Camping Food Guide For Every Camper’s Needs!

A good meal means different things to different people. However, good eats while camping are important because they can have an impact on the entire trip. I believe good camp food is food that is easy to make and can be made very quickly. Here, are a few tips I have picked up through the years to make good meals:


Preparing Camping Food

Holiday is a great time for celebrating outdoors with the family. It is also a popular time to go camping. Camping activity is a great escape from your daily routine. Meals are one of the most memorable aspects of any camping trip. Good camping meals will fuel you for your day outdoors. Improve your camping experiences with innovative camping recipe. If you are new to camping, this article will give you advice about preparing the camping foods.

Be ready for your family camping trip by planning and preparing your meals ahead of time. You can find recipes online for anything that you would like, including appetizers, entrees, and desserts. You can find tons of them all over the internet.

An easy camping recipe that is also quick to prepare will allow you to enjoy a satisfying meal so that you do not miss out on fun time. Choose the recipes that are so easy to prepare, and you just can not go wrong.

The recipes do not have to be restricted to meat-filled classics. There are many vegetarian camping recipes for the whole family to make and enjoy.
A great dish to start with when camping is shrimp kebab. Make oatmeal while camping is very easy, and it also happens to be a great way to get. This way, the camping menus will be fast, simple, and easy.

When you are planning your menus for camping trip, remember to choose menus that the whole family will enjoy eating them.

If you are camping with your friends or family, the easiest way is to get everyone to participate in the camping food preparation. For example, the dessert recipes are easy and fun for children to make. You can learn how to prepare easy camping recipes that will feed an entire group.


Camping Food Suggestions

1. Don’t be afraid to choose basic hamburgers. Whether it is hamburgers or hot dogs, most people find that they like one if not both. By adding these to your cooking menu, you increase your chances of making them happy.

2. Meals Ready To Eat (MREs). These staples of the military can also be great for you. With food that tastes similar to what comes out of a can, these are great because of their quick cooking times. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive as you get up to 30 meals for under $100 in some cases and they pack well as they were designed for traveling.

3. Freeze dried food. The arguments for MREs also apply here. The pricing is much like them and the other benefits are the same.

4. Food in a can. These are good because of their quick cooking and ready to go formats. All you have to do is heat them in a pot and you are good to go. Plus, the left-over cans can be used to help you around the campsite to store smaller items or for target practice.

5. Boxed foods: Rice and noodle dishes, mac and cheese, and other boxed goods work great in the field. Boxed foods are good because they are relatively light weight, tend to have fast cooking times and the materials can be easily disposed of afterwards.

6. Breakfast food: There are about a dozen different types of bars you can choose from: cereal, granola, fruit, etc. Each one is great because they require no cooking and can be carried with you while hiking. This means you may be able to avoid having to build a morning fire on certain days.

7. Trail Mix and More: These work just like the breakfast food bars. Whether it is dried fruit, beef jerky, or a trail mix, they give you a ready supply of carbohydrates and proteins. Great for hiking trips and keeping your overall camping food weight down.

8. Crackers and More: Crackers are a great food for camping because they keep for a long time and can be used with a number of other items, like tuna, cheese, some meats, etc. While camping, these foods taste extra good, so be sure to add them to your camp food list.

9. Fast Menu Options: These examples are great because everyone enjoys them.
a. Taco salad( chips, shredded lettuce, and pinto)
b. Pita Bread Pizza (Pizza sauce, cheddar or mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, pita bread).

10. Drinks for Camping: It is best to avoid drinks that are liquid form. Choose powders to reduce your weight as you can always add water later. Popular camping choices are coffee, cocoa, tea, tang, and Gatorade powder.

These camping foods tend to be crowd pleasers because they are easy to make, easy to carry, and leave little left over trash. Do yourself a favor and try out a few as we are sure they will be good for your group and easier on the cook.


Keeping Your Camping Food Hot – Top 5 Tips To Keep It Nice And Warm

There is nothing quite like being out in the open air by your tent having some lovely hot camping food after being outside all day. Camping is all about getting back to our roots and being in tune with nature, whether you are camping in the hills, the woods or at plush campsite with all the bells and whistles like shower block and social club with a television.

One of the great things is cooking out in the open whether that is by means of a barbecue or a camping stove. But one of the issues us campers come across is how do we keep camping food warm? It is not like at home where you can turn the oven down or reheat your stew in the microwave. At camp you either have to eat it one sitting or eat it cold. Or do you? Here are my top five tips on keeping your camping food hot;

  1. Insulate With Cloth And Newspaper. To keep your pans of food hot by placing the pan or saucepan with newspaper or throwing a tea-towel over it will keep it hot for a good extra twenty minutes.
  2. Add Sauce. When you serve your camping food, boiled vegetables can go cold in a flash; try serving them in a hot sauce. This will add flavour but also keep them hot for a lot longer.
  3. Make a ‘Hot’ box. You don’t have to use your cool box just to keep items cold. You can use it as a hot box. Fill your cool box with some hot air from a kettle then put your pan or saucepan inside, then seal the box. This can keep your camping food hot even for hours.
  4. Flasks. You don’t have to use a flask just to keep your tea and coffee warm. If you need a sauce hot while you cook your other food and ingredients, pour your sauce into a flask, then seal.
  5. Round up the campers.By getting everyone seated just before dinner is served, this will avoid anyone getting a cold meal. In my experience with a family someone generally ends up with a cold meal of you do not adopt this approach.

It can always be a challenge to keep your camping food hot when camping especially if you go camping out of season. If you are barbecuing food and if you know that it won’t all get used, it is good to wrap those items of food in foil and store them in your larder. This will help keep the food that much warmer for longer.


Camping Food Storage – How to Keep Your Food From Being Stolen By Animals

When you go camping you must take precautions to protect and store your camping food properly. You need to protect your camping food from animals and store it properly to avoid spoilage. Here are easy tips on how to store camping food properly when camping.

When camping you don’t want animals stealing your camping food. You also don’t want your camping food to go bad and have everyone that eats it get sick. Follow along and learn helpful tips on how to avoid these problems. These are basic steps on how to store your camping food properly during camping:

1. Before camping make a list of all items that must be kept cold you will be taking. This will help you determine how large your cooler needs to be so everything fits. You should identify items that will require refrigeration and must be kept cold. All too often campers take more camping food than they have cold storage space for and important items get left out to warm.

2. In choosing a cooler, make sure that its size allows at least 40 percent extra inside storage space. This is most important if you are planning to stay for more than 3 days. The more extra space that you have, the more ice that you can put to keep the camping food cold. Assign different coolers for camping food and drinks. If you place them in one cooler, people will tend to open it more often. This will lead to losing more cold air that will keep the food refrigerated.

3. Keep Frozen camping Food Frozen. For meat products that you will not use during the first day, make sure that it is frozen when you pack it. These products may spoil if not kept refrigerated. Ensure that enough refrigeration is maintained by keeping them in a cooler with a lot of ice. This will allow you to use these products for a longer period of time.

4. Keep Iced Water. Do not throw away your plastic water bottles. While at home, fill those bottles with water and make sure that they are frozen before you put them in the cooler. You can use any type of drinking bottle. Just remember that the more flat the bottle’s shape is, the easier it is to store in the cooler. The frozen water or drinking water bottle takes a few days to melt and will be a great help in cooling and prolonging the food inside the cooler. It serves a dual purpose, since you can also take the bottles with you during a hike. This will then serve as your drinking water.

5. Store camping food overnight in proper containers than animals cannon get into. Make sure that you bring the proper containers where you can store your camping food during camping. If there are bear-proof canisters-use them. These canisters are durable and light. You can easily store your camping food in a neat and tidy manner. If you do not have bear-proof canisters, you can simply use a duffel bag to store your camping food. You can tie a rope on the duffel bag and hang it on the tree limbs. This will be safe if you are camping in areas where bears are not found.

See? It is so easy to store your camping food properly when camping in the woods. Storing your camping food properly is pretty basic but it requires proper attention from its packing, preparation, serving down to left over storage.


Camping Food Safety

It is extremely important to use good “Food Safety” when camping.  Use the following “Food Safety” so you and your fellow campers can have an enjoyable camping trip.

1. Plan Your Meals and Method of Cooking – Before you go on your camping trip plan the meals you would like to have and when. This will help you prepare the food for your trip. For instance, if you are planning on having steaks on your third night of camping, make sure the steaks are completely frozen before taking them in your cooler. You will also want to consider what method you will use to cook your meals. Remember, at time, the forest may be closed to campfires and charcoal grills so you will need to bring a propane stove or grill for cooking.

2. Keep Everything Clean – Remember to wash your hands before and after handling foods, especially raw meats. Also, make sure all cooking utensils and pans are clean prior to use. When packing your cooler, double wrap your raw meats to contain their juices and keeping your other foods safe.

3. Keep Hot Foods Hot, Cold Foods Cold – It is important to keep all your food that should be refrigerated cold. It is recommended to have two coolers, one for drinks and one for all your food. This will eliminate opening the food cooler too frequently and melting the ice more quickly. Also, keep your coolers in the shade and place an old blanket around them for further insulation. Remember to serve hot foods promptly, and store leftovers in an ice filled cooler.

So, as you can see, if you practice these “Food Safety” tips your next camping trip will be both SAFE and enjoyable.

To sum it all, if you are heading on a camping trip in the near future, you are going to want to bring some easy camping food along. Now it should not be rocket science after reading this article….enjoy your camping food!

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