Here is Why Few Cities in the World have as Spectacular a Setting as La Paz!

Swimming in La Paz with Whale Sharks

Swimming in La Paz with Whale Sharks

One part Arizona, one part Caribbean, La Paz is the city to go in Mexico when you’re in the mood for fishing, boating, scenic beaches and world class views!  With its many beaches, boat docks and aquatic playgrounds, you’ll discover that Mexico’s La Paz is a paradise.

Playa El Tesoro beach is tops when it comes to non motorized water sports in this tranquil protected bay, and its shallow azure waters are the home of a variety of different ocean life and underwater geological features. The Sea of Cortex is home to many different islands that can be explored and visited by a number of different boat tour operations that have set up shop out of La Paz, and the land itself is hot and dry.

La Paz is actually the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, in Mexico, and you’ll find it located along the coastline of the Gulf of California, or the Sea of Cortez, close to the very southern tip of the long peninsula. Quite often La Paz seems too out of the way to be considered by travellers to be worth focusing on, and the nearby Los Cabos resort tends to draw many potential visitors away from La Paz.

Even though it’s a place off the main tourist map, La Paz actually boasts an enchanting waterfront and an unbeatable stretch of beaches. You’ll discover that the city itself is an extraordinarily well maintained and safe, clean and attractive, with an abundance of different islands situated just off the coast, which are typically popular holiday destinations in their own right.

How to Prepare for La Paz – Planning Your Trip to the Capital of Baja California!

The desert climate that you’ll encounter in La Paz with it’s low humidity most of the year will have you feeling pretty hot, hot, hot. In the summer months, the humidity levels can reach upwards of 85% or more! The average winter nights in this capital city will also dip down into the lower 50s Fahrenheit, which will feel brisk and cool, and the average summer highs usually reach 100 Fahrenheit – in other words, pretty sizzling!

How can you prepare for these La Paz temperatures? Some of the easiest solutions for visitors to the capital city who aren’t used to weathering these kinds of high temperatures involve air conditioning and dressing in layers. Luckily, if you’re staying during the hottest season of the year you’ll be able to relax in luxury in one of the great hotels this city has to offer.


Hotels in La Paz – Where to Stay

It’s ideally located with all kinds of entertaining activities within close reach! With Japanese, Italian, Fusion and other kinds of restaurants at your disposal you’ll be able to enjoy your stay here no matter what the season.

Grand Plaza La Paz – Hotel & Suites
An oceanfront accommodation with all the amenities you’ll need in La Paz; a five minute walk from downtown and a ten minute drive from the airport makes La Paz an excellent choice!

Hyatt Place La Paz
Explore the area, enjoy golfing, boating, sailing, and all of the rich opportunities you’ll find when staying in La Paz from the comfort of Hyatt Place La Paz.

Of Course, When the Weather is Warm, it’s Time to Hit the Water!

Snorkeling around Los Islotes and then Kayaking Espiritu Santo Island is one of the most perfect ways to enjoy your La Paz vacation! Look up to organize a wonferful tour of the La Paz region that will take you out on the open waters so that you can bring home the most amazing memories!

Snorkel with the friendly sea lions then kayak from a beach on Espiritu Santo Island.
Hours of operation for the tour: 8:30 am until 4:00 pm
Includes: lunch, beverages, your bilingual kayak guide, all necessary snorkeling equipment, double kayaks as well as associated equipment and transportation.
Price: For groups of 1 to 4 people prices are $380 for the group, for 4 or more $95 per person

Kayaking the Espiritu Santo Island Tour
You’ll be learning how to kayak for the very first time, or honing your kayaking skills. Take to the waers in protected bays and enjoy exploring the coves, beaches and the mangrove estuaries on Espiritu Santo Island. Snorkeling is an option that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of when you take part in this tour.
Hours of operation for the tour: 8:30 am until 4:00 pm
Includes: lunch, beverages, your bilingual kayak guide, all of your necessary snorkel equipment, double kayaks as well as any associated equipment and transportation.
Price: $85 per person with a 4 person minimum

Beautiful views from La Paz

Beautiful views from La Paz

The Los Islotes and Espiritu Santo Island Snorkeling Tour
Go on a snorkeling tour to swim with the sea lions at Los Islotes,  and joing another snorkeling tour coming from the beach along Espiritu Santo Island.
Hours of operation for the tour: 8:30 am until 4:00 pm
Includes: lunch, beverages, a bilingual guide with six or more passengers, all necessary snorkel equipment required for the trip, and transportation.
Price: $75 per person with a 4 person minimum

There’s a hidden treasure of shallow blue water inlets and pink cliffs to be found at Espíritu Santo – known for being one of La Paz’s most sought after tourist gems. It’s a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site made up of over two hundred and forty differet islands and coastal regions found within the Sea of Cortez. It makes an incredible day trip, and you can choose from an abundance of different tour operators that run tours in and out of the area – including snorkeling and kayak tours.


What Else Does La Paz Have in Store For You?

Despite the fact that La Paz isn’t always the number one vacation destination that most people put on their Baja California itinerary, that doesn’t mean that this capital city doesn’t have one of the greatest night life scenes you can hope to find on the length of the Peninsula. There is in fact quite an active night life scene in the malecon, the street that stretches the length of the harbour! It’s here you’ll be able to walk around and see the sights, pop into the various clubs, get a drink, and have a good time!

The city of La Paz has reconstructed its waterfront, with a wide sidewalk and small  beaches spreading the length of the coast, a tourist central pier, a wealth of benches, various sculptures showcasing the artistic abilities of local artists, and some of the most beautiful sunset views you can hope to find in the entire country of Mexico – one of the city’s greatest highlights.

Take a Whale Watching tour: you’ll be able to start your La Paz adventure in the capital city before moving on to the Port of San Carlos on order to meet with the aquatic superstars of this tour: the Gray Whales of Magdalena Bay. Your snorkeling equipment will be provided and a fantastic seafood lunch will be included on your whale watching tour.

Opened in February 2016, the La Paz Whale Museum or Museo de la Ballena offers five different exhibition spaces that showcase models, audiovisual features, and a variety of different multilingual discussions that concern all mannerisms and biological and ecological facts of the grey whales that make their homes and breed in the local waters around La Paz.

A soundtrack of whale songs recorded in their wilderness habitat blends with the museum’s atmosphere and its tremendousble spacious and dramatically lit areas. Paired with the exhibitions and audiovisual displays, the museum’s foundation promotes the study and conservation of whales. You’ll also encounter a lovely area that has been dedicated to the local turtles, which covers the seven different turtle species that are native to Mexico, not to mention a top notch cafeteria and gift shop.

To fully appreciate everything La Paz has in store for you, you’ll need to take a boat ride to the aforementioned barrier island of  Espíritu Santo, and Partida. Isla Espíritu reaches  19 kilometers or 11 miles in length and 5 kilometers or 3 miles wide. In this lovely area you’ll be able to relax, enjoy the sight of dozens of incredible bays, encounter the variety of marine life that calls this place home, and see the animals on land as well. There are so many different kinds of birds, amphibians, and reptiles hiding around, it’s a great place to explore.

The 23,800 acre desert found here is probably one of the most unspoiled ecosystems you can hope to find in the entire Baja California Peninsula area. Five distinct species of mammals and reptiles, such as the black jackrabbit, a species of ring-tailed cat, and a type of ground squirrel are actually unique species to this island only!

The area is a very interesting one, and archeologists have been able to uncover evidence that humans have made their way around this island as long as 40,000 years in the past. Isla Espíritu Santo is a wonderland of nature conservation and an interesting example of evolution.


Camping in the region of La Paz – take advantage of this area rich in natural beauty!

When you’re traveling through the Baja California Peninsula, you might find that the greatest way to stay (depending on the weather and the season of the year) is to choose the option of beach camping! It’s adventurous, it’s romantic, it’s fun, it’s practical and it’s frugal!

There are actually quite a few free camping areas to be found near the capital city of La Paz. Some of them are technically illegal even though many are camping there regardless of their legal status. The known legal camp sites include:

Casa Blanca RV park $18 per 2 persons
La Paz RV park $20 per 2 persons

Baked Fish Tacos in La Paz

Baked Fish Tacos in La Paz

La Ventana Campground $4 per person
Oasis RV park $10-17 per 2 persons
Yo Yo’s Campground and Trailer park $6 per person

Working Up and Appetite in La Paz – What to Check Out:

Coming to La Paz, you would be remiss in not taking advantage of the city’s abundance of specially prepared, locally caught fresh seafood dishes! Sourced from the beautiful waters that surround this city, the fresh catch makes its way to your plate via a highly skilled process of preparation that La Paz is known for. Chefs have spent years mastering how to perfect blue marlin, rock oysters, tuna, lobster, clams and abalone.

Not only is the fresh seafood a local favourite, the La Paz cuisine is also known for its delicious meats flavoured with damiana – a wild herb that grows in the Baja, considered useful for its medicinal properties. The locals also consider it to be an aphrodisiac. You should be on the lookout for damiana liqueur, created in a unique bottle in the shape of an Incan Goddess.

Have fun in the tranquil waters, see the islands, and enjoy the different local sights! Taste the cuisine of La Paz, and bring home incredible memories of this Baja vacation destination!

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