Home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty & Other Iconic Sites, New York Has It All!

What’s not to love about New York – the City that Never Sleeps, the Big Apple, the City So Nice They Named it Twice? New York is an entire world within a city, large and diverse enough to give you a lifetime of experiences which other holiday destinations can’t match and still only scratch the surface of what this place has to offer.

If you’re planning a New York vacation you know that there are hundreds of different ways to enjoy this city. See the big time tourist attractions and indulge your inner foodie, take in a Broadway show, and fall in love with Central Park in the autumn season. Tour the city and marvel at the different celebrity hotspots, watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, or shop till you drop in many high end fashion boutiques.


Take Your Pick: Choose Your Own Adventure, New York Style!


You can’t visit New York City without seeing at least one major tourist spot, so take your pick:


New York City’s Times Square

The absolute centre of all of the action is New York City’s Times Square, nestled in Midtown Manhattan. Known all over the world for its iconic and enormous billboards and flashy screens that tower over the square, lighting up the city and catching the eye of all passers by.

Close by you’ll discover Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, The New York Times, MTV and ABC buildings, Broadway with its amazing shows, and more. Of course, this is the destination for New York City’s incredible New Year’s Eve party where you can be there in person when the ball drops at midnight.


The Statue of Liberty – Recognized New York City Landmark

The Statue of Liberty isn’t just an icon of New York City, it’s a symbol of America. Easily recognized all over the world, this massive statue rests atop the little Liberty Island along the southern edge of Manhattan and resting in New York Harbor. The large, copper statue once gleamed like a brand new penny, and has long since transformed into the oxidized-green hued regal lady.

Welcoming travellers from across the seas to America’s shores, this incredible statue was dedicated during 1886, and ever since then it has inspired a steady stream of visitors from all around the globe. This New York tourist attraction was delcated a UNESCO World Heritage Site during the year 1984, and you can access it by travelling to Liberty Island. In order to get there, take the ferry across, they operate throughout the day.


New York Brooklyn Bridge

New York’s Brooklyn Bridge

The Chrysler Building – One of the most iconic in New York

Located at 42nd and Lexington within Midtown New York, you’ll find the second most famous Art Deco style skyscraper in all of New York City. This is the impressive, one and only Chrysler Building. Standing just slightly shorter than the Empire State Building and constructed merely one year earlier, the Chrysler Building is an easily recognizable New York structure.

In 1976, the Chrysler Building was declared a National Historic Landmark. Not only is it an incredible sight to see, it’s an architecturre fan’s delight with its multicoloured marble in the lobby, metalwork along the façade, and silver winged eagles on the corners of its 61st floor, replicas of hood ornaments from a 1920s Chrysler Plymouth. Although the interior skeleton of this impressive building is made from steel, the exterior is brick, making the Chrysler Building the tallest brick building in the world. It’s definitely a New York City must-see!


The Brooklyn Bridge – Connecting New York City

What would New York City be without the Brooklyn Bridge, spanning the East River and joining Brooklyn to Manhattan. At the time of its completion in 1883 after a long and treacherous period of construction, the Brooklyn Bridge was the longest suspension bridge you could find in the world.

The iconic, world-class bridge is known for its familiar appearance, and it makes a great tourist destination because it’s easy to walk across. You can get a terrific panoramic view of New York City regardless of which end of the bridge you start from.


Central Park

Central Park in all its grand green splendour spans a 50 block region in the middle of Manhattan, and even though it’s one attraction in itself, it’s easy to break it down into even further attractions from the carousel and zoo, to the lake’s gondola and paddleboat rides, or the European style Conservatory Gardens, its many walking paths, gardens, trees and statues found throughout.

Bring lunch and sit for a picnic, or simply get some fresh air and a stroll. Take in the sights and sounds – there’s always something going on around New York City’s Central Park. Get involved in an outdoor yoga or tai chi class, meditate, or simply lay back in the sun and get a moment of peace and tranquility in an otherwise bustling and busy city. If you’re visiting Central Park in the winter season, take in the sights of all the decorations and lights, go ice skating, and enjoy a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.


New York’s Grand Central Terminal

More than one hundred years old and having been significantly renovated in 1998, Grand Central is one busy place. With dozens of platforms bringing travellers to and from their destination via hundreds of departures and arrivals, you’ll marvel at this New York must-see.


Each one of the clocks in Grand Central from antique 1913 clocks to the digital time displays in the Operations Control Center has been set every second by the atomic clock located in the Naval Observatory which is in Bethesda, Maryland (and this clock is set by the vibrations given off of a cesium atom). What this means, is that 1913 four-faced clock that you see mounted atop the Information Booth is accurate down to one second every one million four hundred thousand years! 


Not only are there dozens of train platforms – the most famous of which is track 34, the one used in the majority of films when Grand Central is shown, this New York attraction boasts a variety of cocktail lounges, retail shopping and stylish eateries. You can take an audio walking tour of the terminal, admire the architecture and see all of the comings and goings in busy New York. The famous Main Concourse showcases the four-sided brass clock, as well as the vaulted ceiling that’s been painted to resemble the night sky. 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art – one of New York’s finest

Given the fact that there are over ten world-class museums to be found when you’re heading down Fifth Avenue’s Museum Mile, you’ll have a hard time choosing your favourite one. Which one will you choose to spend your New York afternoon in if you could only pick one? Fortunately, you can split up your time between them, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the finest.


Referred to simply as The Met, this colossal museum is one of the largest art galleries to be found in the entire world, home to an impressive collection of the world’s art with examples from every era. A few of the permanent exhibitions feature notable installations such as the Arms and Armor collection, extensive collections of both Asian and ancient Egyptian art, and many renowned selections of 17th century paintings of Dutch and Spanish origin from masters El Greco and Goya.


Take to the rooftop garden to enjoy the view, where you’ll also get to experience various exhibits such as sculptures and other works by contemporary artists. Feel connected with so many different countries around the world and periods in history under – and on top of – one roof!


Looking over New York

Looking over New York

The Empire State Building – Get a view of New York From Above

The fifth tallest building in the United States of America, and the third tallest in New York, the Empire State Building is a granddaddy of skyscrapers. Finishing construction in 1931, the Empire State Building transformed the New York City skyline and has been a city icon ever since.


Take to the observation deck on the 86th floor, where you can peer out through stylized bars that allow you to see just how high up you really are – some days you won’t even be able to see the ground from the fog, and all that peeks through are the tops of other buildings that look like toys in comparison. The elevator rides may have long lines but they’re well worth it. You might be tempted to skip the line on the way down, but even going down the stairs is going to be rough on your muscles the next morning! Also, it gets incredibly windy up there – prepare for the gusting wind if you have long hair by tying it back or putting it up in a bun. And please, don’t be tempted to throw coins off!


A trip to New York is something you’ll never forget. You could live a lifetime in this incredible city and still never see it all! What are you going to check off your New York bucket list this year?

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