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Camping Hygiene

Camping Shower | Do You Really Need One?

Camping Shower – Stay Clean In The Field! For anyone who camps, whether it’s for two nights on a weekend canoe trip or a week long stay on Grandpa’s land in the north country, one issue that will come up is bathing. While a camping shower might seem like a luxury item to some, especially for those shorter duration outings, it can be an indispensable comfort for many of us.

When Nature Calls While You Are In The Wild!

Learn How To Handle Yourself When Nature Calls While You Are In The Wild! When Nature calls (it doesn’t always mean find the nearest tree or gas station) it calls to the heart and the senses. This is a reminder that the economy being in the state it’s in, a lot of people can’t afford those yearly vacations and occasional weekends away that they were used to taking. So camping might