The Coastal Resort Town “Playa del Carmen”, Definitely is One of Riviera’s Trendiest & a Must Visit!

Affectionately referred to simply as “Playa” among its loyal locals, the coastal resort town of Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo can be found languishing along the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico under the hot sun.

Come to Playa del Carmen for the quaint downtown pedestrian cobblestone streets and lovely boutiques, cafés and clubs; come to Playa del Carmen for the incredibly engaging ecotours bringing you up close and personal with manatees, birds, and a great variety of fish; come to Playa del Carmen to go scuba diving and snorkeling, and come to this impressive and welcoming city to simply relax and be spoiled by the sun, sand, and sumptuous cuisine.

Arriving in Playa del Carmen in Style!

One of the first steps you’ll need to take after stepping off that airplane is getting yourself shuttled safely to your hotel, where you can relax, unload, eat a real meal (no airplane food!) and get amped up for your first big day out in Playa del Carmen!

To do this much more conveniently than trying to find your own way, haggle over an inflated cab fare, and generally stress about getting all of your belongings and traveling companies together from point A to point B after having sat in a cramped plane for hours, book a private transfer to make your life a little easier.

The transition from the airport to the hotel room should be a smooth one provided you book in advance (hey, you can even book online!) from one of these trusted companies:
Playa Vacation Shuttles offering Cancun to Playa del Carmen shuttle transfers, contact them at At this time they charge a $69 flat-fee per van, which conveniently fits 1 to 8 travelers with luggage.
Discovery Mundo offering private transfers contact them at +52 1 998-884-8286 or use their toll free number: (866) 238-1312, and email them at
Cancun Transportations offer you and your traveling companions private transfers, call them at +52 998-252-7702 or contact them online at
Transfers USA can be reached at +52 1 984 130 61 22 or toll free by calling: 01800 890 63 51, you can also email them at
Famar Travel & Adventures are also located in Cancún, call them at +52 998-880-4405 to book any private transfers.
Lomas Travel available at +52-(998)881-94-00 or toll free at 1-314-669-6871 if you happen to be dialing from the USA.
Yellow Transfers can be reached at +52 (998)193-17-40 or toll free at: 01-800-021-8087 from within Mexico. Arrange for your ride ahead of time and you’ll never be left wondering where you can find a cab, bus, or how much it will cost!


Get Yourself Settled into Playa del Carmen

Speaking of airport to hotel transportation, where exactly will you choose to be staying in beautiful Playa del Carmen, anyway? There’s a seemingly a lot more number of choices than most holiday destinations in the world when it comes to this luxurious and trendy resort town, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Will you choose one of the top rated hotels with all the amenities you could possibly dream of? A hostel that gives you everything you’ll need and allows you to save your hard earned cash for more fun elsewhere in Playa del Carmen? Perhaps a unique vacation rental that will allow you to experience the thrill of waking up in Playa del Carmen as if it’s your very own home.

Beautiful Playa del Carmen

Beautiful Playa del Carmen

Hotel La Tortuga, a lovely boutique hotel found just under a block from La Quinta, can be reached at 52 984 87 30626. This hotel will make you feel like royalty when you set foot in their doors – take advantage of the private pools, which are recommended among Playa del Carmen’s visitors. They’re gorgeous and immersed in an abundance of colourful flowers and bright green foliage.

The Hotel la Tortuga poolside bar called Las Margaritas will entice you to hang out just a little while longer to enjoy their two for one happy hours that you can get in on each and every evening – and they make some seriously delicious drinks!

Their restaurant, El Bistro serves up great meals just about any time of day, and you’ll always get fresh and well prepared dishes. Filling hot breakfasts are included with your stay at Hotel la Tortuga

The hotel is welcoming and friendly, and they’ll even make sure you have free passes for lounge chairs and palapas when you head to  Mamitas Beach. What’s not to love?

Of course, Hotel La Tortuga is barely even scratching the surface – it’s a star in the galaxy of interesting and intriguing accommodation options available to you and your group of traveling companions when you come to Playa del Carmen.

You can discover wellness and yoga relaxation at Hotel Alhambra, located at 8th Street beach front, and reach them for reservations and questions at +52 984 873 0735. Take in the view, relax on the beach, and nestle into your comfortable room.

Stay Connected in Playa del Carmen – How Else is Everybody Going to Be Envious of Your Amazing Holiday?

Internet access isn’t difficult to find around Playa del Carmen. Check your device while you’re out and about, and see how easy it is for you to pick up a signal. Most of the restaurants and bars offer their Wi-Fi password with a minimum purchase, and that password usually changes every day. Bear in mind though, that there seems to be a trend in the swankiness of the establishment and the price of their Wi-Fi. Many places offer it for free but you can wind up paying a hefty charge in some hotels.

  • Public Parks: You’ll be able to stay connected when you’re hanging out in all the parks in Playa del Carmen, because they all offer free wifi access! You’ll see a variety of different people taking advantage of this nice little bonus – students with laptops working on their homework, travellers from near and far filing in their friends and families on the day’s events.
  • Calle 4 in between 15 and 10 Avenue: This is the first block in Playa del Carmen that was made completely serviced by free Wi-Fi powered by Hotel Barrio Latino in conjunction with the AHRM, a local association of hotels. People-watch as you check your emails, and you’ll notice that everyone else around you is taking advantage of the luxury of communication.
  • Starbucks at Playacar, located at Paseo Xaman-Ha Lote 19, Col. Playa del Carmen Centro is the place to go when you need to grab a cup of coffee and get your emails sorted, your Facebook updated, and your Instagram going with your latest Playa del Carmen photos and videos! Your receipt will print with the Wi-Fi access code. Don’t expect to get a lot of heavy duty work done over this connection, but it’s perfectly capable of handing basic holiday internet check ins!

Get Out There and Make the Most of Playa del Carmen!

What does your Playa del Carmen itinerary look like? Maybe it’s relaxing on a beach lounger under the sun, without a care in the world and that cubicle and desktop computer far, far away in another dimension. Perhaps it’s a similar scenario in a lush garden with a thrilling novel.

Maybe you picture yourself admiring the city centre with its lovely architecture and interesting shopping and dining experiences, or popping into a café to sample the local brew and take a load off before doing some more sight seeing.

For the adventurous folk, there’s a lot of exciting ways to put the zip into your vacation, starting with zip lining! Hit up Discovery Jungle Park in Playa del Carmen, where you’ll fly through the trees on a zip line, ramble along the open pathways on ATVs, and more.

Maybe your ideal Playa del Carmen adventure has you scuba diving in a cenote: a sinkhole where the earth collapsed in long ago, exposing the groundwater and creating a magical looking beautiful underground pool to explore.

Iguana and the ruins of Tulum

Iguana and the ruins of Tulum

Visit Tulum, the pre-Columbian walled Mayan city located right on the ocean with its grand temple and other structures that make up this archaeological site. You might find that it’s busy during peak hours so get there early in the morning to avoid the tourist rush, and enjoy the fascinating historic spot. The entrance fee is 65 pesos, and it’s  open daily between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm – don’t miss out! If you aren’t there for the daily tour times, there are still evening tickets that will allow you in until 8:00 pm, for 220 pesos.

There’s no telling where you’ll end up – and perhaps you won’t even know yourself until the day unfolds before you while you’re enjoying your Playa del Carmen vacation! Nevertheless, it pays to plan ahead, so make sure you have you flight sorted, your transportation booked online, your hotel room booked, your means of communication with the world back home (or not, if you prefer! Hey, everybody needs a break from reality!) and your itinerary packed with amazing Playa del Carmen attractions.

So take it easy, bring that novel you’ve been dying to read, take advantage of 2 for 1 happy hour, seek out a little adventure and enjoy Playa del Carmen!

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