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Nepal Holidays

Top Reasons to Vacation in Kathmandu Nepal

Reasons to Visit Kathmandu Nepal Nepal is part of glorious holiday destinations the world has to offer, packed with lush forests and ice capped mountains. You may be wondering if Kathmandu and the rest of this beautiful part of the world is safe to travel to following the April 25 2015 earthquake that measured in at over 7.8 magnitude on the richter scale. It’s well known that Nepal was shaken up

Trip To Nepal | Top Nepal Attractions To Explore

Trip To Nepal – Discover The Adventurous Charm Of Nepal Each of holiday destinations or countries in the world comprises some significant facets. These aspects stand them apart from others. Nepal is one of the most distinct lands which do not have one or some aspects. Every facet of Nepal is momentous. We are going to talk about those aspects of taking a trip to Nepal that attracts the tourist. Nepal has