Know What To Do In San Diego, The Magical Old Town, A World Of Sun, Fun, & Natural Beauty!

San Diego is an animated and captivating city, offering the luxury facilities of a modern city immersed in a paradise of natural beauty. The San Diego Harbor opens on to the scenic Mission Bay with its hundreds of colorful sails incessantly swaying in the gentle pacific breeze, where luxury resorts and five star hotels offer unforgettable first class service complete with breathtaking views over Mission Bay.

The 70 miles of spectacular coast are dotted with the well-preserved beach communities of Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, while just north of San Diego the luxury beach resort of La Jolla dominates pristine beaches offering luxury spa resorts amongst which are some of San Diego’s best luxury hotels.

The San Diego area is the ideal place to find a summer climate during winter and to explore the natural habitat of the ocean world and surrounding nature’s environment. The San Diego area offers first-class entertainment and attractions in an ideal mild climate and preserved location. If you have been asking yourself a question what to do in San Diego, there is a ton of things for everyone.

Downtown San Diego is perfect for family and business travelers; here you may find many popular attractions and diverse cultural venues. It is a vibrant downtown area and is home to the San Diego Convention Center located on the San Diego Harbor, near Petco Park with a great selection of luxury accommodation and five star hotels. The area teems with an eclectic range of restaurants, luxury shopping boutiques and exciting entertainment venues.

This remarkable city is among holiday destinations that packs numerous attractions and things to do, some the most popular are the following:

1. Visit Old Town and witness the living legacy of San Diego history. Guests wander through Old Town’s historic buildings, including the blacksmith shop, Seeley Stables and the oldest schoolhouse in San Diego. Some visit Old Town for shopping – some of the shops carry very nice handicrafts. Others like to have a big platter of tacos and enchiladas washed down with a margarita while still others poke around inside the historic buildings, imagining life in early California.

2. Visit La Jolla Cove and watch magnificent sunsets on the ocean. La Jolla Cove is one of the most spectacular natural settings in the world with tide pools for exploring at low tide. A trip down into “the” Cave (via the Cave Store) takes you through a manmade tunnel down, down, down until you enter the unusual and breathtaking Sunny Jim Cave. You can also enter the cave from the sea (via kayak) along with the other six ocean-carved caves, but Sunny Jim is the only sea cave in California that you can access from a stairway. Sunny Jim Cave is so cool that the Encyclopedia Americana calls it one of the “must” sights in Southern California.

3. Visit downtown San Diego’s Seaport Village for hours of free entertainment, leisurely strolling and window-shopping. Here you can explore 50-plus diverse shops, 17 unique eateries and outdoor entertainment and find everything under the sun. Alongside four miles of tree-lined paths you’ll find all sorts of entertainers doing their thing. Bands, singers, dancers, magicians, whatever. There’s something for any age, so have a seat, take in a show and get a little sun. Check for the scheduled stage performances and daily entertainers. All of the talent performs, where else, outdoors – after all, you’re in San Diego!

4. Spend a cool, relaxing day at the enormous (4,000 plus acres!) Mission Bay Park surrounding Mission Bay. Many families pack the car and spend the day here. They bring bikes, scooters, camping chairs and foldable picnic tables. On the way to the park be sure to pick up a bunch of take-out food… (we recommend Rubio’s or Filberto’s) and pack a cooler full of drinks and extra snacks. Bring the badminton set and books, crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. It’s a great place to relax or bike or walk along the sidewalks. Just find a nice spot under one of the many trees and either catch some sun or fall asleep in the shade. On warm days you get a cool breeze from the bay and the ocean. Oh, and you can bring your dog too. This is America’s Finest City, get outside and enjoy it!

5. Grab your beach towel and Coppertone and get to one of dozens of San Diego beaches (they are all free) and swim, jog, boogie-board, read a spy novel, watch world-class surfers or just bake in the sun. Alcohol is prohibited on all San Diego beaches. Both South Mission Beach and Ocean Beach are hotspots for beach volleyball. Ocean Beach has six courts, and South Mission Beach has 15 courts. You can not have a list of what to do in San Diego without including beaches!

6. Another thing to include in your what do in San Diego list is the popular San Diego zoo where you can see baby panda bears. The zoo has varieties of creatures; you can see all of them in their natural dwellings. Look over Hippos with mouth wide open at the side glass of the aquarium, of course you had been wondering hippos in an aquarium, yes it is. That is the main wonder of the zoo. You can watch polar bears swimming around with ice cubes. This is the place where you can have loads of fun and also learn the natural dwellings of animals, if you had ever been wondering to feed a rhino, here is your chance to unwind and enjoy the pleasures of feeding wild life although they are not very wild. You can buy backstage passes that helps you do feeding to the animals. There are varieties of animals here that include orangutans, giant condors, baby chicks, majestic lions up close. The San Diego zoo came into existence in the year 1915, while walking in the zoo make sure that you are swearing good shoes. They are a must haves if you are opting for Skyfari or going to the bottom of the park or getting back to the entrance.

7. Another beautiful San Diego tourist attractions include The Seaworld San Diego, you can see the Shamu show how they dance on the music and high jumps in the air, the whales here are excellently trained to give their best performances. The Shamu show is completely filled with excitement and thrills, it appeals to people of all age, some other excitements include Beluga whales, fireworks at night time, swim with dolphins, etc.

8. San Diego County has also many fine, world-class wineries to explore and discover. When you visit San Diego make sure you do not miss a visit to one of these prestigious wineries for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

9. San Diego is the perfect getaway for you to lay back and enjoy the wonders of nature without having to give up the comfort of luxury resorts or five star hotels. Experience relaxation, enjoy a luxury spa and prepare to be treated to the best when you come to San Diego. The luxury hotels in San Diego are ideal for a romantic getaway, first-class service and facilities in a soothing and unique setting.

10. Salazar’s Whole Enchilada – For under $10, you can grab a delicious and authentic lunch at Salazar’s Whole Enchilada. As soon as visitors enter the door, they are taken back in time to Southern California’s Spanish occupancy. There are mustached men wearing sombreros, women wearing brightly colored dresses and entertainment consisting of a lot of dancing to mariachi music being played on the jukebox. Salazar’s Whole Enchilada is at 1502 Market St.

11. Newport Avenue Antique Center – If you enjoy finding a bargain, recycling or simply shopping for the unusual, the Newport Avenue Antique Center will keep you searching for bargains throughout the day. The center is a 18,000 square foot building with a variety of vendors selling wares ranging from eclectic vintage items to fur coats and designer clothing. The center is at 4864 Newport Ave.

12. Torrey Pines State Reserve – For an easy and beautiful hike, The Guy Fleming Trail in Torrey Pines State Reserve will give you a stunning glimpse of the ocean from above a cliff. The hiking trail is six-tenths of a mile that loops around and among cliffs that overlook the ocean. If you want to save a little money and still take in the beautiful hike, the original $8 admission price is cut in half when you arrive an hour before sunset. The reserve is located at 12600 N. Torrey Pines Rd.

13. Ray at Night – A perfect way to finish off a day of unusual San Diego attractions, is a visit to the Ray at Night art walk. On the second Saturday of each month, all of the restaurants and stores on the narrow Ray Street, in North Park, stay open late into the night. There are several galleries, coffee shops, yoga studios and bars to explore as well as jazz sessions and poetry performances to enjoy.

14. Visit Balboa Park as one of the fun things in your what to do in San Diego list. Balboa Park is a gorgeous 1,200-acre cultural park, located just a few short minutes away from Downtown San Diego. The many attractions you’ll find at Balboa Park include ten different world-renowned museums, nine botanical gardens, the San Diego Zoo, a playhouse, and a variety of restaurants and shops to enjoy. You can also enjoy a simple walk along the Park’s main promenade, enjoying the trees, the art installations and the beautiful Spanish Revival architecture.

15. Best Museums of San Diego at Balboa Park

The balboa park in San Diego isn’t solely the biggest metropolitan city park but also prides itself as home of the not lower than fifteen outstanding museums and that opens a undivided calendar of events. The outcomes are so different that every visitant accepts something for them disregarding of their appreciation. There’s a plethora of expositions, concerts, plays about day-to-day in very beautiful backgrounds.

The Centro Cultural de la Raza is a cultural arts center that plainly develops, advances, safeguards and learns about Mexican, Chicano Latino and endemic art and culture. The acts are interspersed between dance, music, dramatic art and a few cinema and video sessions. There’s special resident group that performs on every second Sunday and art sales along third Sundays.

The Japanese Friendship Garden opened up they’re doors around 1915 and occupies two acres side by side to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. Visit to savour the fabled Zen Meditation garden, the bonsai exhibit and the koi pond. Visitants give a chance to choose courses about making sushi, bonsai and Japanese calligraphy along most weekends.

The Mingei International Museum is committed to the international art addressing all races and times of the world. It showcases vivacious progressive tense appearances aggregating the arts, craft and designs of diverse peoples. This museum boasts collections and specific expositions that expose the finest originative esthetic expressions from crafters of yore to the modernistic engineers.

There are barely a handful of foundations nationwide that are consecrated to picture taking and the Museum of Photographic Arts is just amongst them. These museum homes well over 4,000 pieces of work covering the full chronicle of picture taking. There’s a lot to discover about this unique art of picture taking and the journey it has journeyed from the days of the Polaroid camera to the present ear where everything is plainly digital. There’s as well a modernistic movie theatre in this specific museum.

Then there’s the San Diego Air and Space Museum which is associated to Smithsonian Institution. It hosts among other major exhibits the Apollo 9 Command Module Spacecraft, which represents apparently the exclusive Global Positioning System Satellite exposed anyplace globally. There are on presentation a lot of artifacts arraying from the birthplace of flying to these days where going to space is just seen as convention business.

The 200- foot California Tower is as well home to the San Diego Museum of Man and is dedicated to anthropology. The architecture itself is ancient Spanish architecture from the days of colonialism. They’ve showcased progressive and instructive displays about the folks and many places in the Americas and its civilisation.

Though esteemed the smallest among all the museums in San Diego and probably the whole world, the Timken Museum is home to the renowned Putnam Foundation Collection of European paintings, American arts and Russian images. Altogether great names in art are certainly represented here. They include obvious names like Fragonard, Rembrandt, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Eastman Johnson among others. Most of the expositions held in this illustrious museum are commonly free so be sure you do not miss out when you’re in San Diego.

16. A Night at the Gaslamp – The historic Gaslamp District in the heart of Downtown SD is where the night life is. A great place for both couples and singles, the Gaslamp has some of the nicest dance clubs and bars in the city, including everything from salsa dancing venues to upscale cocktail lounges.

17. Scripps Birch Aquarium – The Scripps Birch Aquarium is a hidden gem of the County, and has an impressive research facility right there at the aquarium. You can see three different types of sharks, and there is a tide pool for kids of all ages to touch and feel marine life in a more natural setting. You can enjoy sweeping views of the ocean from the aquarium.

Give yourself an opportunity to discover why San Diego is second to no other place when you are in search of luxury, comfort, sun and fun, when you want to indulge in the best resort hotels, five star restaurants and entertaining activities, this is where to be to enjoy all this and more. Happy San Diego vacation!

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