Puerto Escondido Also Known as a Hidden Port and International Surfer Hangout with Kilometres of Sandy Beaches!

The palm trees and sunny beaches of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca is know around the world for being a hot spot for sun seekers and surfers! The sun is warm, the water is blue, the fresh market fruits are sweet and this Mexican destination is ready for you!

This paradise is Puerto Escondido, Mexico, where the sandy beaches, drinks, sun, surf and good times attract people from countries all over the globe. There’s no place like Puerto Escondido when it comes to fantastic surf hideaways – and one of the best things about it? It never feels crowded, and it always feels like your own beach-away-from-home!

For such a great surf and sun spot you’d think that Puerto Escondido would be completely overrun with tourists, shoulder to shoulder on the sun drenched beach. Not quite! Since it’s out of the way from most of the other major Mexican holiday destinations, Puerto Escondido is the kind of place that only attracts the type of people who really want to be there, and who really want to enjoy this beautiful Mexican hotspot for what it is.

Puerto Escondido isn’t what you’re expecting – it’s better!

It’s not the type of place you head to for your Americanized all inclusive vacation package holiday. Puerto Escondido is the kind of destination that immerses you into the natural wonder and the Mexican beach town life. That’s not to say that it’s a remote destination with little to offer in the way of tourism – it’s something in between. You aren’t going to be fighting for a sun lounger on a crowded commercial beach space, but you’ll definitely be able to find everything you need close at hand.

There’s a variety of accommodations to suit all budgets and styles, and you’ll quickly find out that Puerto Escondido is an extremely easy going and hospitable beach town. You’ll make new friends everywhere you go, and there will always be someone nearby who knows how to point you in the right direction for anything you might be looking for, or to make suggestions about what to do next!

Puerto Escondido is a place where you’ll never run out of things to do or places to explore, you will never go hungry for lack of amazing places to eat and foods to try, you’ll never be bored, and you’ll never be lonely. Whale watching tours, fishing charters, surf lessons, diving lessons, horse back riding along the beach, picnics in the sand, food, drink, shopping and friendly faces are all waiting at Puerto Escondido.

Puerto Escondido has a permanent population of roughly 45,000, and their economy is based on tourism, fishing, and agriculture. With its six different beaches, there’s always room for you to relax, soak in the sun, play in the sand, and find your own special spot to chill out. There’s Zicatela which is where the best surfing is waiting for you, as well as Principal, Marinero, Manzanillo, Carrizalillo and Bacocho beaches. Each one is a little different with it’s own personality, offering you something fun and entertaining.

While you’re on holiday in Puerto Escondido, chances are you won’t be leaving everything up to a resort style staff – this is the type of holiday you make your own! There are two supermarkets available in the immediate area, Super Che and Bodega Aurrera. There’s a public market, and plenty of other places to get anything you’ll need including specialty items and gifts from the shops located on the Adoquín, at Zicatela and on the Rinconada. Bank machines can be found around town, and visitor information can be obtained from the kiosk on the Adoquín. There are always friendly people willing to help out.

Puerto Escondido beach fun

Puerto Escondido beach fun

Zicatela, Puerto Escondido

Surfing Puerto Escondido is an experience like none other – don’t worry if you’ve never even set foot on a board before, there are beginner classes that will help get you out on those waves! Some of the smaller waves, at least! The Californian surfers who made the discovery of the strong sea current and perfect waves that can sometimes reach up to six meters high called this Zicatela Beach stretch of ideal surfing conditions “the Mexican pipeline.”

Zicatela has since made a name for itself for being one of the best surf spots in the entire planet! With its range of about roughly 100 meters wide by four kilometers long, there’s lots of water, wind and waves to play in. Zicatela is known for being the surf beach, and isn’t a recommended swimming spot. There are plenty of family friendly beaches with lots of space for kids to swim and play a little further north near the bay of Puerto Escondido.

The perfect weather is part of what makes this surf destination so great. Its warmth welcomes visitors from across the United States, Canada, and Europe mostly. Visitors love to come here to escape their winter season and enjoy the feeling of the sun on their face and sea breeze against their skin. In fact, you’re bound to hear any number of different languages including French, German, Japanese, in addition to English and Spanish of course. Meeting the great number of friendly folks who have flocked in from all around the world is just an added bonus to Puerto Escondido’s and Zicatela’s already vibrant attractions.

There are two major surfing events held here (and numerous minor ones) namely the Zicatela Pro Tournament that runs between July and August, and the Quiksilver Pro Tournament in July. The Quiksilver Pro Tournament is a big bucks surf affair, carrying a prize of $85,000 USD for the winner! It’s serious business and hard work for these athletes, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a professional surfer to enjoy Puerto Escondido.

The surf extravaganza has a colossal nightlife scene that is an important element to these events, so don’t be surprised if you’re bumping into professional athletes on the dance floor. The many different restaurants, bars, and nightclubs found around Zicatela run the gamut from trendy and sleek to rustic and gritty. All are welcoming, and all promise you a great time.

Puerto Escondido surfers

Puerto Escondido surfers

As Puerto Escondido has grown into a popular party place that seems more and more popular as the years go by, you’ll be happy to know that it still has that secluded and remote vibe. Sun worshipers, bohemian artists, surfers and party people are your peers, here!

Becoming a Surfer Yourself in Puerto Escondido!

You might not be a pro surfer yourself – maybe the most surfing you’ve ever done is surfing the internet from behind your desk. That’s perfectly okay – Puerto Escondido is one of the best places to pick up the skill!

Among other great surf schools, Zicazteca Surf School has what you need to get out there and enjoy those waves.

Address: Hotel Rockaway, Calle del Morro s/n, local #11, Zicatela, 70902 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico
Phone:+52 954 110 5853

Zicazteca Surf School offers great surf lessons that are two hours in duration each. The first lesson will always kick off with an overall introduction to the art of surfing and the basics on the beach. This includes understanding surf etiquette – you’re not only being polite, you’re also taking into consideration the safety of others. You’ll learn about the anatomy of the surf board, as well as Puerto Escondido ocean safety.

These tours are given in both Spanish and English, just make sure you check with them ahead of time regarding the language preference. Following your introductory bit, you’ll actually start getting all wet! You will get into the water, with your instructor at your side. Surf students will be pushed gently into the waves until they are able to master the skill of paddling for their own waves.

The lessons progress at a safe and steady pace to ensure that everyone is getting all of the information they need in order to be a skilled, safe surfer. Before you know it you’ll be learning how to maneuver your board and surf all on your own! Your surf lessons at this Puerto Escondido surf school include the use of boards, rash guards, and optional board shorts for women who aren’t enthusiastic about having to search for lost bikinis in the water. The lessons also include necessary transportation and a beach umbrella for any observers. That sun can be fierce – stay protected!

What would surf lessons be without a photo to take home to show your friends and family? Add a photos session with your surf lesson at an additional cost, and you’ll be able to share the memory of your trip to Puerto Escondido forever.

Of course there are a wealth of other surf options – some offering week long camps, some day long workshops, some are one-on-one, but all of them are incredible and you’ll find them in Puerto Escondido. Swim, snorkel, surf, go horseback riding or just catch a few rays in Puerto Escondido, Mexico! You’ll be glad that you did.

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