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African Destinations

What Is All The Fuss About Victoria Falls? Here Is Why!

Victoria Falls Are Among The Most Spectacular Waterfalls In The World! Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world. Therefore, it is on many people’s bucket list of holiday destinations that they want to visit before they die. The waterfall forms a natural boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe. There are many tips that you need to follow to make your time at Victoria Falls more enjoyable.   When To Visit

Marrakesh – The Ultimate Experience In Adventure Travel

Essential Guide To Enjoying Your Marrakesh (Marrakech) Experience Marrakesh, the red city, is the former imperial city of Morocco. The city has two parts, an older fortified city- Medina and the adjacent modern city- Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle. Both the cities present contrasting lifestyles to the outside world. Medina has long and narrow streets with traditional shops full of life and character. On the contrary, Gueliz has a modernistic outlook

Journey To Mali | Home To The City Of Timbuktu

Things To Know Before Going For Mali Holidays The Republic of Mali, situated in West Africa, is home to legendary locations such as the city of Timbuktu, the mosque at Djenné and the river port Mopti. Mali is part of the Southern Saharan desert and is mostly made up of rolling plains, deserts, Savannah and also the Niger River. Although not top of the list for the main holiday destinations to visit

Embark Yourself On A Tanzania Safari Of The Wild

Tanzania Safari – Experience The Most Spectacular 5 Destinations To Encounter Africa’s Wildlife! When you think of wonderful, exotic and unspoiled Tanzania, what first comes to mind? It’s The jungle, the animals, or the natural parks The warm weather, year round, safari, and sundresses of the lovely native women The excitement of the native African culture, the drums, the dance, the culture the food, the fun, the incredible economy, the

Namibia Travel | Tips You Need For Namibia Holidays

Africa Namibia Travel Tips & Information In Namibia, upon the parched palate of a vast and contradictory land, the realities of thirst have created a plethora of idiosyncratic societies. The shifting dunes of the Namib Desert are honeycombed with the greatest variety of living creatures of any dunelands around the world. The desolate Skeleton Coast, monument to by-gone maritime disasters, contrasts with the vibey holiday atmosphere of the quaint German

Handy Accra Ghana Tourist Information & Tips

Brief Accra Ghana Guide – What To See & What To Do! If you are planning to explore West African holiday destinations, you certainly will not want to miss Ghana’s bustling capital, Accra. You might even decide to turn a memorable day visit there into an exciting extended stay. Enjoy this richly historical coastal city, taking in exotic attractions by day, then relaxing in one of Accra’s lush hotels at night.

Mauritius Holidays | Experience Mauritius Island

Mauritius Holidays – Dream Come True Holidays Mauritius is one of the most beautiful Island countries in Southeast Asia. It is amazingly beautiful as there are many scenic beaches in the country that are ideal for holidays. Mauritius is ruled by many European powers and the trip to Mauritius not only offer tourists to enjoy fun-filled beach holidays but at the same time let the tourists experience the rich heritage

Spend Your Holidays In Kenya | 5 Fresh Ideas!

Five Fresh Ideas To Spend Your Holidays In Kenya! There are so many hidden treasures within a few hours’ drive of Nairobi, Kenya, that are often overlooked when Nairobians set about planning their weekend getaways. The trouble is that the big game parks, which are often favoured, are further away and usually require a three-day trip from Nairobi. So where can you go if you want to leave on Saturday morning and

Unveil The Secrets Of The Famous Sahara Desert

A Holiday Of A Lifetime – The Sahara Desert Sahara Desert is among the world’s most popular desert. It is featured in some of the known Hollywood movies because of its distinct features. If you have visited this magnificent site of nature or even if you have heard or watched on television, you certainly must have struck with the question that how did the sand get over there. The area

The One And Only Cape Town Tips You Need!

How To Live Like A Local When You Visit The One And Only Cape Town! There is a reason some people address this great city as the one and only Cape Town instead of just Cape Town. The city is certainly one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Would be proper to say the most beautiful but we know you won’t agree with unless unless you are firstly

Madagascar Holidays | Travel To Madagascar

Madagascar Holidays – A Great Opportunity To Come Back To Your Origins! Madagascar holidays……It may sound like you are going to a remote island, a remote name, somewhere that you would not think at the first time when planning your holidays. Far from reality, the treasures that make Madagascar holidays one of the most beautiful adventures in the world are hidden there and mostly still unspoiled. Now it is the time to

Reasons To Visit The Kingdom Of Swaziland

Discover The Beautiful Kingdom Of Swaziland! The Kingdom of Swaziland is a small country in Africa. Its four regional districts are Hhohho, Manzini, Lubombo, and Shiselweni which is further divided in to Tinkhundla which is governed by Tindvuna. The ancestors of this place were Khoisan hunter gatherers but later on they were replaced by Bantu tribes. The Kingdom of Swaziland is encircled on the north and south by the provinces

Mountain Gorilla Trekking | The Jewel Of Rwanda

Mountain Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda – Exciting Opportunities To Watch The Primates As They Go On With Their Daily Life! From a geographical map, Rwanda, the tiny east-central African country appears to be almost chocking from a collective grip by the giant neighbors surrounding her. Uganda is squeezing from the north, Democratic republic of Congo pressuring to the west and Tanzania pulling from the east. On the southern side of

Egypt Cairo Holidays & Other Tips About The City

Egypt Cairo Holidays – The Things You Need To Know! As the capital of Egypt, its distinctiveness is based on history that goes back thousands of years. This amazing city is full of life and its lively personality is all its own. With crowded streets and non-stop activity, Cairo holidays offer both a modern feel as well as a quaintness in which the city was built upon. Spanning the banks

Seychelles Holidays | Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Holidays – Paradise Perfected! Some of the world’s most beautiful “untouched” island holiday destinations are the islands of the Seychelles. A group of roughly 115 islands are located north-east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. These islands are densely vegetated and truly idyllic with their white washed beaches and clear ocean waters. Seychelles is a great island destination year round, the sun always shines over this stunning island. Here

Holidays In Marrakech | Visit Marrakech Morocco

Brace Yourself For The Holidays In Marrakech Morocco! Ever dreamt of seeing the land of God? Then, start preparing for your holidays in Marrakech because this medieval-looking place is not only the second largest city but is also the commercial hub of the Kingdom of Morocco. Deriving its name from the Tamazight word “Mur akuch,” Marrakech literally means the “land of God.” But in going beyond this simple etymology, your