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China Holidays

Tibet – Why Is It Called “The Roof of the World”?

Visit Tibet to Maximize Your China Holidays Tibet is often referred to as “The Roof of the World,” and the beautiful region has earned this nickname for a good reason: the Tibetan Plateau exists over three miles above sea level, making it the world’s highest plateau, that for sure sets itself apart from most other holiday destinations in the world. The area is surrounded by imposing mountain ranges, which feature

Ever Heard of Yellow River in China?

Ever Heard of Yellow River in China? Thought of as the “mother river” and the “cradle of civilization” in China, the astounding Yellow River is the third longest in all of China after the famous Yangtze River and the Yenisei. This magnificent river is actually the sixth longest river in the entire world. The Yellow River, or Huang He,  twists and winds its way through an amazing five thousand, four

Shanghai | The Oriental Paris | City Of Many Faces

Shanghai – The Birthplace Of Everything Considered Modern In China! China has developed a reputation as part of the most dynamic and fascinating backpacking holiday destinations the world has to offer. The country’s biggest metropolis is a popular stop for travelers. Great facilities such as inexpensive Shanghai hostels add to the appeal.   Old Shanghai Upon arrival in Shanghai, travelers may be struck by the sci-fi landscape and modern architecture,

Beijing Attractions | Things To Do In Beijing

Your Sneak Peak Of Beijing Attractions Beijing is with no doubt one of the most visited places in the world, with hundreds of millions of tourists every year. The city’s long history and glorious culture endow the city with a great number of tourist attractions and historical sites. The city is sometimes considered as Peking, is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the