Pennsylvania – One of Mid-Atlantic Regions, Diverse Terrain, 51 Miles of Coastline, with Appalachian Mountains Cutting Through!

The eastern state of the United States of America’s Pennsylvania is the place to come for an assortment of historical attractions such as its Revolutionary War-era Valley Forge, impressive cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh which have made their mark on the globe, rich farm land and a background that tells a story of a strong industrial identity.


Bordered by the states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia as well as Ohio, the state of Pennsylvania shares a lot of borders with a lot of different American states – ample opportunity to make Pennsylvania part of your US vacation if you’re planning a trip to any one of these surrounding destinations.


Pennsylvania is easily accessible by car, bus, rail and of course plane – the state’s two major airports are the Philadelphia International Airport and Pittsburgh International. The city of Philadelphia is a major hub for the US Airways flights, and Pittsburgh is also a focus city for those same carriers.


Don’t worry if you have a different airline in mind – both Pennsylvania cities are served by all major carriers, and both offer low fare services by AirTran and Southwest Airlines. Philadelphia exists as one of the Northeasts’s major international terminals – flights coming and going from Canada as well as a bundle of European holiday destinations are all on the menu!


With large cities, lush fields, rugged mountains and smaller towns scattered throughout, Pennsylvania brings you places like Erie, Allentown, Reading, Bethlehem, and Scranton. Pennsylvania brings you authors like Dean Koontz, musicians like Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, and actors like Tina Fey. 


Harrisburg, the state capital is home to the National Civil Was Museum, which claims to be the country’s greatest and largest Civil War museum without any bias towards either the Confederate or the Union causes. This Pennsylvania attraction brings you the history of the wartime as a timeline, beginning with an explanation of the issues that strained the United States of America all the way to the conclusion of the war at Appomattox Court House. It’s probably the best place in all of Pennsylvania, and the United States, to get a good grasp of the Civil War and to learn about the effect it had on the country and its citizens.

Allentown is the biggest city in the Lehigh Valley, and the third largest city in state of Pennsylvania. Without a doubt, one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the city of Allentown is the Liberty Bell Museum. Bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors into the city of Allentown each and every year, the Liberty Bell Museum stands as an establishment paying tribute to one of the most important monuments to be found in the United States of America.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

The famous crack in the Liberty Bell, in Philadelphia is a feature of this monument that’s approximately half an inch wide and 24.5 inches in length. In fact, the Liberty Bell has actually suffered from a series of hairline cracks throughout the body. The area surrounding the crack has been expanded in hopes to extend the useful life of the Bell – but it lives on as a major Pennsylvania tourist attraction.

Erie, Pennsylvania is known for it’s share of the Great Lake with the same name, and it’s an excellent destination if you’re on the hunt for beaches, boating, and other awesome outdoor activities. Erie is actually filled to the brim with a variety of different places of interest catering to both culture and recreation.

One of Erie’s biggest cultural arts centers is the Warner Theatre, which was commissioned by the Warner Brothers in 1929. It’s where you’ll find an abundance of performing arts groups, both amateur and professional – the most significant of them all being the Erie Philharmonic, one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the United States of America.

The Erie Art Museum, based in a former U.S. Customs House, brings visitors a dazzling display of different art exhibits that rotate out, and are focused mainly on modern and folk art. Got the kids in tow? Head to the Erie Children’s Museum, which has been designed with visitors aged 2 to 12 in mind. With an engaging variety of interactive displays focusing on the areas of science and the humanities, you’ll have hours of fun.

Presque Isle State Park has seven miles of Pennsylvania beaches and 11 miles of hiking trails. It’s open all year round, every single day of the week from sun up until sun down. Enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, canoeing and hunting in Presque Isla State Park!

Hershey Pennsylvania should sound familiar, it’s the birthplace of Hershey’s chocolate! Known all around the world for its delectable chocolatey goodness, Hershey Pennsylvania is a destination on a lot of Pennsylvania itineraries. The official name of the area is Derry Township – it has never actually been officially incorporated as the city of Hershey! 

Some twenty two thousand frequently people use the services of Derry Township in Pennsylvania, but only about nine thousand of those people live within the town itself. The town is 26 square miles. Hershey’s Kiss-shaped streetlights line the town’s Chocolate Avenue with a total of 107 lights — 55 wrapped chocolates and 52 unwrapped chocolates! 

Lancaster is something of a large city that can be found right in the heart of the Pennsylvania Amish country. One little known fact is that Lancaster is the birthplace of the battery operated watch! A more well known fact is that it’s a great destination for Amish goods.

During your Lancaster County, Pennsylvania visit make sure that you make the time to tour the splendid Pennsylvania Amish countryside. If you really want to do it traditionally, opt for a horse and buggy ride! There’s nothing like taking in the fresh air and the Pennsylvania scenery from a traditional horse and buggy, still commonly used there.


After touring the countryside, get to know many of the Amish themed events and attractions that make up this special part of Pennsylvania. Browse a wealth of quality hand-made Amish goods, and take home a bunch of authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.

Pittsburgh, also known as The Steel City, is a major Pennsylvania urban center with a multicultural history and a lovely downtown core. Hit up the Pittsburgh Zoo, which makes up more than 70 acres of natural habitats for about six thousand species of animals that represent the African Savanna, the Tropical Rainforest, the Asian Forest and more.

The Pittsburgh Zoo is also the place to find the PPG Aquarium, which proudly features more than 40 different exhibits that let you get up close and personal with bouncing jellyfish, waddling penguins, soaring stingrays, sneaky sharks and even an electric eel! The Kid’s Kingdom section entertains young visitors who will love to get a hands-on experience with some of the zoo’s inhabitants, from kangaroos to white tailed deer. There’s also an animal themed playground for little ones to burn off any excess energy while visiting this popular Pennsylvania attraction.

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell

Scranton and Wilkes-Barre are close-knit coal region towns, with Scranton being contemorarily known for its role as the fictional paper company called Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch home town on NBC’s popular television show The Office. Some might be surprised to know that the town really exists! The Dunder Mifflin branch however, is of course a work of fiction – but you can still check out plenty of sites around the city that were used during the filming of the television show!


Williamsport, Pennsylvania plays host to the much anticipated annual Little League World Series! Check out this Pennsylvania city’s Victorian architecture, it’s vibrant family friendly environment, and its love of Little League. The city is of course very proud of its claim to fame for being the birthplace of Little League Baseball.

Pioneered by Carl Stotz in 1939, Little League has taken over the city. Welcoming visitors from all around the globe for its annual Little League World Series, this Pennsylvania city has seen players from some of the two hundred thousand teams that come from more than eighty countries around the world, each month of August.

Blue Mountain is a ridge of beautiful Appalachian mountains that make their way through Pennsylvania and offer an abundance of activities for anyone seeking an outdoor adventure. It cuts through the state’s eastern half all the way from New Jersey on through to Maryland, and provides a distinct boundary that separates many of Pennsylvania’s cultural and geographical regions.

To the northwest you’ll find the southern and central mountains and valleys, as well as the state’s coal region, and the Poconos. To the southeast you’ll discover the Cumberland Valley, the capital region, and Pennsylvania Dutch Country, as well as the Lehigh Valley. Throughout the area there are hiking and walking trails, nature themed tours, and plenty of different spaces to explore. Bring a camera and enjoy the scenery!

Get out there and fall in love with Pennsylvania, there’s something out there for everyone. With so many different historic attractions, natural beauty and interesting cultural highlights, you’ll find something new around every bend.

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