Motorhome experience.

1. Leave all your worries behind.

Many people sometimes forget the real essence of traveling or having a vacation. They still have their mobile phones, laptop, or any gadget that can remind them of the hurly burly of the city. To turn your camping experience into an adventure, the first step is to leave all your “stressors” and worries behind.

2. Take your music with you.

The Motorhome experience is a different type of traveling or trip. When people travel, they usually focus on their destination. But when you travel on a motorhome, you focus on the trip. So as much as possible, the trip should be light and fun. To achieve that, you need to have the perfect music to complete your RV experience. You can bring a guitar, a stereo, or an iPod.

3. Stop over at interesting places.

One of the best things about traveling in a motorhome is that you get to control the whole trip. So take advantage of this by stopping over in places you’ve never seen before, or in spots that offer interesting things to do. For instance, if you’re a city dweller, you don’t get to see a brook with crystal clear water. So when you see one during your tip, why not set up a camp and spend the night there?

4. Take lots of pictures.

Pictures are always a great reminder of the good memories you shared with your family. Take a lot of them in different places, with you doing a variety of interesting things. Take pictures of farm animals, of nature, and of everything that reminds you how beautiful life is.

5. Do things you never did before.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Do all those things you were deprived of as a kid. Take a dip in the pond or a cool splash in the river. Conquer all those fears by participating in daredevil activities such as bungee jumping and rock climbing.


To sum it all, driving a motorhome on holiday is an experience everyone should try. Driving at a leisurely place, one can get to truly appreciate instances while traveling. The journey of this type of travel is the interesting bit of experience one must go through in life.

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