A Better Option Than Backpacking Is Campervan Rental!

If you are planning a long holiday that covers a lot of distance you might be considering backpacking. People tend to think of this as an idyllic way to travel but the reality can be quite different. A much better option is campervan rental.

One reason people like the idea of staying in tents is the sense of freedom it gives. But when you think about it you will have to stay at a camp site somewhere. In tents you need to be somewhere that is protected and out of the way. With a van a camp site would be the preferred option but if you get stuck you can sleep pretty much anywhere.

And when people are camping they will probably be travelling by bus. Buses have a set route that cannot be changed. When you hire a campervan you have the freedom to go in any direction you want. You are in control and there is no schedule to keep. You can wake any time you want and then be on your way.

Sleeping in a tent is fine for a day or two. But if you are planning a trip for a month or more this will quickly become irritating. The lack of space when sharing a tent can easily lead to arguments. In a campervan rental you will have more than enough space and best of all a comfortable bed.

Do not be fooled into thinking that backpacking is a cheap way to travel. Depending on where you want to go, several buses may be required every day. These tickets can quickly add up. A campervan rental will probably only cost as much as these if not less.

Also, it doesn’t matter how long you plan to stay in a particular country or destination, because you can hire a campervan rental for a few days, a week, or longer. You will find a variety of services to choose from in your quest for RV and campervan hire, and choosing the best one is simply a matter of taking the time to figure out exactly what you need and want in a rental like this. You can choose from a variety of sizes of campervans that can accommodate from 2 to 8 people or more, depending on how many you will be travelling with.

In some cases, you will be able to hire a campervan rental that comes with amenities and features such as: accommodation arrangements, unlimited kilometres, and other benefits that you might find. Every campervan rental is different, and you need to find the one that works best for you. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for because there is something for just about everyone with a camper van rental. Take the time to see what your options are and find what works for you.

When you rent a campervan rental, you won’t have to worry about accommodation or finding places to stay either. There are holiday parks located throughout most countries that accommodate RV parking and lodging so that you can spend the night, relax, and then get back out on the road the next day. Many scenic destinations around the world are popular for campervan hire and RV tours, they make it really easy for anyone to enjoy a great holiday in a country when they choose to hire a campervan. Keep in mind that you will have to determine what you need based on your budget as well. That shouldn’t be too difficult, though, because most campervan rentals and RV accommodations offer quite affordable rates. Plus, you always have to option to compare the offerings of a few companies before committing to a deal.


Major Campervan Rental Mistakes To Avoid

You want to enjoy a holiday during which you can go wherever you want and stay at different places for as long as you want. This is perfectly possible with campervan rental. This option is gaining popularity due to the complete freedom which it offers. In order to ensure that everything will go perfectly, you need to be well organised and to avoid some commonly made mistakes which may ruin your experience. Find out what these are and how to stay away from them.


Missing to Check What Is Included and What Is Not

With campervan rental, you can have the most perfect camping holiday. You will explore the great outdoors and visit many natural attractions while enjoying excellent living conditions and modern amenities. The big question is how to choose the right recreational vehicle. Here is some important advice to help you with this.


Size is always important.

On one hand, you want more space inside the motorhome for sleeping, cooking, dining and recreation. On the other, a bigger campervan is somewhat more challenging to drive and certainly harder to park. In this situation, you should make a choice based on the number of people in your travel party, on your experience as a driver and on the places which you plan to visit. Driving a recreational vehicle does not differ from driving a car, but if you are not very confident, you can go for a smaller one. Similarly, if you plan to visit major cities as well as natural attractions, you should consider smaller size.


Look into the layout as well as the capacity.

The layout will determine how comfortable the rental campervan will be. You should pay attention to the sizes of the beds, their accessibility and the room above them. Some sleeping areas can be quite constricted. Check if the bed is foldable or not. Take a closer look at the dining table and check how many people can sit around it.


Pay special attention to the water supply, toilet and shower facilities.

It is best if you can get hot water as well as cold water supply inside the motorhome. Similarly, you should consider a recreational vehicle with built-in shower and toilet facilities, especially if you do not expect the weather to be hot and sunny. The portable camping toilets are more basic and not that convenient to use. With a portable solar shower, you may have to wait quite a while to get warm water. Besides, you will have to shower outside.


Check how well equipped the vehicle is.

The kitchen has at least two burners connected to a full gas bottle and a sink. A microwave or a traditional oven is an extremely valuable amenity to have. Cooking utensils, tableware, a coffee maker and a kettle should be provided. The same applies to bedding, linen and clothes hangers. Indoor toilet and shower are highly recommended.

Finally, you must find out exactly what is included in the price. Typically, the campervan rental price includes taxes and fees, insurance and road assistance, but you have to check specifically.


Forgetting to Consider Travel and Parking Restrictions

You have to check whether the campervan rental company has roads which are off limit for its vehicles. Additionally, you need to ensure that the size of the vehicle will enable you to ravel on all roads to the places which you plan to visit and park there comfortably. If not, you can consider taking bikes along. They will enable you to get to all hiking trails, beaches and secluded lake and river shores without having to take your campervan rental along.


Not Planning for All Expenses

It can be challenging to prepare a budget especially if this is your first camping trip. That is why you should sit down and calculate all costs carefully. You should definitely consider the daily fuel expenses given your route. You have to take into account any parking costs and additional travel costs such as those for ferry tickets.


Check what is included in the price.

You have to know exactly what you will pay for when you go for campervan rental. You should expect kitchen equipment, bedding and linen to be included in the price. You would also want to get a full gas bottle before you leave the depot. You will also benefit from access to a road emergency service as well. This is especially important if you are travelling in a foreign country.

Often, companies include items such as airport transfers and insurance. It is up to you to decide whether it will be cheaper to include them in the package or to pay for them separately. Your best bet is to compare independent transfer rates and policies available from insurance companies.


Calculate the additional expenses.

There are various kinds of expenses which you will incur in addition to the price for campervan rental. You should definitely try to estimate the daily fuel consumption to calculate how much you will have to spend on fuel. Generally, it is best if you rent a fuel-efficient vehicle to enjoy maximum savings. You have to check for any road taxes which you have to pay as you go. In some countries, these can be considerable.


Pay great attention to the facilities.

You would want to feel perfectly comfortable inside your motorhome. For this, you have to ensure that all berths are easily accessible. Pay attention to the kitchen facilities as well. You will need a sink, oven and fridge. You will certainly benefit from a kettle, coffeemaker and toaster as well. Check specifically the toilet and shower facilities. Some recreational vehicles come with portable camping toilet and solar bag shower while others have a fully equipped toilet and bathroom inside. You should consider where and how frequently you will stop to make the right decision.


Get insured.

You should definitely get covered with insurance as it can save you a lot of hassle and money. You have three main options. You can buy a policy from the rental company, get general travel insurance which covers the motorhome or obtain a special policy from an insurance company. Compare the different options and pick the most affordable and beneficial one.

Finally, you should not start off your campervan holiday without an itinerary. Advance planning will help you to ensure that you will do and see everything which you want. If you plan to travel during the busy holiday season, you should book stays at holiday parks as well.


Campervan Rental Frequently Asked Questions

A person considering a campervan rental for the first time is likely to have a number of questions. This section will look at some of those questions and try to answer as many as possible.

The first question is what is it like to drive a campervan rental? Can anybody do it? Yes, anyone with normal driving experience should be able to do it. Most campervan rentals that you would rent don’t require any special or additional licenses. Be aware, though, that most rental companies require the driver to be at least 25 years old, though some will allow younger renters for an increased rental fee.

However, driving a campervan rental is much more like driving a truck than a car. If you’re only used to tooling around in a Camry or Accord, then driving a bigger vehicle like this may come as a bit of a surprise. But it should be something any driver of a normal car should be able to get comfortable with very quickly.

Where do you park the campervan rental when its time to stop for the day? Most people with choose a campground or RV park to spend the night. It is possible in some more remote areas where allowed by law to just pick a spot and camp out for the night. But in most cases, you wouldn’t be allowed to just park on the street and setup camp so to speak. You should become familiar with local laws in the places you plan to visit before leaving.

What about electricity? The campervan rental will usually have its own independent source of electricity to run the heavier appliances and air conditioner. This power is usually provided by a small generator on board. You don’t have to keep the engine running to sustain electrical power like you would in a car. The battery will power lower consumption devices, and the generator will handle the big ticket items, electrically speaking.

Where do we get water (and where do we empty the old yucky stuff)? An RV park or campground will have services areas where you can fill the vehicle’s reservoir, which is your on board source of water for cooking, cleaning, showering and toilets. They will also provide a dumping facility, where you can connect the drain hose provided with each rental vehicle to the waste outlet and dump it into a sanitary holding tank. Some highway rest stops also provide similar facilities for campervan rental traveling along their way.

What kind of gas mileage do campervan rentals get? Typical gas mileage runs from 6 to 14 miles per gallon. This is lower than most passenger cars or SUVs, so this should be taken into account when putting together the budget for you trip.

As you get ready to rent, you’re likely to have lots of additional questions. The facility from which you rent your campervan rental can help with these and any other questions you may have.


To sum it all, to truly enjoy your once in a lifetime holiday it is better to travel by a campervan rental. You will have complete freedom over where you go and when you do it. All this and with the comforts of home too.

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