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Asia Destinations

Kuching – Borneo’s Most Stylish & Sophisticated City

Kuching – Borneo’s Most Stylish and Sophisticated City Cosmopolitan Kuching, Malaysia. Capital of the state of Sarawak, and nestled on Borneo’s west coast very near to the equator, this is the most popular city in Borneo! Travelers to Kuching are advised to set aside at least a few days when traveling through remarkable Kuching, in order to capture at least a fragment of the city’s spectacular and fascinating appeal. Better

Borneo – 3rd Largest Island in the World!

Borneo – 3rd Largest Island in the World! If it’s nature, excitement, tropical adventure and diverse tribal culture you’re looking for, you’ll find all these and more in Borneo: the largest island in Asia, and the world’s third largest island! This incredible region is home to wondrous cave systems and impressive wildlife populations, and one of the world’s longest underground rivers. Trek high into Borneo’s mountains, travel down its mighty

Manila Philippines – High Speed, Eat, Drink, Shop 24hrs!

Manila Philippines – High Speed, Eat, Drink, Shop 24hrs! Surprising, friendly and multicultural Manila Philippines! It’s the capital of the Philippines and definitely one of the world’s holiday destinations of excitement if you know where to look. If you’re passing through this hub of the islands, why not take advantage of some of the great things this city has to offer? It’s way more than just a stopover, so get

Top Reasons to Vacation in Kathmandu Nepal

Reasons to Visit Kathmandu Nepal Nepal is part of glorious holiday destinations the world has to offer, packed with lush forests and ice capped mountains. You may be wondering if Kathmandu and the rest of this beautiful part of the world is safe to travel to following the April 25 2015 earthquake that measured in at over 7.8 magnitude on the richter scale. It’s well known that Nepal was shaken up

Mandalay – Myanmar Cultural Capital

Mandalay – Myanmar Cultural Capital Amidst the hot and bustling multicultural city of Mandalay, you will find beautiful churches, pagodas, Indian temples and stunning mosques. Discover quiet monasteries, fascinating arts performances, and a variety of different cuisines in the cultural wonder that is Mangalay! When thinking of Mandalay, often we conjure images of old Burma, however visitors to this relatively new city can sometimes be surprised to learn that Mandalay

Sarawak – Malaysia isn’t all Kuala Lumpur!

Sarawak – Malaysia isn’t all Kuala Lumpur! Beautiful Sarawak attracts visitors from all over the globe – not only for it’s incredible natural beauty, but also it’s amazing Rainforest World Music Festival! Kuala Lumpur may be high on the list of Malaysian cities to visit, but you definitely don’t want to overlook a single thing Sarawak has to offer! Located in the northwest of Borneo, along the borders of state

Luang Prabang – #1 on Your Laos Itinerary

Luang Prabang – #1 on Your Laos Itinerary Beneath a beautiful hill adorned with temples, the provincial capital Luang Prabang sits idyllically at the junction of two flowing rivers that nearly encompass the charming city entirely. Golden roofed temples, decorated with painted murals and mosaics of Buddha’s life, teak wrap-around balconies and 19th century shuttered windows, rugged mountain scenery and lush green forests are all part of the reason why

Things to Do in Kyoto – Japan Holidays

Things to Do in Kyoto – Japan Holidays Thinking of planning a trip to Kyoto? This Honshu, Japan city and former capital city of Japan is waiting for you with literally dozens of museums, many festivals, extraordinary shopping places and outdoor activities. They also don’t call Kyoto the City of Ten Thousand Shrines for nothing! Kyoto boasts thousands of impressive and unbelievably beautiful shrines and temples! So pack your bags,

Rajasthan “The Land of Kings” – India Holidays

Rajasthan “The Land of Kings” – India Holidays Rajasthan, India’s largest state, is famous for being one of the most glorious holiday destinations in all of India. Rajasthan is held dearly in the hearts of all tourists who have passed through this “Land of Kings,” being a very romantic destination full of diversity and adventure. Visitors from all around the world are captivated by this region’s varied geographic features, stunning palaces

Dreams Come True With Komodo Island Vacation

Dreams Come True With Komodo Island Vacation Picture yourself strolling on a warm sunny island with a beautiful pink sandy beach, listening to the sounds of macaques and cockatoos in the trees after a long day of snorkeling and diving in the warm waters. Komodo is a land of volcanoes,  beaches, jungles and dragons. Nestled in the archipelago that makes up Indonesia, you’ll find Komodo Island. Measuring three hundred and

Tibet – Why Is It Called “The Roof of the World”?

Visit Tibet to Maximize Your China Holidays Tibet is often referred to as “The Roof of the World,” and the beautiful region has earned this nickname for a good reason: the Tibetan Plateau exists over three miles above sea level, making it the world’s highest plateau, that for sure sets itself apart from most other holiday destinations in the world. The area is surrounded by imposing mountain ranges, which feature

Ever Heard of Yellow River in China?

Ever Heard of Yellow River in China? Thought of as the “mother river” and the “cradle of civilization” in China, the astounding Yellow River is the third longest in all of China after the famous Yangtze River and the Yenisei. This magnificent river is actually the sixth longest river in the entire world. The Yellow River, or Huang He,  twists and winds its way through an amazing five thousand, four

Phnom Penh – Cambodia Tourism on Steroids!

Phnom Penh – Cambodia Tourism on Steroids! Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia was once called the “Pearl of Asia,” and this city is one of great contrasts. From colonial French era architecture, to monks in long flowing saffron robes, to the thriving nightlife scene – there’s always something happening in Phnom Penh! Phnom Penh is a city that is still picking up the pieces after being liberated in

Things to Do in Bangkok – No Excuses to Not Have Fun!

Things to Do in Bangkok There are so many sights to see, attractions to visit and things to do in Bangkok, it’s no wonder this one of the world’s holiday destinations that are so popular! Bangkok truly is a diverse city with seemingly endless opportunities for entertainment and tourist attractions. Bangkok is of course famous for its vivacious nightlife scene, but there are so many other appealing aspects of the

Taj Mahal India – Visiting Tips & Interesting Facts

Taj Mahal India – Visiting Tips and Interesting Facts When you hear somebody says “I’m going to India”, what among the many world’s tourist holiday destinations comes up to your mind first? While India is home to many hotspots for tourists, you’ll miss half of your life if you never get to set your eyes on the awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, ner-ve-racking, and just simply breathtaking beauty, splendor, and majesty of Taj

Must Read Thailand Travel Tips and Essentials

Thailand Travel Tips and Essentials Many travelers enjoy visiting the 198,000 square miles that make up Thailand. The country is the twentieth most populated country in the world with almost 68 million visitors. Yet, most visitors find Thailand residents to be extremely friendly. Before you head to Thailand, you need to understand some Thailand travel essentials. The country is divided into five regions and one is sure to suit your