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Namibia Holidays

Fan of Deserts? Go Big With Kalahari Desert!

Fan of Deserts? Go Big With Kalahari Desert! Traveling into the breathtaking Kalahari Desert stirs up emotions of solitude and remoteness, oneness with nature, adventure, and romance. Not many holiday destinations can bring this package of adventure all at once, the vastness and desolation of this enormous space is almost difficult to take in. Although it is called a desert, the Kalahari Desert is actually a vast basin of savannah

Holidays in Swakopmund Namibia

Holidays in Swakopmund Namibia Namibia’s Swakopmund, or “Swakop” as the locals call it, is Namibia’s largest coastal city and one of the biggest holiday destinations for Namibians on holiday, as well as for tourists from abroad. Swakopmund owes it’s name to the city’s German origins, meaning “mouth of the Swakop” which is a river in western Namibia. The German heritage is rather pronounced in Swakopmund, and can be plainly seen

Namibia Travel | Tips You Need For Namibia Holidays

Africa Namibia Travel Tips & Information In Namibia, upon the parched palate of a vast and contradictory land, the realities of thirst have created a plethora of idiosyncratic societies. The shifting dunes of the Namib Desert are honeycombed with the greatest variety of living creatures of any dunelands around the world. The desolate Skeleton Coast, monument to by-gone maritime disasters, contrasts with the vibey holiday atmosphere of the quaint German