More People Are Getting Into Wilderness Camping – Are You Ready For A Challenge?

Camping enthusiasts looking for a unique idea for a getaway should look no further than wilderness camping. Wilderness camping has many advantages such as having no need to hurry and no schedule to follow. It is a chance to commune with nature in some of the most attractive wilderness camping areas in the nation, many of which are not well-known to the general public. This kind of outdoor activity offers people the chance to relax and experience that indescribable feeling of being at peace with nature. They also have the luxury of all the time in the world to explore the beauty that nature is offering.

That said, wilderness camping is not for everyone or sissies! For people who like a challenge and think they are independent, wilderness camping will be the ultimate test. Camping for fun or recreational camping will be great. You can explore the outdoors, go fishing, hunting, or just plain relax. Wilderness camping well that is a different story.


Wilderness Camping is Dangerous

If you would like the challenge, go for it. If you decide to go out for wilderness camping, you will be on your own. There won’t be much of a safety net, so prepare yourself. Those who don’t prepare for the challenge will regret it if they are lucky enough to survive.

Don’t depend on luck; understand the environment and the wildlife around you.

When you are out in the wilderness, you are just another animal. In the wilderness, there are only two types of animals, predators and prey. If you go to fish or to hunt, you will be a predator.

Predators compete for food. Keep this in mind and be prepared to defend yourself and your food supply. The rules of nature are survival of the fittest. If you don’t prepare yourself well, you will change from a predator to prey in a heartbeat.


Learn Some Survival Skills Before Your Embark On Wilderness Camping Adventure

Wilderness survival can be one of the most challenging adventures of a lifetime. Being in the wild and with nature can be a profound experience. There can be a great time to be had when engaging in wilderness adventure. However, things in the wilderness may not be just about sightseeing, exploration and fun. If one desires to venture the wild and to keep alive staying there, he should know wilderness survival skills.

To learn the basic wilderness survival skills, one should enroll in a survival skill program offered by a survival school. Participating in survival training seminar could also be an option. Various schools and institutions may have their own survival programs. Nevertheless, the programs offered may integrate the basic survival skills.

Survival schools may give instructions on aboriginal survival skills. One can check out survival schools or survival programs in local community or schools. It is also possible to learn the wilderness survival skills by reading survival articles on some websites and practicing them in local wilderness areas.

One should know the how to, where to, and what to in when it comes to wilderness survival skills. When staying in the wild, it is all about survival. Tending for the personal needs is of the utmost concern. Self-defense may also have to be learned as the dangers in the wild will likely be numerous and unexpected. Optimism is the best attitude that can be employed in addition to courage, faith and hope. There are various things that should be considered when having a trek or staying in the wilderness.

The importance of wilderness survival training is that individuals will have a greater chance to stay alive in harsh conditions thanks to first hand experience with the necessary techniques. By participating in a wilderness survival course, individuals may realize the importance of life in a more traditional way while learning first hand from an expert. Individuals may also have a better insight on what to do in the event a survival situation may come unexpectedly.

Learning the necessary skills that can be applied in the wilderness is perhaps one of the great academic achievements in life. Although most people tend to avoid dangers as much as possible by living in an environment where they think they are safe, people should also comprehend that things in life, particularly those that are extremely challenging, demand physical and mental competence. Involving oneself in wilderness survival program can help him overcome the various challenges in life.

One can develop or nurture his abilities physically and mentally when his focus is all about survival.


Other Survival Skills You Need For Wilderness Camping


Study the environment

Get as much information about the terrain and the weather patterns for the time you plan to camp. This information will help you to bring the necessary equipment for your trip.


Learn first aid

In most cases, you will want to go beyond first aid. You can find many books and articles on both. Remember, there won’t be any medical facilities readily available. You may have to treat yourself or your fellow campers for a lengthy amount of time.


Know the three requirements for survival

Food, water, and shelter, how to find them and how to shelter yourself. If you have to abandon you’re equipment in an extreme emergency, you will need to find these items to save yourself and others.

– Know where food and water can exist in any environment. Learn how to tell what plants can be eaten. Knowing how to handle plants and fruits that you need to crack such as coconuts. Learn how to fish, trap animals, and how to prepare them for eating.

– Learn how to tell the difference between safe and unsafe water sources. For safety, be able to find some way to heat water to sterilize it.

– Know how to find shelter in your environment. You will want to identify all possible sources of shelter.Learn how to build a shelter out of any available material.

– Rocks, branches, and vines can make suitable weapons. They will come in handy as substitutes for a knife, club, hammer or yes, even a pillow.


Keep Your Location Known

Let other people know where you plan to camp, the route you are planning to take and how long you plan to stay. This information will be crucial if you get hurt and have to hunker down until help arrives.


Carry a GPS locator

Most important, take emergency equipment locators with you, you can find GPS locators and other types of emergency equipment on the Internet or in most equipment stores.


Finding directions using your surroundings

Try learning the more advanced ways of finding direction. These can include knowing how to find your way at night, by the wind, or by indicators on rocks, trees, and in the melting snow. If you were to lose your compass, these skills would increase your chance of survival.


Building a fire

How to build a fire. We can’t stress this enough, fire is important. A fire can keep you warm, light up your area, cook food and discourage animals from coming close.


Know how deal with animal encounter

Learn the skill of knowing what to do when you encounter a wild animal. Sometimes, running away or climbing a tree is not the best solution.


Wilderness Weapons – Knives

A knife means a lot to a camper. Knives are one of the critical tools to survive in the woods or any wilderness camping or hiking site that you might want to be or explore. It can cut things, dig holes, knives help you in making your shelter, and most of all it is also a weapon for self protection from animal attack or from anyone. In a nutshell, you should never leave for the wildness without these wilderness weapons knives. You may never know what’s in store for you out there, thus a good sturdy knife will give you some security.

Because these items are very essential in the wilderness survival, you should acquire not just any knife but the best suitable set of knives for your wilderness trip. These knives should be durable, solid and hardworking to suit your every need and purpose, especially these wilderness weapons knives. Some knives can be homemade some can be bought. Depending on your preference you can choose to make your own or buy a couple of knives for your wilderness camping trip.

A stone knife is the basic man-made knife that you can make on your own. Select a good type of stone that is somewhat pointed and lash it in a wood or stick and you have your stone know useful for breaking or hitting an attacker. Bone knife are also useful to puncture at something and it can flake or break something. Just select a bone, usually from an animal and you can further sharpen it by breaking some of the components. A wood knife is another good material to make into wilderness camping weapons knives. An ideal wood to make a good knife is hard at the edge and drier. You can shape the wood and sharpen it points by sharpening it with a coarse stone. A bamboo piece is another good material to make into a knife. Aside from being light, it is easy to shape and sharpen it. Another is metal, the best to make into a knife. Once you had found a suitable metal shape and size, you can quickly sharpen the edges on a rough stone. If desired, you can hammer the edges of the metal. If you decide to buy a knife, there a many types and designs that you can choose from, ranging from military knives to professional camping knives that you might want to acquire.

Knives are basic necessity when you go out to the wild and camp especially wilderness weapons knives that you can use to protect yourself. To know how to make a knife out of anything you can find wherever you are is an advantage. While purchasing a wilderness camping survival knife needs your meticulous choice and awareness of what it can be used for.


Top Places That Are Recommended By People Who Love Wilderness Camping


United States

Andrew Molera Park, is found near Big Sur in California and is still one of those places that are fairly primitive for wilderness campers. There are over twenty sites to camp in, and interested campers should find out what kind of regulations are in place that should be complied with. This park offers wilderness camping trails for various outdoor activities that include several different types of landscape to choose from.

Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness in North Dakota is the home of this wilderness camping area, with nearly 30,000 acres to explore. Wilderness campers can spot many different types of animals and birds, including deer and bison, hawks and Bald Eagles. This wilderness camping area has around eighty-four miles of trails that give hiking access to the more inaccessible areas of the park. Wilderness campers must get a permit.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs Park gets its name from the Native American word, “ahjumawi” which means “where the waters come together.” This wilderness camping area is at one of the biggest fresh water spring systems in the nation. The camping areas are unique in that they can only be accessed by water, making sure you have the privacy you are craving. Visitors can enjoy the rustic beauty of the area that includes pristine water shores, places to view lava rock and scenery that includes Mt. Shasta.

Haleakala Park is a gorgeous spot in Hawaii which gives visitors a rare chance to do some wilderness camping in an area that is both primitive and breathtaking. There are two campsites that can only be reached by foot. These two campsites each offer a different experience for wilderness camping. Campers can get free permits to camp at either site, and there are various rules for camping in this park.

These are a few suggestions of places to go for wilderness camping. Needless to say, if you really yearn to escape from it all, you can blaze your own path into the wilder parts of America. Partake of nature’s gifts with wilderness camping today.


In conclusion, keep these tips we have shared with you in mind and you will have an adventure and stories to tell that you will remember for the rest of your life. Prepare yourself and you will get hooked on wilderness camping or you will hate it. In either case, memories will be your reward.

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