Going On A Camping Trip? Bring One Of Those Quiet Power Generators!

Ever wish you had brought that music player or laptop computer on your camping trip? If you are like me who has become hooked on technology and is finding it hard to unhook, then it does not mean you can no longer go outdoor tripping to commune with nature and the environment. Camping and hiking trips is not a thing of the past for technology freaks because you can bring technology with your with the help of a wonderful invention that enables us to bring electricity, the basis of a lot of man’s technological prowess, with us anywhere we go!

Of course we talking about power generators, particularly the small and portable ones that are coming out these days which are taking the outdoor enthusiasts by storm! Small and portable generators are becoming an essential campers gear because of their ultra-lightweight and lean builds. They are a must in every road tripping activity and should be part of your picnic and tailgating kits.

You can bring some of your home’s comfort whenever you go on a camping trip with the help of power generators. Bring that portable television or that notebook computer to keep in touch or to be able to work even when enjoying the great outdoors. They are also great at powering portable lighting systems so you do not have to keep lighting up camp fires that may be hazardous to the environment.

If you relate generators to noisy and disruptive equipments, then you are hugely misled. There is a class of generators that can be considered to “silent” by generator standards, as ingenuity and technological improvements have allowed manufacturers to come up with models that limit noise levels to very low levels that users would probably no longer notice that they are there. The most silent ones are have broken through the 50 decibel levels down to a purring 30 decibel noise level. These are great if you wish to enjoy  the quiet outdoors and not disrupt it with the noise of your generator equipment.

Engine designs have also improved significantly in the direction of environmental consciousness because of advancement in fuel efficiency. Modern portable generators are capable of using smaller amounts of fuel without necessarily reducing power output. Fuels are burned more efficiently by new engine technologies which means less green house gas emissions that have been shown to be environmentally harmful.


Kinds of Camping Generators include the following:


Standard Camping Generators

The kind of camping generator weighs slightly more than 120lbs, making them solid enough to be carried on camping sites. They’re created of copper coils that generate enough electric energy to power stoves and some other camping equipment. They emit raw electric energy by maintaining a steady 3600 RPM. Because of their RPM and size, they’re noisy and consume lots of fuel. They aren’t intended to power computers and some other advanced gadgets.


Inverter Camping Generators

This kind of camping generator is more solid than standard camping power generators.

They might be as lightweight as 30lbs and are costlier than their standing matching parts. They generate cleaner AC energy through their sole inverter that transfers AC to DC power. Then, the DC power is converted back to AC power, which is great for operating gadgets. They could operate at various RPM’s and are more silent than standard generators. They’re great for electronic devices that need a stable flow of voltage and current like computers and televisions.

Unlike traditional generators that produce monstrous sounds, inverter generators are quiet. It is good for you to have a good night rest at the end of every camping day after doing hard activities. It is quiet because it only produces output that is needed during that time. It is also made of high technology microprocessor. Inverter generators are also made with dampening materials to minimize noise even if it runs for maximum capacity.

Because inverter generators only produce the needed output, it is efficient in fuel unlike traditional generators that runs 3600 RPM to produce stable electricity. In this case, you can save almost 40% of fuel by using an inverter generator depending on use. It means that less fuel, less expenses. You can also help our environment.

When you go camping, size is very important. You will bring a lot of things that are necessary so a generator that is portable enough is a good choice. Inverter generators are perfect for camping because of its size. This newest generator combines the parts of engine generators in a smaller package. This small gadget can offer you power as if you are just plugging at home.

Another amazing thing about it is that inverter generators can run in parallel. It means that you can pair it with the same size to double the power if you need a higher one. So, you don’t have to expense power and portability.


Now…..How Do You Find The Perfect Camping Generator Specific For Your Needs?

When you are looking to find the perfect camping generator then you always want to acquire the best one possible that is not at all expensive and fulfills your requirements as well. There are certain aspects that you have to think about such as whether you desire a diesel generator or just a small one. People around the world really are big fans of camping. When you are looking to go out for camping you must look for the camping generators choices that are available for you.

Always buy and purchase that camping generator which is very famous and widely used by the people. Mainly it should be manufactured by a company that has a good reputation in the market. In this way you will buy a quality product. The price range of the camping generators varies from store to store. Some outlets charge you high price and some charge you low. That is why you are supposed to do proper research and examination in order to buy the perfect generator at a reasonable price. In case of camping you do not need a large generator as a small one will be perfect for your needs.

If you intend to carry gadgets such as laptops, gaming consoles, fans and hair dryers to the campsite, you will need something that will supply you with sufficient power. However, you should avoid going for the generators that produce a lot of noise – you need a lot of calm when you go camping and you wouldn’t want a generator to be the source of disruption.

When getting camping generators such as inverter generators, you also have to look into the run time and fuel-efficiency of the equipment. Some generators have a feature that enables them to adjust the engine speed automatically in order to match up the powering needs, and such inverter generators are also very fuel-efficient since they can run for as long as 20 hours without the need for a refill. However, regardless of such factors, the most important thing to consider is the weight of the model you go for. When camping, you need a generator that you can easily move around with and you also want something that you can store easily whenever it is not in use.

Most importantly, you have to consider the power output of the generator. This is usually given in form of wattage. Inverter generators that are used for camping may be classified into three sizes based on their level of power output. The lightweight generators can produce about 1000 watts of power and these types are suited for powering electric razors, fans, TVs, and small lights. If you need something that can power heaters, coffee pots and electric grills, then you have to settle on the medium size camping generators. For even extra power, you can go for the big models which can be used to power just about anything you carry as you go for camping.

Furthermore, obviously when you are looking to go for camping you would not like to take a generator that is massive in size and hard to manage. In that case you must buy a small camping generator that is easy to manage and control because they are not at all heavy plus it will also serve you well.

Fuel choices for portable generators is something to think about prior buying. For camping trips gasoline powered is a good choice but it has a short shelf life. If you need to store a fuel supply for emergencies then most suppliers will recommend a propane powered generator. If you like to cover all of your bases then you could consider a tri-powered portable generator.

Last but not the least is the starter. You can initiate a camping generator by 2 ways. First is the recoil start or pull initiating method that actually works similar to the grass mower. The second one is the electronic start in which you just have to press a button and the device is activated.

Honestly…it is not at all difficult to find good camping generators. This actually means that you do not have to perform an extensive research for finding the generator because there are several providers available in the market that are offering you this product. Moreover the best part is that you can buy the generator on-line at a reasonable price. In case you really want to buy the best generator then do not forget to search the internet at all. If you are able to buy the perfect generator then it will prove fruitful for you, when you go out with friends and family for camping.


Recommended Camping Generators Brands


Honda EU 3000

This Honda generator has lots of features that make it the most ideal camping generator. Packed with a noise reduction inverter, the EU 3000 only makes 49 to 59 dB and only weighs 134 1/2 lbs. This camping generator is set mainly for RV camping and has an output of 3000W, with 120V and 25 amps. This camping generator has an electric starter and Eco Throttle feature that independently regulates the speed of engine and output of the power for fuel efficiency. As a safe feature, the camping generator would automatically turn off when the level of the oil drops under the standard safe operating level to prevent engine break down. Below a quarter load, the generator would operate for about 20 hours.


Yamaha EF 1000iS

At 27lbs, this Yamaha generator is one of the most light generators available on the market. The EF 1000iS has Noise Block technology features, making to one of the most silent generators available on the market with a range of 47 to 57 dB at full loads and quarter loads. Operating at quarter load, the camping generator could operate continuously for twelve hours on.66 gal of gas. Some features include a huge mouthed fuel access, fuel petcock that lessens the contamination of carburetor, and a throttle that automatically changes engine speed to fit the power load on the generator.


Subaru R1700i

The Subaru R1700i is a light weight generator that could produce up to 1700W of electricity. One of the camping generator’s top features is the inverter module that lets an overload operation of up to 120 percent of the rated output for 20 sec, letting you power up demanding loads like air conditioners. This surge capacity computes at 2040W. The noise level operates at 53 to 59 dB at full and quarter loads. It’s easy to carry or mount and only weighs 45.2lbs. The Subaru R1700i has a 1.1 gal fuel capacity and would operate for 8 1/2 hours at a 1/4 load.


Overall, if you wish to improve the camping experience, it would be a good idea to include a portable generator in your camping kit. They provide adequate electrical power without being distractive and noisy and will surely help make camping activity more memorable and fun.

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