New Jersey – Well Known for its Beautiful Beaches and Tourist Attractions!

Boardwalks, lighthouses, swimming and surfing, miles and miles of coastline stretching from Sandy Hook to Cape May, and hospitality each step of the way – this is New Jersey and its bountiful beach attractions. Come for the beach house life, or stay for the seafood selections! Gather around a beach bonfire at night, or enjoy a fireworks show.


Take into consideration ten of the top New Jersey beaches as you make your way along this US state’s coastline, and see how many of these different attractions you can check off your New Jersey itinerary!

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #1: Asbury Park

If you’re trying to come up with a location for a great getaway where you can invite lots of friends and family, think Asbury Park. Everything here is so accommodating for larger groups! The Asbury Park area vacation homes provide rentals with four bedrooms, five bedrooms, and sometimes even more! Talk about a money saver – you’ll be able to spend that saved cash on checking out this New Jersey location’s local cuisine.


Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #2: Wildwood

A fun, family friendly, and spacious zone of amusement, Wildwood lives up to its “wild” reputation by offering plenty of things to see an do. Head to Splash Zone Water Park, an amusement park that’s fun for all ages and a blast during the heat of the summer. It’s easy to spend an entire day there with family or friends – just remember to bring the waterproof sunscreen!

The Wildwoods Boardwalk is a sensory overload of food, music and entertainment, with thirty eight blocks lined with eateries, entertainment, parks, attractions and all sorts of different amusement. Go shopping, enjoy a drink, meet some friends and take in the sights and sounds as you stroll down the Wildwoods Boardwalk.

This slice of New Jersey is the kind of place you can enjoy day or night, no matter whether you’re an active person who loves to jog or a night owl who loves to party – or a little bit of both. Get in a morning bike ride, take a walk in the sea breeze, absorb the carnival atmosphere and have some fun! If your feet won’t take you the entire way, never fear – the Sightseer Tram Car is ready and willing to take you from one end of this New Jersey beach attraction to the other. Hop on board!

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #3: Manahawkin

The unincorporated community of Manahawkin offers you something a little bit different than most of the beaches found along New Jersey – the bay side. Check out Manahawkin if you’re hoping to go boating, fishing, or other ways to get out on the water! Grab a bite to eat at one of the great restaurants, watch the sun set with a glass of wine, and maybe take a yoga class in the morning! This New Jersey beach attraction has a lot of subtle things to offer the prospective tourist.


Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #4: Point Pleasant

With its mile long boardwalk, you’ll know you’ve reached Point Pleasant when you see the waffle and ice cream stands, the popcorn and cotton candy, the family fun rides and more. Point Pleasant has always been one of the New Jersey favourites, drawing visitors from all over the state and beyond.

Point Pleasant has welcomed and entertained people for decades, and its many charms have been modernized over the years. Even so, the majority of Point Pleasant’s attractions have retained their charm!

Venture away from the Boardwalk and you’ll be able to find entertainment and dining all through the year, centered along Arnold Avenue. Head to the comedy club or get a reservation for a fine dinner. If it isn’t a great time to hit the beach, don’t worry, you can pass the afternoon seeking out treasures along Bay and Arnold Avevnues with its many antique dealers. New Jersey is also home to the Point Pavillion Antique Centre, which offers more than 40 antique dealers all conveniently located under one roof.

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #5: Atlantic City

What’s not to love about Atlantic City? The most well known boardwalk in all of New Jersey is 100% Atlantic City and it deserves a place on everyone’s New Jersey bucket list. Take in the entertainment found beyond the boardwalk which includes the city’s famous casinos and music performances.

In fact, Atlantic City is so popular for its many casinos and exceptional entertainment venues that some visitors to this New Jersey city aren’t even aware of its great beach! Make a point of getting to the sand and sea while you visit Atlantic City, and take advantage of this attraction to the fullest.

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #6: Sea Girt

The little borough of Sea Girt is another New Jersey favourite, a destination that sees quite a number of New Jersey residents and visitors from outside of the state every year – yet still manages to maintain its beautiful unspoiled and charming environment and easy going attitude.

Sea Girl has just about everything you’d hope for in a beach getaway, and you can find oceanfront vacation rentals that will give you an incredible view of the sunrise. Get on board a charter fishing boat and take a tour out on the waters to get that catch of the day, or see the famous Sea Girt Lighthouse.

Built in the 1800s, this New Jersey lighthouse once guided ships safely out of harm, and was even used as a meeting place for various civic groups. During the 1980s, a group called “The Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizen’s Committee” leased the property from the town, a lease that went on for twenty-five years.

This group ended up refurnishing, repainting and updating the old lighthouse, putting a tremendous amount of care into it and making it possible for travellers to New Jersey to come and see the historical site. Tours of the lighthouse run Sundays from 2-4 p.m., except holiday weekends, going from early May through to the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #7: Belmar

An oceanfront vacation rental in Belmar will feel like you’re staying somewhere on the other side of the world, even if you’re a resident of New Jersey and you’ve only made the an hour trip.  Even though Belmar is situated a little but further to the north than many of the other popular New Jersey holiday destinations, you can still get some great beach fun in Belmar.

It’s a popular family friendly destination, and also attracts younger adults for its night life. Located in Monmouth County, Belmar offers you all the charms of a wonderful rural community overflowing with many different recreational activities, friendly faces and welcoming establishments.

The Borough of Belmar New Jersey invites you to its beaches and its boardwalk, both open all year round. It’s a great place to swim during the summer, and you can also fish, surf, boogie board or kayak on the waters or walk along the clean and well maintained white sandy beaches. Get a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean as you stroll the mile long boardwalk!

Lavallette New Jersey

Lavallette New Jersey

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #8: Lavallette

Come to this New Jersey beach town to experience its wonderfully expansive sandy beach, its fun attractions, it’s great food and more. The majority of the streets here will lead you straight to the ocean and to an entrance to Lavallette’s boardwalk. It’s a mile of coast that you can use to your advantage – get a great view, take an invigorating stroll, or head to a lifeguard monitored swimming area and have fun in the water!

The Barnegat Bay beaches offer you a good option if the surf, particularly during high tide, is too wild any smaller child to go swimming in the ocean. At first glance it may seem like the relative inconvenience of having to get passes or badges as they’re called, in order to access the beach make this destination a bit of a pain. In reality, by purchasing these passes you are helping to fund lifeguards and better maintanance, making your New Jersey vacation a safer one.

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #9: Long Beach Island

You know you’ll find Long Beach Island on this list, because it’s one of the number one New Jersey places to enjoy nightlife, dining, sandy beaches, down to earth atmosphere and great accommodation options. Get back to the more important things in life when you book a vacation rental in Long Beach Island with your friends or family.

Have a blast at Fantasy Island Amusement Park, see more interesting lighthouse history, hit up the local water park for some fun on a hot summer day, check out Adventure Golf, and check out Schooner’s Wharf. You’ll be able to browse shops inside of a reconstructed tall ship!

Top New Jersey Beach Attraction #10: Cape May

If you’ve had your fill of loud clubs, bright neon lights, carnival rides and crowds, head to Cape May. This New Jersey beach attraction offers a different flavour of beach fun with it’s quiet and tranquil surroundings and true charm.

Which one of these New Jersey destinations will you be visiting this summer?

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