Tabasco – Known for Its Wide Rivers & Deep Lagoons, It is an Upcoming New Mexico’s Tourist Destination!

Tabasco! Let’s go ahead get this out of the way: yep, it’s a hot sauce. Yep, it’s a state in Mexico. Nope, the popular hot sauce isn’t actually from the Mexican state, it’s from Louisiana. The Tabasco peppers used in the hot sauce aren’t grown in Tabasco, Mexico, either! If you want a real taste of Tabasco, you’re going to have to look a little farther south!

What to Expect From This Mexican State in the South East? Tabasco in a Nutshell…

The major cities of Tabasco include Cárdenas, Ciudad Pemex, Comalcalco which is the home of the state’s incredible archaeological site, Paraíso which is famous for its beaches and its seafood, and of course Villahermosa – the capital city of the state of Tabasco. It’s broken down into five different regions, known as Centro, Chontalpa, Sierra, Pantanos, and Rios.

You’ll find this Mexican state in the country’s south eastern region, sectioned off roughly around the midway point between Mexico City and Cancun. Boasting incredible historic attractions, great food and an invigorating culture, this Mexican state is regarded as being the “Eden of Mexico”!

Tabasco is covered in a lot of beautiful green vegetation, and it’s a pretty flat state as well. It boasts some lovely rivers like the Usumacinta and the Grijalva ,and wetlands that provide essential water to habitats depending on an abundance of the life giving element in a sometimes harsh environment. There are forests as thick as you could possibly imagine, and fragrant breezes that carry the scent of ripening fruit.

This south eastern Mexican state is found bordering Chiapas to the south, Veracruz to the west, along with the states of Campeche and Guatemala on the east, and of course the Gulf of Mexico along the state’s northern border. Oil is a source of the state’s economy, abundant along the Tabasco shoreline.

Prepare for the Tabasco Heat – And We Aren’t Talking About the Pepper

When planning your Tabasco adventures, take into account that this Mexican state’s climate is basically either hot, very hot, very humid, or a combination of the aforementioned qualities! Over the course of the November through to January months you’ll find Tabasco more tolerable weather-wise, with the daytime average temperatures making their way to about 25 to 30 C – that’s about 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best ways to deal with the heat are to stay hydrated, dress appropriately with layered clothing, protect yourself from the sun, and plan your daily itinerary accordingly! Head out early in the mornings or later in the evenings to take advantage of the slightly less scorching weather. Make good use of any air conditioning that you can, and if you aren’t accustomed to the warmer climate, don’t overdo it.

Take an Amazing Tabasco Tour – Find the Tour That Suits You

Journey Mexico is a tour operator that can be reached at 01-800-513-1587, and they’re just one of the many great tours operators providing insightful and engaging Tabasco tours. Take a look at their week-long itinerary in and around Villahermosa!

Day 1

Arrival to the city of Villahermosa:
Once you reach the city of Villahermosa via the Villahermosa International airport you will be greeted outside of the baggage claim (and immigration if you’re coming in to the city internationally) followed by private transportation to your accommodation. Relax, rest, freshen up, and then meet in the lobby so you can be privately escorted to one of the many different fine restaurants located within the city – dinner is reserved but not included, be as indulgent or as frugal as you like!

A Tabasco home

A Tabasco home

Day 2

Casa del Agua and then Rio Tabasquillo:
Following your breakfast, you’ll be personally greeted in the lobby of the hotel and then make your way via private transportation to the beautiful mangrove and the wetlands of Centla. Take this time to see the Casa del Agua interpretive center for your chance to learn all about this area and the role it plays within the regional Tabasco biodiversity and ecosystems.

See the abundance of plants and animals that call this protected land their home, and then make your way for a mangrove where you’ll hopefully get the chance to encounter several of these creatures, including spider monkeys, herons, cormorants, as well as many other kinds of birds and even crocodiles!

Your day two journey will bring you through the arroyo calzada or the royal valley, and you’ll make your way along the powerful Usumacinta, the San Pedrito, and the Grijalva Rivers. Return to the boat dock, followed by a delicious lunch of locally caught and freshly prepared seafood before you make your way back to Villahermosa to rest and prepare for another day of excitement in Tabasco.

Day 3

Comalcalco and then Chocolate Hacienda:
Enjoy your breakfast, and then meet in the hotel lobby before being privately escorted to one of the most amazing pre-Columbian archeological sites you could hope to lay eyes on. Once in Comalcalco, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of an ancient civlization. This is an incredible Tabasco, among the best Mexico holiday destinations that is an absolute must-see if you’re ever traveling through this state, and you’ll be able to strike this one off your list today!

Comalcalco was once inhabited by the Chontal Maya. Explore and learn about this culture, about the abundance of the Cacao bean, which had been used as a form of currency in this pre-Columbian era. Cacao, more than just the bean that we use to make chocolate, held a secret status in the culture and continues on through the ages as the most important crop in the modern era.

Following your visit to the site along with your expert guide at your side providing you with the history and context of the archaeological site, you’ll continue onward to Hacienda La Luz, which is an active Cacao plantation. You’ll get the opportunity to garner a little information about the world of this impressive and highly regarded little bean, the source of all the world’s chocolate.

Enjoy your visit to this museum before being treated to a Tabasco style lunch consisting of some incredible local fare on the Hacienda grounds. Leaving the hacienda you will make your way to the Kolem Jaa. This natural reserve-slash-ecotourism park features a uniquely styled jungle themed accommodation. After the tip it’s time to unwind and enjoy dinner at the hotel.

Day 4

Tapijulapa, Villa Luz and finally Casa Tomas Garrido Canabal
Day four will see you enjoying breakfast before meeting up with your guide once again for another day of adventures in Tabasco. Get up close and personal with the Zoque Culture as you make the trip to one of the most typical villages you can find in all of Tabasco, the village of Tapijulapa.

Found in between the Oxolotán and the Amatán rivers, you’ll make your way to see the local craftsmen who create furniture and elaborately decorative objects from wood and bone. You will have your guide at your side to interpret your visit for you and allow you to ask any questions.

Making your way out of this picturesque Tabasco village, you’ll continue on to see waterfalls and powerful healing sulfer springs of Villa Luz. The healing properties that these waters have are important to the Zoque people who live around the entire region.

Visit the house and museum of former governor of Tobasco, Tomas Garrido Canabal.  You’ll be able to see archeological treasures in this small museum, as well as handcrafts typical to the region. You’ll make your way back to your accommodations with extra time to spend as you wish.

The Olmec colossal heads of Tabasco

The Olmec colossal heads of Tabasco

Day 5

Kolem Jaa
Today after breakfast, you will meet with your guide for a short but enjoyable walk around this interesting property. Along the way you will have a look at the various activities that are offered at the Ecotourism park and can try your hand at one of the many exciting optional activities including: Rapelling down a waterfall harnessed in with expert supervision; a canopy tour that will have you ride along a zip line above the canopy from where you can truly appreciate the flora and fauna of the property; bird-watching; horseback riding; mountain bike excursions; or numerous hikes or more gentle walks on the sprawling 60 acre property. Lunch and dinner are included.

Day 6

Villahermosa and then Yumka
Once you’ve finished breakfast, you will be escorted overland to Villahermosa for your mid-morning tour of La Venta Museum and Zoo. It’s such an extraordinary attraction, well loved for its outdoor displays and the exhibits of the wondrous and awe inspiring Olmec Heads from this fascinating region.

Following lunch in one of the many Tabasco restaurants, you will be making your way to the Yumká Interpretation and Coexistence with Nature Ecological Center. Since it’s only a quick ten miles out of the city, the trip is a brief one and it won’t be long before you are immersing yourself in the park’s three major ecosystems of Tabasco: The Forest, The Savanna, and The Lagoon.

In the evening you’ll be sampling some of the best cuisine Tabasco has to offer, and feel free to head out and enjoy some of the many different venues that offer live music, dancing and excitement!

Day 7

You Departure from Villahermosa
Once you’ve finished breakfast, you’ll be privately escorted to the Villahermosa International Airport in time for your  flights home.

Take home these Tabasco memories and start planning your next vacation to the beautiful south east of Mexico!

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