Spring Break Happens Only a Month a Year….You Better Be in Cancun When It Happens!

There’s truly no other place like Cancun when it comes to spring break, and each year thousands of young people flock to this Mexican city to have the time of their lives while they sunbathe, eat, drink, dance, and celebrate by having a well deserved break fro school and work.


Get Ready For Cancun – Fun, Sun, Music and More!

Maybe you’ve been to Cancun before, maybe it’s a new destination you’d like to check off your bucket list – perhaps you’ve never even done “spring break” and are hoping to find out what to expect. Rest assured that if you’re planning a Cancun spring break vacation, you’re going to be coming home with some wild memories!


Cancun is  world famous vacation destination, well known all around the globe as being the most popular holiday resort in the entire country of Mexico. Plenty of sun, surf and sand – and lots of music, drinking and dancing. It’s one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the entire world, inviting visitors from just about anywhere.

People flock to Cancun from the end of December through to the end of the spring season, while the weather is perfectly warm and welcoming and not too hot to handle. This is the season when the most parties and events are happening all over the resort city, and you can’t help getting swept up in the action!

Cancun and the beach!

Cancun and the beach!

There are two sections of Cancun – one side is the hotel and resort zone where you’ll find the majority of the cities hotels and all inclusive establishments.

The other side of Cancun is the downtown area which is where you’ll discover the city’s many different shopping centers, night clubs, restaurants and other establishments of interest.

Some come to Cancun for spring break in search of nonstop party action, and the lack of sleep or peace and quiet is not a concern at all. Others might be a little more concerned that they won’t get a break from their break – we all need our beauty sleep, right?

Fortunately for everyone involved, Cancun has pockets of party-hardy areas of the resort mixed in with places that don’t cater to the spring break crowd, ensuring that everyone peacefully co-exists in Cancun harmony.

Cancun’s reputation of being a number one party hotspot such as Las Vegas or Ibiza attracts people of all ages, and typically they’re looking for a vacation where they can let loose, relax when they want to relax, play when they want to play, go crazy when they want to go crazy and bring home nothing but amazing memories and swimsuits filled with beach sand.

Speaking of the beaches – the beaches of Cancun will definitely impress you. With their soft white sand and clean, clear water, you’ll find that these beaches are well maintained and generally immaculate despite being frequented by so many visitors from all around the planet. It’s the resort city’s main attraction and they’d like to keep it that way, so careful attention is put into how well maintained the beach and waters are.

The night life in Cancun is considered to be among the most excellent you’ll find in the entire world. With an abundance of different kinds of bars and night clubs that cater to a range of styles. Loud music, fun crowds, cheap drinks and excitement are all on the menu seemingly no matter where you go.

Planning Your Cancun Trip – Don’t Leave Home Without These Items!

First on the list is your passport – but don’t stop there. Make a scan or take a good, clear photo of the information page on your passport and save it in an email address that you can access anywhere. If you lose your passport you might have to make your way to Merida to get a new one and having this scan will help. Do the same with your travel insurance paperwork and any other important documents you are traveling with. When you get back home you can always delete these files from your email inbox.

The second thing you’ll need to bring with you is backup prescriptions. Do not carry these in your stowed luggage. If you regularly take any sort of medication at all, make sure you arrange to have enough with you as backup in case you misplace your original medication, or end up being delayed and having to stay longer than originally intended.

This may be in Cancun, or in a stopover city you miss a connection from – weather conditions have been known to delay travellers for days at a time, don’t get caught without enough prescription medication to cover you for an unexpected delay. Remember to carry these in their original prescription bottle to avoid hassles with customs.

Another great thing to have with you as a backup in case you misplace them is an extra pair of glasses, or set of contact lenses if you use them. Not being able to see while on holiday in Cancun would be a major bummer at best, and a dangerous hazard if you’re trying to make your way around by yourself. You never know when an unexpected wave will rob you of your specs! Know your lens prescription too, just in case.

Bring a credit card, and not a lot of cash. The ATMs are the best way to get your pesos when needed, and have your credit card handy for travel emergencies (resist the urge to bring it to the club) or for large purchases, and reservations for any kind of interesting tours you might want to take.

Use ATMS located inside banks instead of random ones you come across around Cancun – these will prove to be the most reliable and safe out of all your options. They’ll also be the easiest to get help with, should something malfunction with the machine.

Bring more than one swim suit, some casual clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops. You’ll probably wear the same things multiple times, don’t stress it. It allows you to pack less! Even if you aren’t counting on any fancy shin-digs in your Cancun holiday future, make sure to pack at least one thing that’s a bit dressier – you never know, right?

Whether it’s a sundress, skirt, or even dressier shorts, capris, and dressy sandals for the ladies or a nice shirt with a collar, dressy khakis or long pants and shoes for the guys, you’d rather be prepared for a spontaneous fancy dinner than not – does being prepared for a spontaneous dressy affair make it less spontaneous? No way!

For Cancun beach fun, don’t leave home without your sunscreen! You want to bring back amazing photos and fond memories, not a peeling sunburn and prematurely aging skin. Put that sunscreen on, even if you’re the type who normally ignores the stuff. A bad burn can sneak up on you. You don’t feel it happening or notice it until it’s too late – quite often you’ll feel fine until later on, when you’re back at your hotel and noticing the sudden pink and red tone your body has taken on.

Alcohol can cause you to misjudge how much sun exposure you’re getting too, so if you’re having a great time on spring break, make sure your skin is protected! Use a hat and sunglasses and cover up when possible.

Relax, and enjoy Cancun

Relax, and enjoy Cancun!

Depending on the hotel you’ll be staying with, you will want to bring a beach towel. The bigger resort hotels will offer beach towels to take with you to use while you’re out there enjoying some fun in the sun and the sand – the smaller hotels will not.

Even though Cancun is warm, you’ll still get a little bit of a chill if you’re stepping out of the water with nothing to dry you off, so bring along at least a thin, cheap towel that you can tote with you to the beach!

Bring along a shirt to wear while snorkeling, unless you have great waterproof sunscreen and someone willing to do your back every hour.

Snorkeling in Cancun is an absolute must-try activity and it’s loads of fun – but you’ll get a wicked burn on your back if you aren’t careful. A shirt can help solve that problem.

It’s a great idea to take along larger resealable bags to keep the sand out of things like your camera and snacks, but always – always – make sure that you bring them back with you again when you leave the beach! Non-biodegradable materials like plastic bags are a huge threat to the environment and a big problem around the beach when left behind.

Staff can only grab so many of them before they blow into the ocean – do your part not to leave anything behind when you’re packing it in for the day. You’ll find receptacles are placed just off the beach for you to dispose of any garbage you have with you.

Stay safe, watch your sun exposure, seek out a great restaurant or two, enjoy the night life and have a great spring break in Cancun!

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