Los Cabos – Looking for a Destination with a Special Blend of Luxury Hotels, Beach Activities & Wild Nightlife?

Often called “Land’s End” by the many who travel through here, the southernmost tip of the sea-and-beach vacation destination of the Baja Peninsula is known as Los Cabos, and it’s a remarkable hot spot!

Due mainly to its proximity to the American border, American influences are found all around this municipality when it comes to shopping malls, developments, and overall cultural influences in general – but there’s no mistaking the uniqueness that is Los Cabos on the Sea of Cortez with its mountain range and deserts and distinct Baja vibe.

At the very bottom of Baja California Sur, about as far down as you can travel, you’ll come across a vacation destination with two very distinct personalities: one tranquil, laid back and reflecting the history of the country of Mexico with its central square, its cobblestone streets, its cozy restaurants and its curious little shops, flowers, authentic foods and music.

The other part of the dual personality of Los Cabos is modern, lively, loud, fast paced and full of energy with its slick architecture and stylish shopping malls. Just on the other end of the Corridor lies Cabo San Lucas, the party destination ripe with night life, trendy clubs, themed bars and fun.

The Los Cabos shoreline reaches from one end to the other, making its way along the Sea of Cortez from San José del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas and the 33 kilometer or twenty mile Corridor that joins the two distinct areas.

San Jose del Cabo, take it easy in this tranquil city in Los Cabos!

Slower paced San Jose del Cabo, located to the east of Los Cabos has a shaded main plaza and winding narrow city streets that will inspire you to take it easy as you pause to admire the area’s architecture, the lovely boutiques, the colours that surround you in the forms of art galleries and gardens.

Enjoy a refreshing fruit flavoured drink, an expertly made margarita, or indulge your seafood cravings at one of the many different outdoor dining areas. The most enjoyable way to spend mealtime is with the incredible view surrounding you. San Hose del Cabo balances sophistication and an easy going nature perfectly.

Take in the splendid ambience of this city’s 18th century Spanish colonial architecture while you soak in the laid-back local environment and great personalities you’ll come across on your Los Cabos holiday. San Jose del Cabo is definitely among the best go-to holiday destinations for anyone traveling around the Baja Peninsula seeking a more slower paced rendezvous than its party hardy counterpart, Cabo San Lucas a short twenty miles away.

Go scuba diving or try your hand at kayaking  in Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, the place where you’ll find the Sea of Cortez’s one and only hard coral reef – you can also explore the the wreck of the fishing boat Colima, see the Playa del Amore and enjoy one of the best beaches you’ll find in all of Mexico, and photograph more than two hundred different bird species found in the San Jose’s Estuary and Bird Sanctuary.

San Jose’s Estuary and Bird Sanctuary
Address: Paseo San Jose, which is East of Presidente Forum Resort in San José del Cabo, BCS 23400

Discovering this attraction between the town of San Jose del Cabo and the local marina, you’ll be glad that you’ve made the time to visit San Jose’s Estuary and Bird Sanctuary in Los Cabos. It’s an incredible and large home to many different species of exotic birds and some other wild life.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

This marshland estuary is known for being the largest body of fresh water that you can find in the otherwise mountainous and desert environment of Baja California. In the past, the area of this estuary was the source of drinking water for all of the region’s early settlers, and to this day remains a major source of irrigation.

What was once a gathering place for people coming for life giving water has been transformed into a beautiful gathering place for bird watchers and nature lovers and curious travellers alike, each coming to see the beauty of the nature the bird sanctuary holds.

You’re even able to enjoy the estuary via kayak, a wonderfully peaceful way to get around and get up close and personal with your natural surroundings. The great thing about a kayak is that it’s environmentally responsible, inexpensive and easy to operate, and even someone who has never sat in a kayak before can pick the skill up very quickly.

Kayaking is a great way to see a lot of Los Cabos in general – the lightweight craft allows you to zip silently through the water with ease and get close to all sorts of natural beauty you would otherwise have no way of accessing. Kayaking Los Cabos can get you that much closer to its natural wonders without minimal impact on the environment.

Times & Dates for the Bird Sanctuary:
Open Hours: Dawn until dusk, on a daily basis, with no wait time
Visit Time is usually one to three hours long
The Best Time to Visit: Sunrise or sunset which paints the sanctuary in vivid colours
Price: Free

It’s an excellent destination for families, couples or solo travellers of all ages. For transportation options, the nearest train or bus is San Jose del Cabo, but the best way to get here is via taxi cab or your own vehicle. There’s parking available on site.

Enjoy Scuba Diving Los Cabos! There are Plenty of Opportunities!

One of the great Scuba Diving operations you can find in Los Cabos is Dive Cabo. You can reach them from within Mexico at (044) 624 157 6327 or 624 105 1793; from outside of Mexico at +52 1624 157 6327 or +52 624 105 1793.

Dive Cabo is a PADI 5 Star Resort, offering daily scuba diving and snorkeling tours around the area and taking you to all of the greatest dive sites in the southern Baja California region. Cabo San Lucas – Marine Park, Sea Lion Colony, The Sandfalls, Santa Maria and Chileno Bay, La Paz, Cabo Pulmo, and to the sought-after Gordo Banks where schools of hammerhead sharks roam.

Situated conveniently at the Cabo San Lucas marina, this Los Cabos dive tour operator specializes in bringing you the best experience in tailor-made scuba diving opprtunities and snorkeling excursions. They have a knowledgable and professional staff, the latest in scuba diving and snorkeling equipment, and years of experience behind them, making them one of the best places to go in Los Cabos when you’re looking for a great dive tour operator.

You’ll get to experience:
• Small groups which have been divided by experience.
• Enriched Air Nitrox provided for free, and they also offer free discover nitrox dives
• Free underwater photo service
• Their PADI 5 Star Dive Resort & Nitrox Facility
• Free dive computer rental as well as equipment storage
• Free refresher courses daily 30 minutes prior to the day’s dive

Experience Cabo San Lucas with its abundance of outdoor attractions and its incredible night life!

On one hand, Los Cabos gives you unbeatable natural attractions, a multitude of different kinds of ways to spend your southern Baja California vacation in and on the water with its crashing waves off the Pacific coast and its calm and peaceful waters found in the Sea of Cortez.

On the other hand, Los Cabos brings you an amazing nightlife scene, incredible hotels, luxurious shopping experiences and fine dining. Everyone from families to A-list celebrities enjoy Cabo San Lucas!

Los Cabos Baja Cantina

Los Cabos Baja Cantina

There’s no shortage of late night dance clubs and live music venues that offer a wide range of different music styles for you to enoy. DJs and the souns of up-tempo dance music are heard at places like Mandala, Pink Kitty, and Passion Club. Cabo Wabo is a long time staple of the San Lucas live music scene, additions like the newly opened Rock and Brews found in San José del are where you’ll be able find hard rock memorabilia and electric guitars.

It’s no secret that Cabo San Lucas loves the party life, and has earned a reputation for being an uninhibited thrill seekers party zone. The after hours action spills out from the clubs and bars and into the surrounding streets and beaches. If you’re a wine lover you’ll want to check out the Los Cabos Winery and take a look at the local wine lists at some of the area’s best restaurants.

Los Cabos beachgoers flock to places like Medano Beach hotspots Mango Deck, the Baja Cantina, The Office, and  Zipper’s which gives you a great view of the Playa Costa Azul beach action.

There’s something for everyone in Los Cabos. Prefer a peaceful and relaxing holiday steeped in culture and history? Maybe you’re hoping to find a great night life hot spot where all the action is! Take some time out for a sophisticated dinner and a glass of local wine while you look out over the waters – or jump into those waters yourself and explore the world that exists under the waves! Enjoy Los Cabos!

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